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  1. I think God caused the big bang. Designed it, engineered it, created the graviton-photon mechanism that causes physics to work. I even think God visited people just to remind them He still comes around and says hi! In contrast, I think atheist physicists are some of the most misguided people in the world; somewhat less misguided than a completely witless fool!

  2. Hey guys. Just discovered your channel this is really awesome, thank you!! I have a question:
    I read about our own supermassive black hole increasing its radiation in the last months, how are we measuring this over such distance?

  3. can some one answer this question for me. how big does a black hole have to be to slow time down to 1 second of all time since the big bang. and how big does the gravity of a black hole have to be to zero time to nil.

  4. It seems to me that the inflaton field is just a more extreme version of dark energy, because dark energy is thought to be a false vacuum too, a vacuum that still contains energy. What exactly makes the inflaton field a “field?” Does this mean that dark energy also has an associated field? And is it possible that eventually, some dark energy particle will quantum tunnel out of this local minimum and cause expansion to cease entirely?

  5. Not deep enough:
    1. you never mentioned the role of set theory, pretopological space(s), filters etc on the cosmic causality
    2. inflation isn't the first initial cause; many Australians due to hot weather react immediately without a secondary deep thought; the updated theories of inflation are extremely important; but not the utmost cosmogonous causality; it's about the continuation of that causality; set theory, topological set theory, agebraic topology, filters in mathematics, logic "gates" based on filters, etc etc do explain the self-causal deepest causality. You've wasted the core important title. The classic Aussie; raping stuff before they reckon where they stab their shaft

  6. What if space was the same size and a vacume and in the distant past all the mass collapsed into a singularity which then went 'bang' and all the mass is just trying to equalise the vacume of space?

  7. What if we explain the red shift of distant galaxies not as result of motion, but as result of light loosing it's energy over the long distance due to interaction with quantum field itself? (I know, I know, "ether" is a taboo.) But just think of it for a moment. No need to introduce FTL relative motions, no need for cosmic expansion, no inflation, etc. Alternatively, we should somehow comfort ourselves with googolminex probability of expansion to take place according to inflation theory and our current observations.

  8. I can understand an atheist not liking the Biblical God. But if the odds of being right are one in 10^10^42 of their being no God or Creator, and an atheist is going to bet his immortal soul and eternity on that proposition, I would call that man a fool! The INFINITELY more intelligent choice is to be an agnostic, and hope for the best. I wouldn't trust the judgement of an atheist to decide what I was going to eat off the dinner menu.

  9. Based on conclusion #1 and #2 of the inflation proposal, it seems as if this is the prep argument for black hole / white hole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4aqGI1mSqo

  10. Bravo. Aristotle would be proud and astonished at the progress made since his first volumes of physics were compiled.

  11. If an inflaton field existed when matter was compressed to the level it was just after the big bang just after the level of a singularity wouldnt that also imply that an inflaton field has to exist inside a black hole? And that the field would need to "take over" before the black hole reached the level of singularity or that…..i guess im asking if an inflaton field would prevent the formation of any singularity?

  12. So now that you have figured it all out can you tell me why we are still having wars? Can you explain to me how this helps me or any human?

  13. This was a bit of a bait and switch job. Your tag says one thing (i.e. What caused the Big Bang?), but your content covered a whole different can of worms (i.e. the physics of cosmic inflation). Yes, they are obviously intimately related in our modern understandings of the origin of the universe, but why ask the Big question if you intend to dodge it by merely covering the Bang bit?

  14. So, when the inflaton field drops from its high value in the inflationary period to its low value ending inflaton, can it drop down to nearly zero instead of zero and then explain dark energy? Or do the inflaton field and dark energy have to be two different mechanisms for some reason?

  15. In the vacuum of space wouldn't the big bang explode evenly in all directions? That this bell shape theory is false? Is it possible the universe is far larger than what we see from the CMB? Just like how you can't really see over a hill till you've reached the crest.

  16. Holy crap, I get it now. So inflation is stopped by a Big Bang where by chance the inflaton field quantum tunnels through the barrier. This is exactly what happened 14 billion years ago. Wonder how rare it is. in other words, how often is there a Big Bang in the multiverse? 😬😬

  17. Am I the only one, who thinks that the Title of the video is kinda misleading?

    As in, if you read the 'what caused the Big Bang' — you DO expect to hear about the, well, actual CAUSES of the Big Bang, as opposed to what came afterwards…

    P.S. The video on its own is very interesting — I merely speculate the clickbait-y title, not the content

  18. Thanks for the video, awesome as always. I just only have issue with the background music/tone theme which I find it distracting (and a bit annoying) specially when I listen to the clip in a quiet zone.

  19. The background music is too loud and it is very distracting. Hopefully you will tone it down for future content! Thanks a lot.

  20. "The reality of the CMB is not consistent with lots of colliding bubbles" so the universe is now the CMB? what does CMB stand for?

  21. As a literature student I only able to understand that something caused big bang.

    I would have grasp more if it was an animation video.

  22. What a legend, Alan Guth, his concept of the inflaton field is definitely onto something bigger. I got a serene feeling as he explained the re-thermalisation of the early universe. It makes so much sense, the decay of virtual inflaton particles to actual particle converting the potential energy to tangible forms and possibly leading to phase transforms in the inflaton field. Yes I have already watched the sequel video, but the fact that phase transforms can occur in the potential energy of field strengths is so cool, especially when everything heats up again 😉 I guess the physical constants in nature would have been absolutely scewed at that initial point of the high energy inflaton field

  23. How does that explain the highest correlation of cosmic microwave background with the black body radiation, in other words, the highest possible entropy, at the Big Bang. It does not conform to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, but it is ignored.

  24. But there isn't enough gravity, the universe is always expanding. What resistance to create this slow down since there isn't enough pull on the energy of the universe that caused the massive energy for inflation. Work out the math.

  25. What if Dark energy is actually fluctuations in fields via atoms, photons, etc, very slightly stretching spacetime through their oscillations? In the early universe when everything was close together, those oscillations would be very close to each other and stacked together, possibly looking like rapid hyperinflation in the early universe.

  26. I don’t have much money… but I do have $2 a month to spare for patreon. Keep up the good work on making my brain explode! ❤️🤯

  27. Soo…this video gave me a much better idea of the whole vacuum decay thing. And also explains why another vacuum decay is still possible – dark energy is still, in some form, a higher vacuum energy than it otherwise could be, and so yet another decay is possible. I know you guys did a video on just this, but this video in particular gave me a much better understanding of why that is possible and what it would mean, what it would do, etc.

  28. So if I had a telescope that could see things clearly for 13 billion light years away. If I was floating in space looking all around me. How am I able to tell the difference between the early universe and the cosmic horizon where the universe expands into. Can I not see the eaelrly universe at every point around me as if I was center of universe from my perspective.

  29. So the universe started with approximately the same amount of antimatter as there was matter. Why couldn't the antimatter/matter annihilations be there cause of inflation? As the antimatter dissipated the rate of inflation would drop off.

  30. this speaker shifted the info-ton field to photons too early in the googley cc field. In his speech, the field is still the hypothetical field, while idiot red-chinese googly was saying something common, photon field. We even have Communist lying AI attacking pure science. Google needs desperately destroyed, because we as people want the truth, not lying, thieving, communist chinese theocracy. We are right at the point in human history of the super-cooled water getting the dust mote to condense into ice, google is your enemy people. Fight them here. Fight communism there. Fight socialist nations everywhere because there is no sacredness in the human controlled leadership. Humans understand the concept of sacredness, no man is sacred, (ala Kim Jong Il), as truth socialism does away with sacredness and always ends up with god-man Stalins.

  31. Surfing through PBS space time videos , watching different playlists multiple times ( I watched some videos more than 10 times at this point ) I truly feel like I'm taking an astrophysics course

  32. How are you able to throw in dark matter or should I say dark energy. You can't measure this substance, but hey let's believe people that don't actually know what makes the universe work. So please don't try and make it harder than it should be big bang never happened because of common sense.

  33. If the inflaton field did not decay in one go and the latest decay resulted in the quantum fields, shouldn't there be remnants (q.fields/particles) of the previous decay(s)?

  34. Maybe magnetic monopoles aren't found because they don't exist? Is there ANY proof that monopoles are real? Also, if "Inflatons" are real, then we should be able to make them. Any evidence for those?

  35. These videos are amazing and you and your team are amazing. I admit I often needs to see them several times, but the universe has all my life been a corner stone. Arthur C Clark was my favourite science fiction writer. And I was lucky to live where it was without lights. Very north in Denmark. So my imagination was able to evolve. But as you I was very lucky to also be quite good to music, so my education was the classic and now (15 years ago) I really took my time to get the universe seriously back in my life. And you tube are a gold mine at knowledge and I use every available moment to catch up. So music and science do keep my young, unfortunately I do miss to have some to ping pongs theses complicated issues with. But I I’m happy to learn what new and fantastic things, and I’m so impressed how far we have been able to go, only in so short time. The only thing I’m worried about, how to reach quantum gravity or the theory of everything ( GUT) the math seems to be able to provide a solution,but how on earth can we measure, test or will we need to settle until we are able to measure multiverse etc. And another thing the missing mass and the acceleration of the universe. What an exciting time. I surely hope I will live long enough to see some solutions .

  36. Every text book is WRONG because of a bad theoretical hypothesis the BIG BANG! There was NO BIG BANG so the universe is not expanding there are no Black Holes or Dark Matter. The universe has always been electrically charged, 99.9% plasma this created everything you see and know. (E=MC2) Black Holes are just Plasmoids. (See ELECTRIC UNIVERSE for clarification). Dark Energy is just PLASMA in low glow mode.(E.U. model) DARK MATTER never existed! It is a computer equation invented to force fit the BIG BANG theory and the expansion of the universe. (See E.U. model) These Hollywood fairytales are fantastic stories and very exciting. But they are very BAD theoretical hypothesis. (E=MC2) The elegant simplicity of our ELECTRIC UNIVERSE is all around us all the time and always has been in our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. (DISCOURSES of an Alien Sky). All's you have to do is OBSERVE the OBVIOUS; everything in our universe is electrically charged from atomic to the cosmic, from the living to the inanimate our own technologies need electricity to operate. (E=MC2) ⚛ Atoms have electrons, molecules carry electric charges, water is electrically charged, air is electrically charged, plants carry an electric charge, animals and HUMANS function and live and think because of electric charges running through their bodies and minds, our planet 🌎 EARTH is electrically charged and protected by a electromagnetic field. (Mainstream model) Everything we know is electrically powered or charged.(Basic science). So why wouldn't our universe be electrical. (E=MC2) The elegant simplicity of MOTHER NATURE is easy to understand and observe just open your eyes and close your BOOKS! (E.U. model). Have a truly ELECTRICAL DAY!!😊

  37. Wow, I watched the quantum tunnel 'birthing' of uncountable universes in the inflaton field after taking 900mg of mescaline, had not realized this theory was behind it until now.

  38. Hi, is it not quite possible that, light from our sun even from our planet earth traveled through space and bend due to gravitational force of Black holes and other heavy stars and hit earth again later in time. We may be able to see our solar system far back in time.

  39. The question doesn’t make sense, before Big Bang there is no space time. The real Nothing, so there cannot be “what”

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