What the Actual Fact? – Donald Trump Lays Out His Economic Plan: The Daily Show

Now, yesterday, yesterday,
Donald Trump gave a major economic policy speech
in Detroit, a city that
he understands fundamentally, because it, too,
has filed for bankruptcy. And, uh, after a policy speech
filled with promises and lofty claims, it’s only
fitting that we turn it over to our own Desi Lydic
in another installment of What the Actual Fact? -♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause) Thanks, Trevor. Trump’s speech yesterday
was like a Rihanna song. He shouted “work, work, work”
a bunch of times, and that was pretty much
all most people heard. So, let’s get to the details,
starting with Trump’s take on what he calls the Obama-
Clinton employment numbers. There are now
94.3 million Americans outside of the labor force. It was 80.5 million when President Obama
took office, an increase
of 14 million people. So, let’s see.
14 million more peoplearenow outside the workforce, but much of that has nothing
to do with unemployment. It’s because our older
baby boomers are retiring– In fact, almost 10,000
retirees every day. So although this statement
is true, Trump is ignoring
the realities of aging. So I give this statement
a John Travolta. (laughter) Here’s another criticism
Trump had of the Obama-Clinton economy. Nearly 12 million people have
been added to the food stamp, and these people are growing,
and it’s growing so rapidly since President Obama
took office. Okay, first of all,
food stamp rolls did go up, mostly because of the recession
which Obama inherited from Bush. But Trump says those numbers
are still growing rapidly, when in reality, the number
of people on food stamps has been declining
for the last three years. So, this claim is mostly false. Trump competently says something
is growing, but we all know it’s shrinking,
so this gets one whiskey dick. (cheers and applause) Yeah. (cheers and applause) Let’s move on
to Trump’s ec-economic plans. First, tax reform. Finally, no family will have
to pay the death tax. American workers have paid taxes
their whole lives, and they should not be taxed
again at death. It’s just plain wrong,
and most people agree with that. (applause) We will repeal it. Yes, American workers do pay
taxes throughout their careers, and Americans can be taxed when
they die, but the only folks who actually pay a state tax
or death tax, as Trump calls it, are those with estates worth
more than $5.4 million, meaning that tax has no impact on 99.8% of Americans. So, what Trump’s talking
about is technically true, but irrelevant
to almost everyone. I give this one co-worker
talking nonstop about CrossFit. (laughter and applause) I don’t care how many
kettlebell swings your tiny body can do, Ronny. I gave birth this year. (cheering and applause) Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. And finally, we need to look
at the most controversial promise in Trump’s
entire economic address. Our lower business tax will also end job-killing
corporate inversions and cause trillions
in new dollars in wealth to come pouring
into our country. And, by the way, into titties,
like right here in Detroit. (laughter) I’m sorry, can we just…
can we see that one more time? And, by the way, into titties,
like right here in Detroit. (laughter) Okay, okay, okay. Let’s not jump
to conclusions here. I know we all want to believe that Donald Trump
said “titties,” but it is possible that
it was just an audio glitch. Thankfully, we are
a professional, fact-checking operation with the most advanced
audio analysis tools in the business. So, we can determine
definitively if Donald Trump, in fact, did say “titties.” Let’s do a careful analysis. TRUMP:…into titties,
like right here in Detroit.
Mm… yeah, no. It-it’s still really hard
to tell, so let’s try, let’s try slowing
it down a bit. (very slowly):
…into titties, titties,
like right here in Detroit.Okay, I-I’m still not sure. Maybe if I just…Titties. T-titties.-(music plays)
-♪ T-titties ♪ ♪ T-t-titties ♪ ♪ In Detroit ♪ -♪ T-t-titties ♪
-Yeah. ♪ T-t-titties ♪ (cheering and applause) ♪ ♪ Yeah, it’s hard to tell
if these titties are real, but I can tell you that
“Titties Like Detroit” is a hot (bleep)ing track, so go stream it on Tidal. Trevor. Thank you, Desi.

100 thoughts on “What the Actual Fact? – Donald Trump Lays Out His Economic Plan: The Daily Show

  1. Trump is anti-porn, but wants to pour money into Dee Troyt's titties. I guess strip clubs are perfectly acceptable then.

  2. Whether or not he has a small penis or not is not a problem, we don't need a joke about it or to insult an actor, but Trump says scary stuff that makes him unfit for presidency.

  3. Even the top conservative economists say Trump's tax plan will lead to massive budget deficits and dramatically increasing the national debt. Good thing he'll have a black guy before him he can blame the fallout on.

  4. I was gonna say "go back to Britain," but then I realized this guy is from South Africa, and all the commie globalist fans would just scream "racist" if I said "he should go back to South Africa."

    I mean, don't the millenials in South Africa need a black guy to host weak joke satire news, to make light of the white genocide there? I'm sure they need it more than we do.

  5. Damn Obama letting baby boomers retire instead of putting them into debt that forces them to work well into their 90's


  6. ridiculous as Donald's speech may have been, it was the least ridiculous one he's made so far. Still ridiculous, don't get me wrong… just least ridiculous so far.

  7. Hard to watch this show right now as they pretend that Hillary is so perfect and only trash Trump, it's insulting given all the proof that keeps coming out of shady stuff that HRC does, and most channels act like everything is fine

  8. if u support liberalism, more white women will marry black men and brown indians and islamics. Vote Trump against White Genocide

  9. To be fair, the 'titties' thing WAS an audio glitch. That came from the CNN feed which had been cutting out and having problems throughout his speech. The local Detroit station's feed clearly sounded like 'cities' instead. Regarding the tax cuts; did Trump dust off a copy of Reagonomics? 'Cause it sounds like he's going for the 'trickle-down' effect.

  10. I fed the audio through my own voice analysis software, and when slowed right down, he actually said " Yuuge great wobbling bazongas I can get my head between and go blubble blubble blubble"

  11. I just wish daily show would make fun of Clinton. Trump jokes are getting old. now we have all these juicy stuff happening around Clinton and Democrat and there is not one mention?

  12. Trump is stupid & dangerous because whether its wisdom without knowledge or vice versa trump is stupid therefore possibly dangerous if given such great power. This is a Rich guy who's gotten away with a lot of bad stuff & thinks he can make it since he's White.

  13. Lol, I think Trump meant cities. It is ok when your second language is English. I wonder what is his first language.

  14. I'd like to see a trump supporter talk about why they don't like Hillary without saying "email scandal or Benghazi"

  15. Love this segment. Desi always makes me laugh and think!!! And if you look closely…. Desi got the sneakers with this dress. Very bad ass love it!!

  16. Trumpfag is Tumblrite of political world, they easily TRIGGERED and will write 400 paragraph blog how they being opressed by Mainstream media

  17. all Trump does is blame conspiracy theories, Obama (who did inherit a shit show from that republicunt George Bush) & Clinton…he is a total ass clown

  18. I am so thankful I am intelligent, a liberal and can laugh and enjoy laughing. Better yet, there are brilliant shows out there producing hysterical comedy that help me laugh. Even better, this year, there is a clown like Trump providing outstanding comedic fodder for these shows that help me laugh. Life is good.

  19. really? a whole segment trying to pretend he said titties when there is video proof of him at that speech saying cities? really?

  20. His economic plan would bankrupt the country. How are you going to accomplish more. Like revamp infrastructure, the military ect.. with less taxes coming in. The rich folks won't invest it "to grow business " they are going to pocket that money and hide it overseas. Then poor folks and the almost non existing middle class will have to foot the bill. Oh that's right the lower and middle class are broke already…. So…. we would have to borough which increases our debt. Come folks wake up we are being punked. don't believe what you're told by the media read and draw your own conclusions.

  21. what's going on tds??? he says "titties" by accident and you get so distracted you abandon all of your fact-checking??? have you people all gone back to age 10?

  22. I just put Detroit in my travel plans. I don't know why, must be the same thing that made me go to London last years… They told me they had boobies there…

  23. "This is just plain wrong. And most people agree with that." If only he had been talking about (the lack of) gun regulation. Alas, he was not and maybe that's actually for the better.

  24. more trump misleading people -seriously does this guy not look at whats really going on -or he as ive always though a con man


  26. Excuse me? How can Americans be taxed when they die? That is just not true! You can't be taxed when you die, because you are DEAD. Your Children get taxed, because they are getting an income without having to do anything for it. Please Desi Lydic, you don't need to lie when fact-checking Trump.

  27. Everyone is all like, "eleect Killary if you want the nation to go to shit" and then others are like "Trump is gonna start WWIII and turn the nation into shit". See heres the thing, both types of people are right. I feel like if absolutely no one voted then we would be better off.

  28. is this comedic satire or liberal propaganda hiding behind comedic satire?
    – I dont trust any news outlet anymore (I have to see both sides for myself, rather than let it be told through me through the television).

  29. My propaganda radar is going off. . .i see left wing and right wing all the time, and honestly this show seldom rarely critize liberals, but bashes conservatives, whereas Fox does the opposite. The difference daily shows can say theyre just joking and are comedians, even though a majority of liberal Americans actually take this show seriously.

  30. You know what the actual "Obama employment numbers" are?
    The numbers Trump claimed for the first year and a half of his term. Obama's policies are what started the economic recovery.
    Things may be going well now, but we are headed for a terrible crash.

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