51 thoughts on “Warren Buffett On Economy & Inverted Yield Curve

  1. Warren, a Stock is a bond with a coupon because you dont have any competition anymore, it’s all monopolies and crony capitalism. The rich killed capitalism, and made it a feudal state.

  2. Oh no! It's "slowed"?! Haven't all you "experts" been telling us it's going to crash, for the last 2 years? And now it's "slowed"? Woopty fucking doo. It's still a much better economy than we had for 8 years under little Barry o.

  3. Buffet can’t be honest. If he gave his true opinion, Berkshire Hathaway would tank. He has a fiduciary responsibility to his investors so he must put on a happy face. Understand Buffet has diversified in tangible assets such as buying a railroad a few years ago. The weather argument gets old after awhile.

    Corporate debt, unfunded liabilities. national public debt, $10 trillion sub zero yielding bonds etc etc all spell trouble. The next recession is problematic. Typically the Fed has reduced it Fed Fund rate by 4-5
    points. With the rate at under 2.5, rates will go negative next recession.

    Don’t know what it all means but it doesn’t sound good.

  4. Nothing has structurally changed. Except stock market is all hyped up. China continues to be strong. High interest rates have messed up the economy. If Boeing is half percent of GDP it really tells me US has not much to say in terms of manufacturing. it means Boeing takes .5 percent out of 2.0 percent. I guess US is in a lot of trouble. Just like rest of the world.

  5. Warren is old and as with all old people, brilliant or not, they are set in their ways. Warren made his billions with Americas "tail wind" as he calls it, problem is that those tail winds are becoming head winds which require a completely different mind set and investment stratagy. My thoughts only and only time will prove me right or wrong. I am invested with head winds in mind.

  6. Thanks for this buddy.

    I apply warren buffets principals to real estate investing and development YouTube channel.


    My 10,000% returns in Bitcoin over the past few years dwarf your "expertise".

    You made your money because you had the luxury of investing multiple decades in a country that has had the greatest economic success in world history…NOT because you're smarter than the next guy.

    You're wrong about Bitcoin…and history will prove this correct.

  8. He doesn't have to worry he still gets a billion in dividends every quarter even in a recession.

  9. Stop pressing the “oracle” when he is not in the position to see ahead beyond first quarter 2019; the era of tech and AI.

    Sometimes the media is desperate!

  10. F this a$$hole and all the other billionaires driving us off a cliff. He,and all the other billionaires,need to be marched to the guillotines.

  11. Mr. Buffett; Thanks for answering the question by no answering the question… dodging the answer for a brilliant self-made billionaire means a lot. Sometimes the best answers are the one you never gave…

  12. yes because warren buffet told us all that a meltdown was coming in 08 right? hey just keep buying those stocks

  13. warren buffet dosent make any sense unless hes talking about inflation, the productivity has reached maximum capacity, even if the planet keeps adding ppl, earth is becoming depleted of resources, so stocks dont have a coupon that goes out into infinity, in fact we might see a depression for decades, increasing the money supply at some point will just add more inflation you might make 20% year on stocks but inflation is running at 30%

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  15. The only people curious to hear Buffet speak are those sorry saps who were duped into investing in a Ponzi Scheme…OOPS! Your too late, easy money investing in subsidized GMO Corn is over sorry folks, we want real ketchup now 🙂

  16. Mr. Buffett is not a self made millionaire him and his brother was give land done the MLK time on earth so they will not share it with black people from the federal government he separated with millions of dollar and was rich in this world that support white people.Black people receive no land nothing.

  17. This guy is just bullshitting the answers so people don’t panic. Sad to see the worlds greatest investor become a lying old turd. He says recessions happen because of the “capitalistic system”. Wrong buddy, it’s the credit that’s going to ruin us.

  18. 3DS old bastard looking out for herself and not the rest of us! How much money is enough you bag of wrinkles?

  19. asking this man questions is stupid, what is he going to say? oh yeah theres a big recession coming, but we will still hold stocks, what else could we do? sell everything? BH would go to 0- he has to hold and hope fed keeps inflating forever, most companies arent even making a profit.

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