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  1. This is awesome! My company Dances For School is planning on selling our programs to affluent Chinese Schools. This video has given me a new perspective on the patience it takes to do business in China and why so many successful companies in the west fail when negotiating over there.

  2. Do affluent Chinese also negotiate for example by buying a luxury product such as designer handbag or getting a luxury service?

  3. I wished I would have seen this year's ago. I walked away from a deal with a Beijing guy because of the very fact that he wanted me to always come to his house to discuss further a proposal. After 5 meetings I was done. I should have viewed this prior. I am glad that I understand now. Thank you DAN!

  4. Hi Dan, I do business with Chinese people and have found that they are discriminated against because of how they do business. What I'd like to know is how do you get a yes that is a yes when you haven't met personally?

  5. Dan, thanks for the inside look at the Chinese way of doing business. Now I know what to do if I am doing a deal with a Chinese person.

  6. I'm confused I was pressured by a young woman to sell to her and she offered to pay double from another Chinese buyer .so I put in hours of all my merchandise because she sounded serious.I, raising funds to keep my home from foreclosure and being disabled I put in a lot of hours in my presentation.I never her from her again even though she said she only wanted to buy from me.
    somebody hepl.I'm reluctant to sell to her if she makes me jump through hoops again and then doesn't buy

  7. wow ! good to know !

    im going to study enterprise management in Chengdu soon

    im trying to be as prepared as possible, you have got some amazing info !

    thanks for sharing

  8. sounds like negotiations might take a little while to understand the nuances of the culture, (HTC group 3), Thank you for the culture lessons

  9. Dan Lok : greatest youtube video , I have ever came across. You are right, Chinese up and down head shake doesn't means yes & in the bottom of their mind they are in doubt. And their No is straightaway , Yes!

  10. Why yes means no
    Why don't you just tell the truth why don't you make the title of the show why lying is okay in China

  11. The number of meetings/conversations it can take to close a deal is the thing I struggled with most. The shenzhen shopping trip never disappoints… Always fun!

  12. Sifu, is that meaning that when we do the business with chinese partner its easier to close high sales with negotiation of price ? Because do they think its like honour the relationship?

  13. Hello to the Audience. I have found this interview quite intriguing, while I think that many characters of what is said about China is probably true for every country in the world. I'm interested in starting a business in China creating a company that will create some special social-media.

    I find SO unethical that the creation of a company in China requires the presence of a Chinese partner who is practically a collector of money (your money) without giving anything to the company activity.

    Also many other things scare me, like the possibility that in case of litigation in front of a Chinese court will always end in favor of your Chinese partner who can practically steal you the company helped by the judges, and so on.

    Is there any forum/website/organization who can help me to understand better what really means to invest in China today ?

  14. All my business clients are chinese malaysians and I've noticed that when they pay you cash, for example they gave you the cash and they said" this is 1k $", if you count the cash, they get frustrated, i believe they felt that you don't trust them … i'm not sure if this is the case, that's why i'm asking…. while in some other countries, the client will not accept that you recieve the money without counting them… first…. i need to be more aware of chinese business etiquettes.

  15. We Dutch want 80% off all the time on everything.

    It's a national sport besides football and ice skating.

    I think i like the Chinese xD.

  16. thank you for this information I am working with Chinese students coaching them about school. This has been helpful.

  17. hello from georgia! first of all thank you for this useful video <3 and let me know one phrase how will be in Chinese language `would you like to try bout trip on the river? half out just cost 35

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