14 thoughts on “The ETF Play on Inflation and Interest Rate Volatility (w/ Nancy Davis)

  1. Great video, thank you. I'm doing daily videos on my channel of the best stocks to trade using price structure analysis, would love you feedback!

  2. So basically another XIV but instead of following equities it follows US interest rates. So when we get rates to 3, 5, 7% to prepare for the next recession will the interest rate volitility ETFs get killed?

  3. What a terrible etf. Who in their right mind would pay your 1% expense ratio when 85% of the etf's holding is Schwab's tip etf. Also, why on earth are you expressing a steepening view with swaptions? If we do mega steepen, it will be because the economy is in the toilet and banks are in trouble. 2y spreads will go to the moon bc no one wants garbage bank cp (libor) and the lifers will panic receive 30y rate, causing long end spreads to plummet. The fact that you recommend this to mom and pop investors is super irresponsible.

  4. One of my favorite people to follow, Nancy if your seeing this please get a twitter account fintwit needs you!

  5. Lovely interview, I like the opening dialogue "I think I even had a hot desk near you on your floor at GOLDMAN SACHS, back in my late 90s".

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