Washington University in St. Louis: An introduction

(upbeat music) I’m Caitlyn Cullen Rajat Chadda TriLina Bobie I’m
Lauren Kan Justin Rodriguez Kelsey Irvin Ryan Chernov I live in Chandler Arizona San Antonio Texas I’m from China San Francisco California I’m from New Delhi when I was looking at colleges I was looking for someplace where where I
could be comfortable and also have a lot of opportunities and find outside of
school for me personally I didn’t want a huge school obviously looked around at
other schools and kept comparing them to Wash U and just I don’t know
I just love the campus loved the people I really wanted an experience that I
felt I was coming to a community and felt like I was going to be surrounded
by people who really really wanted to be where they were I also knew that I
really wanted to be challenged while I was there and I wanted to be inspired by
the people around me I had never heard of Washington University my mom put it on my list I visited and I just fell in love I really wanted a place that was
nice and friendly and happy and beautiful and all of those things
definitely led me right here (music) I was inspired to come by the reputation
of the school Wash U had the best research capability for undergraduates to get involved in research so it convinced me to go here when I got here I found that there’s a lot more to it than just a name they work with you to
make sure you have everything in place and are really dedicated to giving you
the education you want I think the hallmark of our curriculum
here at Washington University is its flexibility many of our students double major or even have a major and two minors and you can bring together your
disparate interests if you want to be an economics major but you have a passion
for photography you can pick up a minor or if you have a special interest you
can be in the business school the engineering school or the Sam Fox School
design they give me a opportunity to to explore to choose whatever I want to
study and to find what I really want to do I’m supported by my friends I’m supported by my professors I’m supported by my plethora of advisors and mentors you never feel like you’re in competition with each other in fact you
feel you’re very much working with each other to get an A together we try whenever we can to get the
learning outside of the classroom I went to the Florence Italy which is amazing
because we got to learn on site studying Michelangelo and DaVinci when in front
of the pieces there’s so many different places you can study I have friends who
went to South Africa to print-make friends are going to like Copenhagen
which is really cool everything is very relaxed everything is very fun and even though there’s good academics it’s also very easy to strike
a balance between the two between a social life and academic life that’s what it really means to be a Wash U student is walking through the underpass in
the morning and seeing all the different banners and posters and the different
events are going on throughout the week they have movie nights they have concerts this weekend one of the guys on our floor had an acapella concert and like half our
floor went just to like go support him which is really nice and it was really
awesome events on the swamp like soccer or volleyball intramural sports here are huge it’s always good to go and always fun to watch the games I play on the football team I’m the captain of the rowing team I run cross-country and track women’s basketball is also very strong W.I.L.D. was really fun it’s a big
concert there’s always something to do it’s a pretty manageable campus here everything is basically a 10-minute walking distance my favorite spot is definitely the Art Library Whispers Cafe it’s always kind of busy and kind of hopping and it really gives you like a boost of energy I am always in the D.U.C. which is like the place where you eat I love the South 40 the South 40 is just basically 40 acres of dorm life and it’s awesome
because it’s like a community of its own I’m kind of blown away every time I walk
back there the freshman-sophomore eating area is
called Bear’s Den the food is great the food sitting down at tables you know
having fun hanging out really just being able to catch up with everyone I feel like I have the campus when I want it but then there’s also so many
opportunities to get out into St. Louis and to get off campus having the free Metro pass makes it easy from day one to kind of go out and explore and and see
what this city is all about go check out Forest Park go to the Art Museum History Museum the Art Museum is literally five minutes away and sledding down that hill
on Art Hill is actually one of my favorite things to do when it snows I have a class now that requires me to be at the zoo like every week or so right near The Loop in St. Louis it’s a great place to hang out off campus it’s just a stretch of restaurants and there’s a movie theater a concert venue
and hotels and stores honestly the biggest surprise for me is the immediate
neighborhood around Wash U the park itself like running through the park it’s I think I don’t know how many times larger than Central Park and it’s
absolutely gorgeous Wash U is focused on the community and
just this message of creating a better world through the things we learn here this is a place where you have the opportunity to take advantage of a lot
of different communities and a lot of different groups of people and to learn
from them and that learning here is not just all about being in the classroom
you learn just as much from student groups as you learn anywhere else they take what they learn in the classroom and they apply it on their own
initiative to make the world around them better there’s an organization called
Books and Basketball where you get to go mentor students by tutoring them and
then playing basketball with them Relay for Life is a big event that goes to
kind of promote cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research so really everyone’s found some niche where they can get really involved in
community service get involved in fundraising and take on responsibilities
that they’ve never seen before the Career Center offers everything from simple
resume review to mock interviews it’s pretty all-encompassing and they are
there all the time they’ve got a lot of programs and a lot of
great ways for you to network I’m gonna try out human capital consulting at Mercer I’ll be working at L’Oreal I have an internship I got an offer from
Johnson & Johnson to work in their R&D department I have friends that are
pre-med or even non pre-med who are doing research or staying in St. Louis
and working research labs I have a couple friends who are actually starting
companies and starting a business or working for a small company somewhere
else but what’s really cool is that each one of us is doing something slightly
different in a completely different area of the country the biggest reason why you
should come to Washington University in St. Louis hands down are the people you’re gonna meet a really really incredibly diverse
student body from all over the world I think it’s really important to come and
actually see the campus and that’s cuz that’s for me that’s how I knew I wanted
to go I don’t understand how I got so lucky to go here academically I have
grown more than I ever thought I would and I ever thought possible I feel like Wash U has given me the opportunities to be who I want to be as
a leader as a student I’d be really surprised if anyone came here and didn’t meet a student doing something extraordinary a college search isn’t a
search for a school or place that’s going to be on the name of your degree it’s a place for your home for the next four years it is the best decision I have made it’s been great so far I’m excited for the rest you you

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  1. At around 4:29 the striping young lad in the yellow shirt caught my attention. His form is exquisite. The way he moves is just so enlightening. His thighs of utter masculinity pump up and down as gently as a butterfly on a breezy summer evening, yet as powerful as a ferocious lion chasing down his prey. I also noticed that he is surrounded by only females. It must be true that he is the alpha male of the land and is working out to assert his dominance by showcasing his large muscles. Beautiful.

  2. WashU looks like a beautiful school with a lot of awesome opportunities. Unfortunately I know I won't get accepted because of the acceptance rate. It's sad to give up on a dream.

  3. Great video! I got a strong sense of the school, which I love since I live too far away to visit. Seems like such a friendly, inspiring, and intelligent place!

  4. I fell in love with this school when I found it. I live on the opposite side of the country, but I hope I get in. This is such a beautiful place and seems to have amazing opportunities for the students.

  5. Wish I could afford it. I’m smart enough but my family makes too much for financial aid but too little to pay it.

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