Wall Street dips over growing coronavirus fears

stop markets around the world are
plunging overgrowing Khurana buyers fears on the last day of trading this
week South Korea’s benchmark Kospi opened a sharply lower has to sell-off
continues as of 11:30 a.m. Korea time the Kospi was down over two percent
falling below 2020 the tech-heavy kosdaq is down around the
same percentage amount to 624 meanwhile Wall Street tumbled again on Thursday
with all three major indices finished the session down more than 10 percent
from their recent highs otherwise defined as entering quota correction
territory the Dow Jones plummeted nearly 1,200 points or 4.4 percent
logging its worst day since February of 2018 the SMP 500 on the Nasdaq also
posted their biggest one-day losses since August of 2011 to finish at 29 78
and 85 66 respectively

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  1. I really wish people could stop complimenting on the female reporters and the meteorologists on their looks. I am here for the updates on news. When will people ever learn?

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