Zaha Hadid – Architects of the new Beijing Airport discuss the pivotal role of the Acer ConceptD

– My name is Patrik Schumacher. I’m the principal of Zaha Hadid Architects and we’re a global design firm. From early architecture,
but also interiors, urbanism, product design. We are innovating in the
space of architecture a lot. We’ve created a very fluid,
dynamic form of architecture and architectural language, which applies on all scales
and all product categories. We started with things like
museums, cultural centers, concert halls, but now
we’re also doing workspaces, whole city districts, we’re
doing urbanism as well. An amazing new project
we’re currently working on is the new Beijing Airport. We have been working on its finishing now and the finishing touches
and the first BA flight will come in in October and
we’ll take the office there and you’ll land in our beautiful space. It’s a grand space, a huge space, the biggest airport in the world. So fast forward, it’s super important as to have the computational power packaged up in a mobile
device, in laptops, rather than desktops. Of course we have desktops
and we’re now seeing the ConceptD. We get the same power into laptop. That means we can roam around the office, we can bring it to meetings,
and work from home, and continuous communication,
continuous work. It allows us to model to
the nth degree of detail, full 3D simulate, render, animate, but also great VR
environment, virtual reality, on the laptop. And we just tried the new
ConceptD. The super slick, super slim, white piece of
beautifully designed equipment which runs our models
faster than any desktop we have or workstation we have
at the moment in the office. That’s a game-changer. And for us as professional creatives, ConceptD with that
compactness, with that power, with that energy and beauty
is an absolute game-changer. It really releases us, it
really allows us to run free. And that’s what we need.

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