Why I did BSc Accounting and Finance

I was interested in studying
accounting and finance because it was best
aligned with the subjects I studied at a-levels. It goes into the depth of
businesses, organizations, how they run. It’s very broad, so it
is a numerate degree, but it is also very focused
on the subjective side. You can make your own
judgments, and as long as you can back them up and
you’re taught how to do this, then you’re on the right track. It’s well mixed where
the exams are for you or whether essays are for you. It allows you to decide where
your strengths are basically, and then you can
progress from there. The course is quite rigorous. You have a lot on your plate. As somebody that’s trying
to go into finance, that is something I’m
going to face a lot. A lot of change. A lot of different people that
I have to communicate with, so that has definitely prepared
me for the work involved. There’s the pictures
on the walls, the inspirational quotes. The first time I
came here, this is what sold Warwick to me
because it helps you to think and it inspires you. I remember just looking on
the wall and I was like, oh that’s really
relatable right now. And just being in that kind of
environment does impact the way you learn and the way you’re
open to learning and to change. There is a wide range
of societies and things to do on campus. I’m part of South
society, and I’m part of African
Caribbean society. So I have met a lot of people
from different countries, different backgrounds. Being able to be around
like minded people has aided in my success
even in my degree as well. I’m glad I started at Warwick
Business School because of the opportunities
that it has presented for me, both for my social
life as well as for my career progress. I don’t think I could
have got the same anywhere else because the main thing
that I learned is to be open and to be willing to learn. And if I had not
learned that then I don’t think I would have had
the opportunities that I’ve had so far or been able to
take on the opportunities that are going to
come in the future.

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