What does Chicago think about economics?

So when you hear the word ‘economics’, what
does that mean for you? It means nothing to me. When I hear about economics, I think about
gentrification, income inequality, and how it’s just becoming a bigger and bigger problem. It’s a word that make me think of high school,
and high school makes me want to fall asleep, so it kinda… that word bums me out, like
the word ‘government’ or like the word ‘bills’, or like the word ‘responsibility’. It just kinda is a bummer word… it’s an
adult word, and I’m not quite ready to be there yet. In a global sense, the management of wealth…
and the use of wealth for the welfare of the people of each country. Economics is the study of markets, so the
study of how people, goods and services move across different kinds of borders… between
each other, between cities, states, countries. Money. That’s it. It’s really all I think about. Do you think the government and media are doing enough to empower people to understand what economics is? The government and the media? No, not at all. When I hear about the stock market and I see
all the numbers, it’s like, it doesn’t mean shit to me… I’m a normal, everyday citizen, you know. No, I think the media are manipulated by large
corporations who use the media for their own ends. I don’t think the media is a good place
to learn anything. They could be doing a lot more. What? I don’t know. I’m not an economist… I’m not an economist or government worker,
so I don’t know how to fix it, I just know it’s broken. If people knew economics, economic principles,
theory, probably, we would have a better investment systems, we would have… it would be taught
in schools… like how to save and invest is something if you want to do you have to
figure it out, or you have to be sufficiently rich to have someone tell you how to do it
already, so… you know, we have predatory lending systems, we have all kinds of crap,
so, yeah, they do a horrible job… and by that I mean no job at all. I mean, yeah, it would probably be beneficial
if more people had a better understanding of it… we all did… just not the case.

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