What if the British Empire Reunited Today?

The British Empire was the largest empire to have ever existed in all of human history. At the territorial height of the empire in 1921 after victory in the 1st world war, The empire spanned 35,500,000km², (14,000,000.000mi²) with a population of 413m people, 23% of the world population at the time. The empire was large then, that it would have take up 94% of the entire surface area of the moon. So every time you look up at night to see the half of the moon towards you, that is a nightly reminder that the British empire used to be nearly TWICE as large as that. It was the empire on which the sun never set, because somewhere on the empire was always shining. But indeed it had to set some point. The last British colony in Africa gained independence in 1980, and the major city of Hong Kong, a British colony since 1898, was given back to China in 1997. Symbolically marking the end of the empire. But what if this entire empire was suddenly recreated today? What exactly would it look like? Well for starters, queen Elizabeth II is already in real life, queen of these 16 different countries right now. And she has been at some point, queen of these other 17 countries as well. In total, if the British reunited today, it would encompass 64 different countries. And queen Elizabeth II has already been queen of more than half of those countries at some point during her lifetime. The Empire would be 146 times bigger than current United Kingdom. and contain 40 times greater population. ¼ population of the planet’s land area would belong to the British Empire. and with an enormous population of 2.634 billion people that would mean around 37% of everybody on earth would be a citizen of the empire. a far greater percentage of the world population than in 1921 with the same terrytory. With all of this land and people, the British Empire would have a GDP of US$13.078 Trillion which would put it far behind the US and place the Empire with the second-largest economy globally . However, the empire would have an incredibly poor population on average with the average citizen earning just US$ 4,966 per year slightly more impoverished than modern-day Namibia. To compensate for this, the British Empire would have the largest military in the world. comprised of 4,917,000 active duty soldiers. The Empire’s military budget would be a very large; US$ 268.175 billion the second highest budget in the world , but less than half still of the US Military budget. Overall, the British Empire would likely be the second strongest country in the world today behind only the US . but how would it compared to other empires that we’ve covered in the series? Here’s a chart to show you. The British Empire would have a higher population than both the Roman and Mongol Empires. But have a smaller economy and poor population than both and the Mongol military would be significantly larger. The biggest city in the British Empire would be Karachi in Pakistan and with the exception of Lagos in Nigeria, the top five biggest cities would all be located on the Indian Subcontinent In fact, nine out of the top 10 biggest cities would all be located in either Asia of Africa The only one that wouldn’t is London,which would be the 7th largest largest city in the Empire. Despite this, London would likely become the capital of the empire since it was the historical capital of the british empire In addition, English would have to be the official language of The Empire, despite the fact that it only be the native language of only five percent of the population. It would, however, be understood as a secondary language by 17% of the population as English as an official language already in 49 out of the 64 countries that are making up the Empire. Hindi would be the single largest language, spoken by 20% of the population. While Bengali and Urdu would constitute significant languages as well. The Empire would be incredibly ethicallu and religiously diverse. With only 5% of the population being classified as white, While69% would be Asian or Pacific Islander. With the population of India alone, accounting for almost half of the entire Empire. African and Afro-Carribean ethnicities would account for 19% of the total. While Arabs and other Middle Eastern ethnic groups would contribute the remaining 7% The UK itself would only contribute 2.4% of the entire Empire’s population. And finally the religious diversity of the Empire would be just as great if not even greater . With Hinduism representing the largest single faith that 40% of the total population. Islam at 33% divided between 32% Sunni and 1% Shia. Christianity at 19%, split between 12.6 % Protestants 6% Catholics and 0.4% Orthodox Meanwhile Buddhism would represent 3% Sikhs at 0.8% Jews at 0.2% other religions at 2.2% and atheists or non believers would account for the final 2% of the population. Interestingly, if you also added the original 13% American colonies from the US back into the Empire, that would single-handedly raised the GDP of the Empire up by over US$ 6 Trillion. Equal to 47% of the entire Empire’s GDP before adding the colonies. If this happened, the 13 colonies would undoubtedly become the most valuable possesion of the British Empire. The only question is would the US allow this to happen? So thank you so much for watching this video. These types of videos about Empires being reunited come out once per month and voted on every month over at the RealLifeLore’s Patreon account. Which you can go to by clicking here. 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  1. India will b colonists England now because all the countries are civilised n all the people are civilised nowadays England nothing to do anything now present days….. England will b fuck themselves now present days .. England tooks so many precious things from India you looted in India ….England's are thief n begging from India now because India are now powerful n rich country nowadays not colonists days still gone that fucking days gone….if England came to colonists for India they will b kill themselves no one attack on India nowadays they will b kill themselves……. because we had Subhas Chandra Boss is there gumnami baba with us he is the great he is the immortal .. now he is the pm of India …..jai hind jai Bharat Jai kisan Jai Jawan ……Bharat mata ki jai…mai ❤️❤️❤️ India ❤️❤️❤️

  2. These statistics i suppose you based on what would happen if the empire re-united today, suddenly and thus at the curtail of the current modern situations arising. Although to take back these colonies, the quoted population would have to reduce by at least 10% owing to consecutive wars fought to win back these territories.

    Of course, Even if The Empire had somehow managed to stay together, i doubt these numbers would be significantly different. Colonies burned themselves out fighting against each other and republics devoted to themselves and focused all their economic facilities and actors on oncoming political affairs. The system has somewhat naturally swung itself into relative stability under the current conditions and structure.

    Really though, if The Empire never fell, i believe the numbers may have been no different, 1. Because trends in population growth in the modern era owe themselves expressly and independently to the slight increase in relative living standards and quality and the mutual trade between third world and first world capitalists, especially in china and india.

    2. Unless the second world war and previous events and wars owing to the circumstances the Empire found itself in, during the second world war were substantially different, America would still possess the largest military and most potent economy with its possession and domination of the arms and essential primary sector consumables trade to Europe.

    Ignoring all of this, and perhaps within a parallel universe somewhere, where policy had been devoted equally to development of the entire empire's economy with concern paramount to growing the empire in all places and developing the necessary infrastructure to facilitate this growth, with an ungodly amount of wealth; Britain would still dominate and set trends in the global armaments, scientific, manufacturing, logistics, civil works, and more industries. It was evil but it was productive and positive to some ends.



  5. So people led freedom struggles in British colonies and got free dude these developed tyrants will never do our welfare they are devils of tiny island and we do not want to reunite,

  6. Anyone interested in this should read about the CANZUK idea. The great thing about the CANZUK idea is that the HDI and per capita GDP measurements between the nations included are extremely similar, and due to many shared cultural characteristics, tensions caused by any immigration should be minimal.

  7. Great video. But, you should know or at least understand that, despite their skin color, Indians, north africans, and other people from the middle-east are also Caucasian, i.e. "white"- a very imprecise, loaded term with little, if any, academic or scientific credibility; that is what you're going for here, right?!

  8. The British Empire was a great symbol of order in the world. I believe had it stayed intact there would have been a lot less turmoil in the world since the end of WW.II

  9. Before British rule 1 indian rupees=$13
    Currently it's $1= almost 70 rupees
    England never even said sorry to us for almost bankrupt us

  10. The British empire invaded Argentina twice 1906 and 1907 and the stupid Spanish colony kick out them. All the Spanishs colonies are shit and British are develop because they believe about honesty , loyalty , free market and also integration like New Zealand and Canada. I would like to had grown in a British colony and not stupid Argentina with the worst mix or Spain and Italy.

  11. 2:14 No standing armies so that would never happen!

    Britain came 2nd in the 2016 Olympics and invented 40% of all the worlds inventions.

    We don't want the empire ungrateful trash like Pakistan is the arsehole of the world!

    P.S Pakistan 2019 England world cricket Champions LOL!!!!

  12. If the British had not weakened the other colonies, then this empire would have been the strongest empire, we know that the British had weakened these countries, there are two ways to become stronger, either be a stonger yourself or make others weak. At the end this Empire will not exist again

  13. I can see other countries wanting to join Great Britain. The British Commonwealth has 53 countries in it and the Queen is head of state of 16 countries. Hong Kong are requested to be united with the UK again.

  14. “Would the United States allow this to happen?”

    Short answer… no.

    Due to the population, GDP, and amount of land in this area, the US would fall apart if they lost the original 13. New York, Boston, Washington, and Atlanta are some of the biggest and most important cities in America and this would take away those and more.

  15. What if the Inca Empire reunited today?
    What if the Japanese Empire reunited today?
    What if the Italian Empire reunited today?
    What if Napoleon's Empire reunited today?
    What if South America was one country?
    What if the European Union was one country?

  16. To be honest do any of these countries want to lose their land to an empire that ruled them a long time ago for Example India I don’t think India would want to reunite with the British Empire.

  17. The sun has not set we still have over seas territories that the sun shines on no matter what. We are the empire of tiny islands but still an empire in my eyes.

  18. Britannia is a Latin name. When Rome conquered it, it was inhabited by cave dwellers. For 650 years Britannia was Roman. Sixty five percent of the English language is Latin, it's fact. The greatest Empire was Roman, Britannia was the off spring. Deal with it!

  19. Bla bla bla british just exploited these colonies but now due to European union and Brexit it's own economic stability is at risk.

  20. stop this nonsense. just focus on savings Britain. which turning into Islamic nation. stop Islamization of UK

  21. If then bitches reformed the empire we irish and scottish would go of our fucking heads, rebellion bloodshed betrayal ira things would go bad to the worst possible but nothing like that could ever happen again … could it no i couldnt bear it

  22. We will kick you out from india, You looters.🙏 have you spend all the wealth you looted from others. Reunite lol

  23. 54 Länder besetzt, Kriege angezettelt, Menschen gequält… jahrhundertelang… Rohstoffe geraubt. Natur systematisch zerstört.
    Das ist "great Britannien".

    Britannien hat das größte Gefängnis der Welt gehalten: Australien.

    In der "neuen Welt " Raubbau über Jahrhunderte betrieben…

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