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here in Berlin Chancellor Angela
Merkel’s cabinet is due to approve legislation that should help skilled
workers from outside the European Union find jobs in Germany the country
urgently needs people to fill more than a million job vacancies
now the proposed law would simplify the process for recognizing professional or
a vocational training degrees from abroad it would also eliminate the
requirements that employers have to check whether a German nationals are
also able to fill available whether to fill the vacancy and it would allow
qualified non-eu Nationals who do speak German to live in the country while they
look for work but what about asylum seekers should qualified migrants who’ve
been denied refugee status be allowed to stay if a company wants them
DW Eleazar Bock met an Iraqi who has skills and wants to use them here in
Germany Kira’s acaba G is nervous he has to give a presentation to the whole team
today the 40 year old Iraqi is an apprentice at an IT company in Cologne
like most of his colleagues here at FRG has only lived in Germany for a few
years they here from Syria Iran and Iraq and they all came to Germany as refugees
mr. chance this is a great chance for me it’s difficult to get a job training
position here husband looked so offended three years ago al-kahf AG’s request for
asylum was denied his official status since then has been what Germany terms
tolerated right to state this apprenticeship will give him a chance of
staying longer the skills he’s learning are in demand here there are 80 to 100
thousand positions in the IT branch alone that cannot be filled due to lack
of qualified workers up until now the problem was if you get
someone who’s not European then there is a risk that they are not going to be
able to stay at the end of the day you need a visa and what am I going to do if
they don’t get a visa or if I have a job to fill but a German or European has to
do it then the whole process was a waste of time Germany needs immigrants
otherwise its economic growth will slow down considerably experts estimate that
in around ten years there will be a shortage of 3 million trained skilled
workers the new migration law now is designed to address this problem to make
it easier for skilled labour from outside of the you to move here but
still some questions remain how will the new migration laws affect people working
in Germany whose asylum requests were denied they may be granted a tolerated
right to stay status for another two years yet there is still a stark
demarcation between those seeking asylum and the migration of trained
professionals to Germany we’re a small company and if after three years we were
told that colleague has to return to his or her country of origin that would be a
setback not just financially or from a business perspective but also personally Osama beat are from Syria is the newest
instructor he has been under contract as an IT specialist since April o kafaja is
his first apprentice he still has one year to go and hopes all will go well
and to complete my training and get a job and stay here in Germany that would
make me really happy and satisfied this civilian hon Douglas
polakov watches boss is hoping things will get simpler with the new law so he
can keep his specialists and employ new ones as well our political correspondent
Hans Brandt is with us for more on this story hi Hans good morning to you let’s
talk about fear us who we saw there in that report Oh will this legislation
that the cabinet is set to approve today here in Germany make it easier for
people like him to stay in this country that’s been one of the big controversies
the question has been whether or not this law should allow people who have
come into the country for other reasons as asylum seekers as refugees or
illegally but have found a job eventually whether there should be
allowed to stay or not I think what will happen we don’t know the exact terms of
this law yet but so far the proposals that we have seen there will be some
clause allowing these people to stay and in fact at the moment they are already
being tolerated their status is a one of being tolerated
more or less indefinitely so in in effect these people will be allowed to
stay I thank you and we have heard from German companies time and again that
there is a need for skilled workers which industries are experiencing a
shortage I think the what we what we talk about most most often is is
engineering jobs and computer jobs IT jobs these are the companies that are
most desperately looking for people for for for workers but also within things
like hospital work or old-age care there’s a big need in Germany so it’s
really right across the spectrum of German employment and this legislation
would allow skilled workers in the country also from non EU countries we
should say why is the issue of migration so controversial politically here in
Germany well there’s been a discussion especially in the site on the side of
conservative parties of the Christian Democrats angular Merkel’s party and to
say that Germany should not become an immigration country one of these classic
immigration countries that would normally be you would think about
countries such as Canada or Australia or the United States who have been pulling
in people from across the world really since the the countries were founded
and Germany has not been like that and the Conservatives have been saying that
we that they would like to preserve kind of German identity within Germany but
they’re really fighting a rearguard action here the situation is such that
Germany really does need such skilled workers and that in fact a very large
number of people maybe 30 or 40 percent of people living in Germany today
already have some kind of foreign background so in the end the reality is
such that Germany will need these skilled workers and making it easier for
them to come in will be very beneficial for the country all right
our political correspondents Brent with us here this morning thank you so much

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  1. Maybe the German government made it a good idea for ethnic Germans to start new families, such as through tax credits and tax relief, the German people would begin reproducing at above replacement rates instead of dying off!

    Also, get rid of feminism, as it culls birth rates as well.

  2. Sorry, the law is very specific in this case: a company must try to find an EU candidate to fill the role before they can begin to look outside the EU. If Germany is no longer doing that, then I see no reason why other EU countries should follow this either. I am pro EU but this undermines its authority and feeds the likes of Farage, Le Pen etc.

  3. What is with the editorializing in the title – "will migrants save the German economy?" Also, why the conflation of "immigrants, migrants and asylum seekers"? These are 3 classes of entrants. Germany isn't doesn't need saving and importing a foreign labour force won't "save" a country. For example, the example of elder care isn't just a lack of people to staff the jobs, but is also because of the terrible wages the existing people are getting paid (as DW has covered previously). The demographic / economic "need" for mass immigrantion is debatable. Managed immigration is fine, but population growth naturally ebbs-and-flows. For countries to fling open their doors to hundreds of thousands, or millions of increasingly disparate people to meet a variable problem is not the answer. It can, in time, result in substantial cultural & demographic shifts of the recipient countries. This isn't coming from a chauvinistic sense of Germany (or any country), but a reasonable desire to maintain a national character that has historical roots which are strong and vital enough to drive assimilation of all incoming populations. This sense of national identity is present everywhere and is very important for social cohesion.

  4. Because the million immigrants they just let in, aren’t enough? Stop lying to the people, is Merkel delibarately trying to ruin western values?

  5. With their Rate of Birth, MIDDLE EASTERNS will be Majority in Germany in few decades. Germany won't be the same. Sharia will prevail

  6. "lack of qualifications"? This is a false narrative. We know that the EU is forcing countries to favor 'migrants' over citizens in regards to employment and state assistance.
    Also, a lot of these employers are more than happy to hire new comers for less wage – which hurts the citizens who are unemployed.

    Think about it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how the EU I damaging Europe.

  7. It is a bit peculiar how when talking about migration the first migrants people and the Media talk about are Middle Easterns…aren´t there people from other parts of the world to fit Europe´s jobs ?? Haven´t you noticed that there is a considerable amount of good and secular professionals in Latin America and Asia?

  8. Can the German economy survive the migrant influx.

    The German welfare State, will not, the pressure building on it is unsustainable.

  9. It is ok if they are skilled workers, but very few are.
    Anyway, germany is already an immigration country, from all over the EU.
    And i prefer to be a troubled powerhouse, than a decaying corpse like britain is.

  10. A United Basic Income all over the word because it provides us from dictorship. No dictorship, no refugees. Nobody wants to flee from its own country where you are grown up unless the policians are dictators and you have to go away because they do not listen to the citicens anymore, we have dictorship in Germany they politicans lie to us and say "No we have democracy" but we do not have the Social threefolding by Rudolf Steiner so we do not have democracy where the citizens are allowed to speak, are allowed to be free to do their own political projekts, we need a horizontal System where free people do do their own projects, their own innovations, so they do politics. We have to hange our mind, that politic is only work in an ministerum, so work in an Institution. We have a vertical system and that is the problem in all other countries too. In a vertical system dictorship rules, they do er what they want whithout asking the citizens. Thats why the flee in other countries. We need a revolution.

  11. I am a British Aerospace trained Engineer who has'nt been able to get a job here even in Tesco's where African none English speaking migrants have been employed instead.The whole situation is an act of deception.We don't need endless immigrants from abroad all we need is our own Governments to back us!

  12. Give we Africans the chance and we will prove ourselves – am a Computer Technician and Graphics Designer by profession lives in Italy…

  13. Just take migrants from italy portugal spain and poland or cucking south america and you are good to go. Or try china vietnam and india

  14. So many illiterate ignorant inbreeding trailer park skinheads that have never set foot outside of their trailer park communities are anecdotally commenting about the German economy in the comment section. 😂 Germany's economy is not resource based like some wealthy middle eastern countries e.g Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. Germany's wealth depends on the export of high tech goods and services that can only be produced by certain high skill sets such as engineering, Science etc. Germany's native engineering workforce is aging rapidly due to general lack of interest in such fields by young Germans, which in turn is caused by Germany's egalitarian culture. This egalitarian culture is reflected in the wage systems in Germany, thus you get a scenario whereby an engineering graduate and a linguistics graduate don't earn very different wages, which is ~ €35k-€45k a year. This inadvertently discourages young scholars from putting up with the arduousness of a STEM degree, i.e. Why put in the extra effort when you can get an easier degree and be payed almost the same. Unlike in the US where a linguistics major may earn ~ $35k a year while a petroleum engineering grad can earn up to $90k a year, fresh out of college. Thus in order for Germany to remain an economic powerhouse it desperately needs foreign qualified talent to replace its aging highly skilled workforce. Also, the "erosion of German culture " is not caused by influx of highly skilled expatriates, it's rather caused by inevitable globalization in the form of social media, pop culture, etc. most German youth are inadvertently and heavily influenced by a lot of American entertainment that they consume.

  15. So training a forty year old foreigner is more favorable that training a forty year old German who has been thrown onto the jobs scrapheap and is destined to a life of welfare and poverty ?

    Germany is about to go into recession, and Germany is also going to find the industrial jobs become automated and the workers will need to be retrained.

    The brutal reality is Germany does not need more people, it needs to train the people it currently has to learn new skills for the modern age of robotic automated production that will make many millions of people across the world redundant.

  16. Even if many don't want to understand now.
    Yes, Germany needs immigrants. In 5-10 years the baby boomers will retire.
    But the problem is not new. I know some "migrants" German Russians, ex-Yugoslavians and others, people who came here in the 90s. Almost all of them had completed an education in their home countries and had also worked in their profession. And here no diploma, no certificate, almost nothing was accepted. With further training, a practical test and a new examination all these people would have been placed, instead many ended up in badly paid unskilled jobs.
    But today we complain loudly that we need foreign skilled workers, otherwise everything will collapse. We already have them, we just didn't give them a chance.

    A distant sister-in-law comes from Ukraine. Occupation: almost 10 years as a primary school teacher, nothing was recognized in Germany. She is intelligent, her German is perfect. You can imagine her frustration when she goes to her 450 € job?

  17. What the hell is wrong with Germans? This is the second time Germans have destroyed Europe. Germans elect the worst people and this makes me hate you.

  18. I am non EU from Indian I don't see any changes here in India at German consulate offices. It's the same strictness. Nothing is made easy with the help of new immigration law. Even to get a appointment I need to wait for 4months

  19. No they won't, they are mostly unskilled, going to highly mechanised country, they will be a burden until they retire on a pension and continue to be a burden, should just give working visas to skilled migrants.

  20. This is what happens when your "culture" is only consunerism/materialism. You place more emphasis on man made paper with no lasting value in life in exchange of killing your own people over due to mass immigration that replace you with their own backgrounds, culture, and mindset.

    Who gives a fuck if businesses need more workers? It's time the western world slows down and stops trying to still have an empire mentality. Guys, it's okay not to be the richest. Happiness isn't money; its a choice. Slow down, be peaceful, and learn to appreciate the "real" things.

  21. Immigration is always a sensitive topic but we should see the facts. in one hand, one can understand the fear of the locals; foreign people arriving (sometimes in big numbers) to their home country, people with different language and traditions who often do not have concern on adapting to their new environment–to learn the local language and rules,which is certainly offensive to locals. This occurs mainly with no skilled workers. On the other hand ,an skilled worker from abroad is not pursuing charity but better conditions that those that he/her had in their home country. Therefore, he/her will get a job, which means to supply a commercial unsatisfied necessity, but also pay taxes, pay a rent, pay for food and so forth. In consequence, a country like germany receives someone who is helping to accelerate the economy which is without a doubt completely positive.

  22. 1+ million job vacancies !!! Warning -Americans/Anglo saxons hate & fear mongering is everywhere in the comment a section

  23. “Experts estimate there will be a shortage of 3 million trained skilled workers in 10 years”. Why not 4 or 5? You can have 3 million skilled workers with perfect German language skills if you concentrate on the young people who are already here, and you can still find another million others among the refugees. That makes 4 million. If you really support, for each migrant, 3 Germans to become productive, then you also have the advantage that the country doesn’t go up in flames.

  24. Why don’t more people think? Why can’t these screwed up countries ever fix their own problems and economic issues? Stop fleeing and fix your own problems—the first one is ISLAM

  25. Fun fact germany’s economy started declining since 2015 since they started taking in immigrants
    Because almost none of them work,are uneducated and get shitload of welfare

  26. Well maybe they shouldn't have created that million of job positions in the first place. Economy should serve stove people, not the other way around.

  27. Hundreds of thousands of people who: Don't speak your language, are not high-skilled, will milk welfare system and in many cases just don't like your culture. Oh, yeah, Germany wouldn't make without them.

  28. So she let hundreds of thousands of unskilled uneducated people walk in and suck benefits. Nice try to make it look like Merkels blunder will be beneficial. Of course importing largely illiterate people will solve the problem.

  29. Off course germany economy will be rank 6th or 5th in 2050. But they will be no german left 😂

  30. They are to dumb to stack sticks tbh xD again pick 2 good examples and the rest 99% is rampaging like bevore very well done

  31. I am an entrepreneur and can do a lot for Germany and it's people. I can also save Deutche Bank from collapsing.

  32. The Germans are becoming undesirable guests in their own country. Well, they are slowly starting to realize this. But what can they do about it, when all parties outside AfD are in a state of leftist amok, the idea of ​​Wilkommenskultur …

  33. Once they settle in Germany. They will bring their culture which be a problem in German society. This is the first step to create future problem in Germany.

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