Why should you study Financial Planning at Curtin?

The scandals in Australia’s financial planning industry have led to a greater degree of regulation. All financial planners must undertake a recognised and registered course. The expectation is up to a third of existing financial planners will be leaving a profession in the next sort of five to six years so there’s going to be a massive gulf and it’s going to be filled by new graduates. Curtin’s Finance and Financial Planning double major as part of its a Bachelor of Commerce is the only accredited degree in Western Australia and one of the first in Australia to be accredited by the government body now in charge of those matters. So if you want to do financial planning it’s the go-to course. The course covers two aspects. The first is a Finance major, which covers the body of investment knowledge you need to be able to provide advice. That course is accredited by the Chartered Financial Analysts. The other part of the major is the Financial Planning major, that covers more elements of Finance. So you have to cover behavioural finance, so how investors behave and how advisors behave. You have to cover elements of the law, estate planning, taxation, superannuation, there’s a big ethics component. One aspect about Curtin’s program is the strong integration we have with the industry. They’re with us all the way on this and they’re very much behind on supporting the requirement that every student in our program completes a meaningful internship with a qualified financial planner. You get exposure to the interaction between an advisor and a client and that’s an absolutely key element that’s often underlooked when it comes to this job that we do. I think it’s really important that you do get that experience firsthand because it’s very different from reading books to when you’re actually working at an industry. It’s such a broad-ranging course, how do you bring it all together? and it’s a key feature of our course that makes it really attractive, both to students and also to the people who are going to employ them at the end of this. What it means is people are going to have that ready to work skills from day one. It’s an industry that’s really rewarding and you see the impact that you’re making to make people’s lives better and achieve their financial goals. The reality is that if you want to get to financial planning in this state and you want an undergraduate degree, this is the only one that you can do, so Curtin is the go-to for an undergraduate Financial Planning degree and really importantly, there’s going to be jobs to go to as well.

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