20 thoughts on “The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman – Full Video

  1. 26:03 “What I liked about it, I think, was that my father really believes in reason. If the child has the right argument and the parent has the wrong argument, then the parent has the same obligation to concede as the child does the other way around. And that was certainly one very important and attractive part of growing up in that family.”

    If there was ever a statement to show the step from authoritarian parenting to liberal parenting, it’s surely this.

  2. My hero. If only I could have met him. But I can at least do the next best thing, I can fight for the same ideas he fought for.

  3. His ideas are changing Brazil right now in 2019 with one of his students from the 70s in chigaco Paulo Guedes. Thanks Milton Friedman for everuthing. Your dreams are becoming reality years after you left earth!

  4. With his greatness in his field, his ability to pass on knowledge and the way he shrunk in his old age I came away thinking he's just like Yoda.

  5. Milton and Ayn Rand left this world. But their ideals still inspire many. Let's share this gem and spread the word.

  6. A wonderful human being if there ever was one! What amazes me about authoritarians (on both the Left and Right) is their unbelievable arrogance and condescension. Why do they think that they have the RIGHT to use the power of government to impose their views on all others???? How dare someone tell me how I must live my life, spend my money, or use my body! Dr. Friedman spent his entire professional life fighting these authoritarian control freaks and, for that, I'll be forever grateful. RIP, my good man.

  7. Colombia is one of the staunchest capitalist countries on Earth but has the highest level of poverty in Latin America, only after Haiti. Why are the Colombians not enjoying the fruits of capitalism?

  8. All the same echo chamber down the comments, regardless of the fact that we know today that all that was said about Chile is essentially untrue and even biased as a construction of narrative. I am for free market and individual freedom, and that will never be so based on lies.
    They should have stuck to telling Milton Friedman`s story, and left the politics of last century Chile be.

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