Why study economics at Wayne State University

My name is Zoë Pigeon, I’m a political
science and economics major with a minor in French in the Honors College here at
Wayne State University. I chose to study economics because it’s kind of crazy you
wouldn’t realize that economics kind of affects everything on a really basic
level, it’s how decisions are made and so it can be affected by really obvious
things like the interest rate but also other things like the kind of sports
people like and the kind of cereal you eat for breakfast, so you can make a lot
of change with it. I chose to study economics in Detroit because there’s so
much happening here. The opportunities that are going on in Midtown in downtown
with new investors and a lot of business booming are kind of unparalleled I think
because Detroit’s like this beautiful established historical city and so many
new and exciting things are happening here and so much innovation, you can’t
get any other experience anywhere else. Wayne State’s economics program is unique because a lot of your professors will go the extra mile to teach you something
that may not be expressly detailed in the course syllabus. For example if you
take an intermediate macroeconomics class, you’re not only going to be taught
the basic macroeconomic principles you’re going to be taught things like
Stata, things like doing data regressions in Excel and stuff that you would be
doing actually in the economics field and that are really really valuable when
you’re a professional.

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