Why study a Bachelor of Economics at Monash?

The skill that is really in demand in the
modern workforce is people that can analyse data and make decisions based on that data
and kind of be the middle man between the people (the engineers, the coders) that collect
the data and the people that need to make decisions based on that data. And I think
that my degree at Monash has really given me those skills. In the undergraduate Economics studies you
focus on the traditional economical subjects like macro and micro economics. One is really
about decision making, micro economics. The other is looking at how whole economic sector
fits together. They offer a very, very wide range of subjects,
that gives you different perspectives on, not only how economics works but just different ways
of thinking about solving problems. So, the reason I chose Monash was because
it allowed me to do a double degree. I knew coming out of school that I wanted to focus
on the business world in general, but I didn’t know specifically where. So, being able to
do a double degree and multiple majors within that degree gave me a really good broad perspective. A Monash degree prepares you for the workplace
in a number of ways. Not only is it the system thinking and critical thinking skills, but
it is other skills like being able to speak in front of others, being able to communicate
ideas, debate other in their ideas and of course the written communication, that will
set you apart in the workplace. The Monash Business School works on a global
scale and level we have global study programs for our students, and that is really very
important if you want to work in international business and work on trade and international
relations. The skills that you learn at Monash during
your degree are really transferable all around the world.

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