Vidya – 24th December 2019 – विद्या – Full Episode

Is anyone here? Vidya, this is the place… …where Nanku Singh
got hurt by someone… …for the first time. Since the day
you’ve slapped me… …I’ve never been… …able to sleep peacefully. Henceforth, you too will… …will not be able
to sleep peacefully. Over here. ”I had… …taken an oath of… …making you… …my soul mate.” ”My soul mate!” And today you will be mine
at this very same place. Until I’m alive… …your dream will never come
true, Nanku Singh. Oh! What’s the matter? Do you want to play a
game of tag with me? It will be sheer fun.
Let’s play that, too. Listen!
– Yes, Nanku. The one who catches Vidya… …and brings her to me first… …will be rewarded.
– Nanku. Don’t worry. I’ll drop her before your feet. Then I assure you… …that you will
be a millionaire. Remember this, Nanku Singh. Whenever an evil
person has harmed… …a woman in this country… …he has lost his existence. History is the proof… …that if you exploit
a woman’s dignity… …not just you,
but your entire family… …ends up paying the price. This will happen to you today. Brace yourself to die.
– Wow! Amazing discourse! Vidya. I’m immortal. Undefeated! I can neither die… …nor can I lose. I’m immortal and undefeated… …because I have the power. That power is called… …money. Because the immortality
of the modern age is… …money. I have loads of money. Until I have the… …power of money with
me, Vidya. Nobody can even touch me. Let me also show
you my power today. I forgot to tell you something. For our game today… …we have one more witness too. Get her… …with respect. You doubted my manliness, right? Yes? Let me answer you. No, not the answer. Let me show it. Come on. Sit down and watch. Sit down. Come on, start the game. Stop! What happened? Did you find the girl? How did the power go off? Switch on the mobile’s torch.
– Everyone’s mobile is in the car. Let me get it.
– Hurry up. Hey, check there! Yes, sir. What’s the matter? You traitor! You think, you can go against
us and will be spared? If you go against Nanku Singh… …then you won’t escape. Now, I will teach you a lesson. You think you are smart, right? Hey! You took away my love from
me, right? Now, I will take away
your life from you. He will beat him up. He won’t kill him. Just enjoy the show. ‘Only Jagat can tell us
about Nanku’s whereabouts.’ ‘He won’t tell us
even if we kill him.’ ‘Then how can I help you?’ ‘We must help Jagat
escape from the prison.’ ‘Only Jagat can take
us to Nanku Singh.’ ‘I need your help… …in letting Jagat escape
from the prison, Sandeep.’ ‘Because, if I do anything… …then they will
get suspicious.’ ‘This is your chance, Sandeep.’ ‘You can avenge Jagat
for Ashima’s death.’ Inspector, open the door! Otherwise, Sandeep will kill him! Sandeep!
– Let go of me! Sandeep, calm down. – Leave me.
– Don’t take the law in your hands! Hey!
– Hey! The court will punish him. Sandeep. Close the door or else
Jagat will escape. I am already on my way out! You can rot in
prison instead of me! You rascal! Inspector! Quick! Sir, you have come
up with a good idea. This is the only
option left with us… …to get to Nanku Singh. Did you find Vidya? Find her out! What’s that noise?
What happened? Where is everyone? I have hired a bunch of fools! Can’t you turn on the lights? You fools! Get up! Why are you lying on the floor? You can’t even find a girl! Find her out! All you do is eat
all day long. Go! Vidya! Vidya! Are you okay? I won’t spare you. If anybody dares
to move an inch… …or if anyone tries
to stop Nanku Singh… …then I will empty out… …all the bullets
in this girl’s head! Nanku, leave right away! No, Ranjana, How can I leave now? Someone will be… …humiliated here. Nanku Singh! If you take even a step
towards Vidya, I will kill you! Shoot! Kill the little girl! Vivek, don’t forget… …that the life of
that little girl… …depends on me. And I know that you don’t
want any harm to come to her. You are really
angry, aren’t you? You have come here as Vidya
Singh’s protector, haven’t you? I want you to utter
the following! That Nanku Singh make
Vidya Singh yours. There’s no use… …of doing all this. You will have to pay in return. I don’t care about my life… …but I will never say this. Are you crazy? I’m not crazy… …to talk about it. And yes I will make sure… …that I act as I say. Say it! That Vidya is yours, Nanku Singh. Didn’t I tell you? I may die but I shall… …never utter that sentence. Movies have made everyone crazy. Vivek! I will never say it. Say that, Vidya is your. I will not. Say it. Say it!
– I will not! ‘Till the time I’m with you… …you will not
face any problem… …from Nanku Singh or
the entire village.’ ‘Yes, I love you. A lot’ ‘When you said that… …you love me… …I thought that you are
deceiving me. Please forgive me.’

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  1. Kaminy nanko ameer hony k bawajood ak hi dress hai white bs jb sy serial start howa hai jb sy ak hi dress white change your dress

  2. Vivek ata nhi ha chako Laker ek hi jathke mein chup Kar nanko ko chako marde or Jo chako per fingerprints ho wo jagat ko chako dada bus simple

  3. I hate nanko or uski behen bhi kiyu ki voh insan nahi hai janvar hai like monster i hat nanko i wish that vivek or vidya shaadi kare

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