Why I did MSc Business with Accounting & Finance

I chose Warwick Business School
because of its good reputation, and also because of the
network and the resources WBS is providing in terms
of the career center and all the professors. They are really brilliant. I’m studying master in business,
accounting, and finance. I’m interested in this course,
because it’s a combination of accounting and finance. So accounting, in
some sense, provides a fundamental
knowledge for finance. So I will be able to learn about
finance in a more detailed way. We also have some business
courses, which I really enjoy. And we also have the
BIP module, which is business in practice, which
allows us to do an internship to equip us with practical
experience, which will be very useful in the future. I learned a lot from
the career center. They have a lot of resources
and they have many networking opportunities for
us to know how, for example, consulting
companies work or how a bank operates. So it’s practical
and really useful for us to get the
information we need. What I enjoyed most
about the course is the networking
opportunity it provides. I also made some friends
from the other countries, like the UK and US, mostly
because of the group work we did together. We have different
ways of thinking with diverse backgrounds and
will help me learn a lot. I think this course is really
an important part of my life, I think. And I believe it’s going
to play an important role in the future for my career.

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