19 thoughts on “The Only Thing You’ll Have Left to Trade On

  1. I totally agree with that. Everything in the middle between product and your brand can put you at a great risk, but what's not valuable without risk.

  2. Does this apply to, let's say, a hospital? They sell a local, native service not a product, but who would be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instragram for a check up or surgery beyond those who need it in the area. If consumers desire hospital business they'll 1) go to there local one or 2) call 911 for emergency services. Just curious YouTube comment section, about the limits and procedure of branding if it were to be for a hospital.

  3. Great points Gary! Anyway you need to believe in yourself you can do it in the first place! Love from a small youtuber 🙂

  4. Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and it amazing 💙💜🧡

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