Whitman: Finance

Finance is an integral component of decision
making in all areas and levels of management The complexity of modern finance requires
today’s analyst to be forward thinking with a global business prospective I picked finance because the Whitman School of Management provided opportunities to really learn about emerging markets as well as the dynamic force of the global financial market Students explore topics including: investments, the securities market, portfolio management, and
financial institutions Many Finance majors will choose a double major
in areas such as: accounting and real estate or a minor in economics from the College of Arts and Sciences I’m in the Orange Value Fund, it’s a two year
money mangement program and what I really like about that program
is it gives you real world experience that you can than use in internships and your future
jobs Whitman’s finance graduates move on to work
for leading organizations including: JPMorgan Chase Citigroup and General Electric I interned at General Electric, as an FNP intern and it was awesome, I was able to work with the same division that produces the stadium lighting for the world cup as well as for the Olympics down in Brazil I decided I wanted to get something more financial markets oriented, so I will be interning with
Citigroup’s sales and trading division this summer Whitman’s finance graduates hold positions such as full service brokers, investment bankers,
and financial advisors For more information about Whitman’s Finance
program Visit Whitman.syr.edu/finance

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