Types of business processes – An Interview with a business process expert

Hello and welcome my name is Drew
Jackson, I’m the managing partner at Success Fort Worth, Fort Worth’s trusted
coaching firm we have a great interview in store for you today but first let me
share a quote and a quick interesting article and then we’ll jump into the
interview the quote that I want to share with you today is by Jim Stewart says
this to achieve a goal you’ve never achieved before you must
start doing things you have never done before alright I want to share an
article with you out of Forbes January 2019 and this this this little excerpt
of this article really stuck out to me and in regards to what we’re going to be
talking about today in our interview and it says this it says many business
leaders are turning away from the traditional stereotypical mindset of
hard-charging aggressive workaholic businessperson and seeking a softer
calmer gentler and more generous or peaceful approach of mindfulness and
then this article goes on to say that the reason why business leaders are
moving in that direction is because they find that their team members make better
decisions they manage their time better and they’re more creative and so I get
asked this all the time about time management and decision-making and what
can I do as a trainer to to help their people make better decisions and manage
their time better who would have known that the guy we’re going to be talking
to today actually in what he does does just that so I thought that was
fascinating and I’m gonna introduce Michael Wilson who were interviewing
today Michael is a seven-time entrepreneur he started out his journey
running businesses at the age of 18 years old for his family tax preparation
business he comes from a long line of entrepreneurs in his family including
his father Michael took what he learned in his family business and started his
own tax preparation business which grew to three locations and 20 employees
before he decided to sell the company and after selling his first business
Michael went on to start six other businesses including his current
venture which is process ology which is what we’re going to talk about today and
it’s the company that we trust at a successful worth to handle our business
operation strategy and processes design and so process ology helps businesses
operate better faster and cheaper I mean who doesn’t want that right and so I
have Michael here today and he is going to tell us the what why and how process
ology helps businesses operate a peaceful and profitable organization
Michael welcome to to the interview today
hae-joo yeah thank you for having me I’m super excited about this awesome
fantastic well I gave kind of your bio but just tell us a little bit about
yourself yeah sure as you mentioned I come from a family of entrepreneurs so
naturally I got that entrepreneurial block early on after starting six
businesses throughout my 20s I started you know it really seemed that I had a
true passion and gift for solving problems I love being creative and
finding solutions to challenges looking back I believe this is why I kept
starting all these businesses right six seven businesses in my 20s I had to
create more challenges glutton for punishment is what I call it exactly but
on the other side of entrepreneurship I started to feel like my businesses were
taking over my life I was working long hours every day that I’m sure you and
most of the other entrepreneurs haven’t done as well but I wasn’t really living
life so my mind I said at the time was very much focused on the future
I felt forced to put a lot of my desires to decide so needless to say there
weren’t many of those trips to the islands like we were talking about
before the podcast right before the interview exactly so so really just
trying to build a foundation and in life I flipped the vision I had for myself
that was really my focus in my 20s but after separating from my wife I
really started looking at life much differently start looking at
entrepreneurship much differently I really started thinking you know I must
be crazy to keep doing this time’s right but I thought they had to be a better
way so like most entrepreneurs I I like most entrepreneurs I had my share of
successes and failures and you know what I like to call opportunities for
learning yeah yeah you know it’s you are you definitely are a outside-of-the-box
thinker I know that we’ve had times where we’ve been hanging out and kind of
trying to think through some challenges and you are aware of what’s out there
and the solutions that are available and I’ve really appreciated that about you
and our in our consultation meetings yeah so well tell tell me what made you
decide mean I maybe I answered the question I know
you’re good at it but what made you decide become a process consultant
well that just kind of happened okay um anyone that knows me knows that I am
that I’d call about the whole entrepreneurship thing so naturally
people started asking me for help with their businesses yeah
and so I love problem-solving so much I started helping them out and I got to
this point where I started enjoying enjoying consulting more than I was
enjoying the businesses that I am mmm so it kind of just started really looking
into that and seeing where my passions were I decided that that was the path I
won’t be honest yeah most helpful and the most fulfilled helping people with
their businesses so it’s definitely something that I love doing that’s great
that’s great and like we said you came from a family of business owners so
that’s something that you’ve been around your entire life and and been a part of
you know when we talk about processes I remember the first time that processes
were explained to me and in that business con context and the lightbulb
moment came from me when it was shared with me that we have a process for
everything you know you process for and I think they’re they’re
kind of putting the cookies on the bottom shelf for me you know they’re
kind of simplifying it for me but but the idea that you know we have a process
for how we brush our teeth we have a process for how we wake up in the
morning we have a we have a process for how you put the toilet paper on the
roller now I prior to this conversation I just put it on however I pulled it out
of the package you know but but the person I was talking to and was sharing
this with me they they said that there is a more efficient way to put the top
it has to come down from the top and it’s more efficient who would have known
right I guess laughs I guess half the world knows that but but it’s more
efficient that way and the reality is that just like with tole paper Raina and
I put it on that way I just want to confess to everybody I do put the total
paper on the right way now my wife says it’s the right way I know if she says it
and you know but there is a more efficient way to do things right like
there’s there’s always a more efficient way you have your way and but but there
may be a more efficient way I don’t know what do you think about that what tell
us about process ology and kind of your reasons for starting the company yeah
yeah definitely so in regards to processes they’re they’re definitely
more efficient ways to do things right if you if one little thing changes in
your morning that can throw your entire day off right okay so a matter one guys
say that if he doesn’t if he doesn’t flosses teeth in the morning he’s gonna
lose his job and and and be put in jail for speeding because you know it’s he
has his routine now I don’t know that sounds a little extreme but you know you
want to be predictable right but yeah definitely so one of the things that we
look at is process college in regards to processes is that there’s really three
options so one is that you can continue to do things the way you’re doing them
now and we’ll continue to get the same result
right yeah absolutely if you want change you have to create change and then the
other option is is more of a you can try and do it yourself and you know go on
YouTube watch all the videos and you really you know piece it together which
is surprisingly what a lot of businesses do especially when they’re starting up
and it just kind of stitch it together yeah I was actually having a
conversation with someone yesterday and I said imagine if you saw a picture of
your business it would just be a bunch of random piece of stitched together
right and so you see a lot of businesses where they’re trying to buy these how-to
kids and do-it-yourself things like that now you can also bring in an expert that
can help you evaluate and and put things and tools in place that will enable you
to run your business better faster and cheaper mmm that’s good
that’s the folks that she the folks that choose that option are the folks that we
can help ya and want to help so process ology you acts you know why did I suffer
us so at our core process ology is a process creation improvement in
automation agents hmm we use the power of creative thinking to help our clients
run a peaceful and profitable organization now and my many years of
entrepreneurship yeah I’ve learned that businesses they don’t care about your
quality of life or a business right it doesn’t think about your quality of life
it wants to survive yeah and if that means requiring you and your team to
work more and so be it if that means requiring if that means
the business is kind of running efficiently it will run and it just
wants to run right so think of think about it like trying to drive a car with
a flat tire okay right so if you’re driving a car with a flat tire and
you’re trying to get to your destination you’re gonna burn more fuel yeah more
resources right and it’s gonna take you a lot longer to get to where you want to
go okay yeah so a lot of people out here are running their businesses with flat
tires okay so we want to help put the right
processes in place to operate better faster and cheaper because that’s going
to improve the quality of life for everyone involved that they told us your
employees your vendors and anyone else that’s going to be involved in the
business itself that’s good that’s good that’s interesting no if you could kind
of break down for us when you say process creation improvement automation
you know kind of schoolís on that what does that mean can you can you break
that down a little bit for us yeah sure thing so I’m talking about your core
processes okay the way you attract new clients the way those plans travel
through your cells process how do you service those clients how do you measure
their mood if they’re happy if they’re sad or what’s going on with that client
right that’s the important stuff to understand mm-hmm howdy
how are you unblock onboarding new employees yeah how are you approving
transactions and accounting right all of these things have to go through a
process yeah and if those processes have too many variables and they become
unpredictable and predictable is not good right so all of these things are
processes that we have to strategically plan okay but there are a lot of
companies out there that are not doing any of that
so the way that we help clients is by defining their mission right so what is
the goal of this process yeah that’s super important because otherwise you’re
basically just you know throwing a dart at in the dark right you don’t know
where you’re going you have you have no target absolutely is really researching
and extracting what are the requirements for this process right what do we need
maybe there are legal things that you need to consider maybe its limitations
on the software you have so you really have to figure out okay this is what we
want to do what do we have to work with what do we need so that’s where the
research is going to come into play okay the next thing is designing that process
so we want to design that process to where it is gonna allow you to operate
efficiently right and so we do that using our formula systems and automation
okay and then you want to build that process and test it that’s so important
to test yeah yeah you know you build a process and in theory it sounds perfect
and then you press play and things don’t work out yeah so it’s definitely
important to test it before you go live and then one of the important things
that we do a process ology that we feel is is missed even in larger companies is
documenting processes yeah and that documentation is so important because it
is the procedures that mean that the steps that need to be taken in order to
execute a process okay follow you but when it comes to training and things
like that yeah absolutely the the manual so doesn’t exactly and then you’re not
you know as an as an employer so much of our resources are wasted when we have
turnover you know it’s one of the biggest areas is turnover and part of
the reason for that is that we don’t document and we don’t write down this is
not that this is not the sexy part of business right no hopefully not this is
this is about as mundane and process oriented as you can get yes but when you
have a procedure for how things get done and how a phone call is made and how a
deposit is made and how you do everything now you can plug somebody
else in there with the least amount of pain and and the the least amount of
slowdown so you actually write those up for companies if if they don’t have them
themselves right you can help them do that
well that’s that’s great that is that’s huge that’s that is very key that that’s
a very big deal for the business that wants to kind of move from startup phase
into full-blown business where the where the business owner doesn’t have to be
kind of man in the ship definitely in day out and it is very important in an
example I use what some what I was talking to about a week ago was you know
it’s just like when you spread a message you tell somebody and they tell someone
else and they tell someone else and that message changed just a little bit every
time oh yeah everyone tells the next person well telephone right same thing
with your processes your employer would do it one way the next employees gonna
do a little bit different it a little different so if they don’t have any
procedures to follow then you end up with unpredictable processes that’s good
that’s a hard way to a really good man because if there’s too much variation
how do you measure that yeah right so so that’s definitely an
important part and you obviously want to get that implemented we want to evaluate
to make sure that it’s working the way that it’s designed and then the biggest
part I would say is maintaining that process because what happens is you
don’t want roll backs with that process roll backs into an inefficient state
yeah so you want to have a plan in place to how do we go back and make sure our
employees are following those procedures what are what what are we used in the
truck that so that’s something that’s it so you help people with that do you know
okay so we help them put a plan in place things that they need to be looking at
to make sure that that process stays efficient yeah I’m including going back
and you know we may go every six months every year to you know the clients needs
and kind of do more of a assessment or your analysis if you say to make sure
that that process is still running within the parameters that we said okay
fantastic that’s great that’s that’s a ton tell me why why did you start
process ology and you know is it something you’re passionate about or is
this something that you you just kind of do or just tell me about that yeah so
after thinking really hard about where I wanted to be in my life right now
yeah in the future but yeah right tomorrow’s not promised MA so I really
started looking at that and my past and I took what I was great at and applied
that to a solution to help business owners yeah so I really wanted to create
a solution that helped business owners do whatever it is that they that
envisioned right we all have this vision when we take this risk of starting a
business of one I when this business is successful when it hits this revenue
goal yeah I’m gonna be able to do this right maybe was take the trip maybe it’s
by the fancy car who knows yeah the big house whatever it
may be so was trying to help entrepreneurs get
that mm-hmm without sacrificing everything else right as well there’s no
team right there stakeholders the people that are in their team like if you have
employees at an overworked blank we’re in we’re in work more than we’re at home
work I don’t think you’re right yeah so if that quality is is this not where it
needs to be then obviously that that isn’t you to a great lifestyle yeah so
for me I took what was born more out of my frustrations pains and desires and
create a process ology to make sure people don’t have to go through what I
thought I was living yeah yeah yeah so fun fact about me so in high school want
to be an architect yeah and so architects have the ability to
take an idea right and they create a design that achieves the desired vision
of yeah where whoever was yeah yeah the house the dream house whatever that may
be so basically what I did is I found an architecture in business right I like it
I find my clients and I say okay what’s your vision and let’s create a process
that is gonna help you realize that vision yeah I think that’s huge because
you’re you’re not changing people’s mission you’re not changing people’s
vision you’re helping them execute more efficiently better faster cheaper you
know you’re helping them execute we will get more into the details of that how
you go about doing that but but you really help them execute on what it is
that they want to do yes as a business clarify some of that sharpen it up and
then really execute and what tools are out there that can help them execute
more efficiently and you know without having to add on ten more staff members
absolutely absolutely yeah it’s all about helping you figure out first of
all define the mission right that’s so important this for you yeah what do you
want to do and then what’s going to be the most efficient way to get there
and I just have the conversation it might even beat you that I had the
conversation about the GPS at about how it starts from the destiny
and it calculates backwards so that it account everything that you’re gonna run
into on the way right yeah and create a predictable path for you to follow yeah
and essentially that’s what we’re doing that process all that you were saying
okay this is what you want to be yeah let’s create that predictable path for
you to follow right that’s so good if you want to close a hundred thousand
dollars a month in revenue okay what does that look like what is that process
yeah so yeah that’s fantastic so speaking of mission what’s what’s
kind of your mission vision purpose in this phase of of your business and life
yeah so our mission is to help people that support organizations live a better
life right it’s pretty simple and we do that by we believe everyone should have
a freedom first mindset okay and no one should ever have to be a
slave to their career voluntarily or involuntarily yeah so we want the
workplace to be a happy place right yes yeah and so we do this by helping
organizations create fix and automate core processes right it’s very simple if
we can change the way that you do things then that’s going to allow that’s gonna
develop solutions where everyone wins yeah and that’s what we’re looking for
so improve quality of life build a profitable business have happier
employees and happier clients that’s good I was actually talking to a bank
president recently and he he was saying you know I want happy employees because
they’re gonna make happy clients absolutely and that’s exactly what you
just said well I got to ask you about something I got to ask you about that
that piece line because it’s not a word you normally hear in business circles
it’s a little bit it’s it’s different I know I mentioned it in that in that
Forbes article at the intro but but what do you mean by peace why why is it so
important to you well for me I mean it’s that that’s what we want out of life
right we want to be peaceful and then today people are so stressed out people
stressed out more than ever and jobs are not as secure as they used to be right
you can have a job today and no job tomorrow
and life can change that a drop of dying yeah so I think the thing that we really
need to think about is what what I think businesses need to think about is that
people today can go and create a YouTube channel and make millions yeah right so
so core it’s a corporate world or businesses have huge competition
giggle big gig culture but right so I can look at okay I can I can from the
comfort of my home with my family make YouTube shine and make millions
right so why would I ever go to work why would I choose that yeah and so I think
that it’s important for us as business owners to make sure that we are
providing a way environment for employees to where they are happy when
you donate if where they feel like they’re valued and we can’t do that if
we’re overworked yeah we can’t do that if we’re running a business is not
profitable because we can’t stay in business right yeah and so what you’re
saying is is through the processes that you can create some of those were not
some of those but all of those repetitive tasks that may be energy
draining and not allowing them really to use their creativity it can be automated
and which in turn is going to save the company money
it’s also going to create an environment where your people can use their energies
on things that only they can do I was listening to some the other day and
actually this the the CEO of LinkedIn was was referencing Elon Musk and and
they were they were actually scaling back on some of the automated stuff with
their making of the cars and they said it turns out in some roles people are
better right and but it’s finding those roles right it’s finding those things
where you want your people to be at their best in eliminating it’s kind of a
8020 rule yeah what are those things that that your
people on your team can do really well and then what are the
we can get off there play automate we have all this stuff available to us I
don’t know it I don’t know the details of what all is out there but you do and
that’s what you can help people strategize and figure out and get more
efficient in that way something you said about the peace thing did resonate with
me because I do communication training behavioral human behavior training and
in some of the assessments I have it talks about there’s a certain behavior
style or personality type that it’s actually 69 percent of the population
and they are looking for a peaceful and harmonious work environment and I have
people very dear to me in my life that have changed jobs because of the chaos
or the drama or the the lack of peace in that work environment so you’re swaying
me Michael you’re swaying me on the on the peace thing I’m grabbing hold of it
you the Forbes article I’m starting to get it now that this might not be a high
value for that internally driven entrepreneur that’s out there that just
wants to go out and grind every day and get after it but they want probably the
person are married to their say and the rest of the team they they probably want
that and so being able to step back and say hey I might be okay with working 18
hours a day but that doesn’t mean that it is okay exactly so I’ve obviously had
the pleasure of working with you on some projects and yeah so I know that you’re
a driven entrepreneur as well including myself and we have this
tendency to really get sucked into what we’re passionate about yeah do right and
so it’s what that piece comes in is really giving yourself the permission
and the gift of that freedom right so that you can spend time experiment
because our spouses that necessarily say I want to be an entrepreneur are kids
yes Amy entrepreneurs yeah they are affected by the choices you make and
business and if we have a business that takes over our life yeah
then that means that now we’re we’re not spending time with them so I think
that’s important parts and even outside of ourselves if we’re creating an
environment for our employees and then they’re not spending time with their
families yeah and most of us do this that vision that we have our families
are part of that vision okay yeah so it’s definitely important to make sure
those are things that we’re considering and I think what makes process on what I
know what makes process ology dear friend is that when we do process design
it’s not just about efficiency only it’s also about okay how is this process
going to affect the people involved yeah and one of the things that that article
that you were talking over they learned was I did see that myself and really the
big thing was that if a car moved over just a little bit the problem was that
down the robot they have to do all these complicated calculations to get that
automated robot so mean done well right yeah or they could just get a person
that you can just say oh the cars over right so yeah absolutely in some places
automation is not a fit that’s good so it’s been you have to really know how to
identify those areas or what I like to call man versus machine hey which one
are you gonna put in place there so that’s good that’s fantastic well let’s
kind of wrap this up and let me ask you who is this for who would benefit from
your services who is the type of person that you work with and you’re able to
really help definitely and this is a question we get a lot so as far as
geographical area we work with plants all over the world so that is not a
problem okay industries don’t really affect us
we have no really boundaries when it comes to things like that so we can work
with pretty much anyone and really the one thing that I believe is important to
mention is that our solution does not change your mission you actually
mentioned this for me that’s going on right we merely shine a light on the
most efficient path so that your organization can realize this mission
peacefully and profitably so in other words we don’t change what you do right
you’re really great at that yeah what we do
it’s changed how you do it ensure that you work the most efficient way possible
it’s good it’s getting a total paper coming down exact time on coming down
right and so in that answer that answers another question so if you’re running an
organization that could benefit from processes that have a clear
strategically thought-out mission if your organization could use help
identifying if in efficiencies right a lot of organizations don’t even realize
they’re running yeah right so that’s important then we are gonna be a good
fit for that yeah so other areas we can help is in our ability to create simple
yet powerful predictable and measurable solutions
yeah stuffs so important we want to be able to predict the outcomes we want to
be able to measure raise because that’s if you spend a lot of money on marketing
right where what’s working what’s not business owners I’ve talked to and
they’re they’re spending upwards of a thousand dollars a month on on Google
Adwords we’ll just say you know on Google Adwords and I’m saying okay so
what kind of return you get on that well not much yeah I don’t think so well then
why are you still doing it you know it’s like you’ve been doing this for a year
if you are seeing a result on that then modify you know changed the strategy
well I’ve seen people that do the same thing and then they’re like oh well I
was told that I need to do this for three to six months before I can see
actually any result yeah that’s a six seven thousand dollars your point yeah
yeah and you really don’t know where it’s going
hey yeah you know it could be a situation where maybe they come in to
your site but yeah yeah what where is the disconnect so it means that you’ve
got everything in place with the words and all that kind of stuff but there’s
something that’s dropping the ball and if you don’t have someone helping you
kind of look at that and figure it out then you don’t know where where the
disconnect is and you’re just kind of shooting in the dark kind of like we
talked about you’re doing YouTube videos and you’re making it a side hobby trying
to figure out what’s what’s the problem exactly and I’ll give a quick example
with it because I think it helps actually explain this a little clearer
yeah I was talking with a company where they basically requires ourselves to
make about 200 calls a day well right now me I’d like to make ten calls a day
is don’t like 200 calls a day that is insane right so what I talk to them
about is leads gone why don’t we put some stuff in here to score these people
yeah and only have your sales team calling the people that meet you know
with an 80% of hire versus calling people that may not fit in this at all
yeah so doing that we’re saving time we’re not wasting resources we’re not
some you know spending money on hours for employees to be here they owe me –
right there’s just a lot of cost probably happier employees right in the
beautiful things is we can automate all this to where it’s doing that for you
and I already do is make 10 15 20 calls whatever that may be a day but they’re
20 or 20 30 40 50 qualified call yeah real a greater return on investment a
great return on investment absolutely that’s fantastic that’s great well it
sounds like crosses process ology is really on a mission to not only better
the way that that you operate but also better the way that that people think
you know and kind of think about their people and I was think about this
earlier it takes the son of an entrepreneur right yeah so really think
about that holistic view because you’ve been on every side of it you’ve been on
every side of it so I believe that’s all important those are those are great
outcomes to have they own not only produce you know the profits but also
the piece that you were talking about that lifestyle and take some of that
strain on the off the people that that are supporting the entrepreneur the
business owner and still getting the results because we want we got to have
the results I mean at the end of the day if we aren’t making sales we aren’t in
business right so so it’s got to hit the bottom line and producing that that
peaceful and profitable organization that’s that’s fantastic that will tell
us do you have any closing thoughts before we before we call it a day today
yeah definitely so we actually just bought a really good
long pole so that would recommend everyone is listening to go on our
website and check on it process all net process all’s you don’t know okay I’ll
make sure I have that available to everybody wherever we put this
definitely check out the blog post it really breaks down the the five things
that you really need to consider in any process and currently what is your
strategy right our mission we go through the process the tasks that are involved
and the systems that you’re going to need it’s great support that and I think
this is really these are steps that people miss when they just say I want to
do a okay I’m going to need me to do it and they never really think that process
yeah and they’re just such important steps a major thing that I see is people
go straight to the software and they go and they sign up for these softwares and
they pay these subscriptions and some I mean what the clients are paying crazy
amounts for software and what I think a lot of people don’t realize there
software’s are meant to support your process right it’s not picked the
software then the process picked the process and then find a software that
supports it that’s good hob so those are some things that I really think are
important is definitely a lot of other amazing things on our blog as well
that’ll help people along narrow their path that’s fantastic that’s great thank
you so much Michael for for letting me allowing me to interview you today I’m
drew with success Fort Worth this is Michael with process ology thank you so
much for listening we hope we added value to you today and if you are
looking for a coach you’re looking to increase your success in your business
or as a leader then check us out success Fort Worth calm and we would love to
help you talk to you soon

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