The BEST Economy Seat on Etihad A380

– (Sam speaks Korean) I’m in Korea on the
streets. Today, I’m going to dress up in a traditional
Korean costume before we go sight-seeing. Let’s go! Traditional costume with flip-flops. Now let’s go sight-seeing. I don’t know if they’re real or fake, actually. They’re not moving. Welcome back to Korea, 2000 years ago – let’s
go. The benefit of dressing up like me is that
you get free tickets – you don’t need to buy tickets like others, because I dressed up
in Korean costume, showing respect. – [All] (They speak Korean) – [Sam] (He speaks Korean)
– [Man] (He speaks Korean) – After the palace, we have come to the market to eat. This is a huge market here, a hundred years
old apparently (he speaks Korean). Good taste and I have a sore throat – my throat
is going to be on fire now. Oh my God. I never ate it raw before but since I’m in
Korea, let’s do it. Mmm. Would you like, would you like to try? Would you like? No? Give it a try. (They mumble in Korean). – Ohhh, (Sam speaks Korean). After a short stay in Korea, tonight it’s
time to head back to the airport to fly. Tonight, I’m flying in economy class so there’s
no limousine. I’m going to the back of the bus now. Let’s go guys. So I just had to check in now and I met the
crew. – Hi.
– [Camera man] How are you? – So, actually it’s the same crew flying me back because we came for a day and they also came for a day, had a one night stop over and then, now,
we are all flying back on the same plane so we’re like friends now. Pradesh, you’re going to be looking after
me tonight.
– All night, always. – I’m going to be in economy class.
– Yes. – I was running and I was in a rush and, it’s
12:15, they haven’t boarded yet – departure time is 12:55 so it’s lucky that they haven’t
boarded yet. Hello, alright? How are you? How are you?
– Hello. – Nice to see you.
– Nice to see you. – So you’re in seat 16-9.
– Aha. – Thank you very much; this way.
– Alright, thank you. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you. Hey, wow. It’s cool man, I like it. Look at the space on this one here. Look at this.
– [Air Steward] Yeah. – Yeah. – [Air Steward] It’s six more inches… – Let me try it out before I go to my seat. – Absolutely. – You know, this is a good thing. What number? 43, 43B. Oh this is a great seat, this is like… Ha! 43B – economy can be really… – Even for a little guy like you (mumbles). – So, it seems like the forward section that
I’m walking past is economy space… Funny. … And here is economy. Oh, look at these screens. Well, this is my seat here. We’ve just arrived. This is the seat that I paid for at check-in,
so it says “reserved.” This is just an economy space. This is the leg room – this is a good seat
for economy. If you remember, I was wearing a tuxedo in
The Residence. Now that I’m flying economy, I have to wear
something really comfy. It’s all about being comfy on board, to be
able to survive a long flight. So the best way is to wear something loose
and I, I have my sandals, or you can bring your own slippers on board, bring your own
pyjamas. This is a t-shirt like set of pyjamas – this
is my tip. Good to see you.
– How are you? – Yeah, good, good. Enchante. – Enchante, mon ami! – Well, I just had a look at the leg room
on my seat and his seat next to me and economy space is definitely a winner. It’s worth the money – so much leg room here. I think it’s time to upgrade yourself from
economy as well. Good support for my head – a very good head
rest. Okay, so they’ve dimmed the lights, so we’re
ready for take-off. 1 AM, departure time – let’s go. Looking through the entertainment, it is pretty
good. They’ve got lots of the most recent movies
from Asian cinemas, Indian cinemas and Arabic cinemas. There’s live TV, which is great, and, also,
the best feature that I like is the Boutique, for shopping, because, you know, you can just
order on the screen looking through all of the stuff. I don’t have to look through magazines. I think that this is a really good approach,
saving some magazines and saving some paper. This is pretty cool – watching Wimbledon on
my live TV screen. If you’re not a big movie or TV fan, then
you can always watch news or sports on the TV instead. Now, they have WiFi internet on board. It starts at $5.95 for 50 mb and it goes up
to $30.00 for 300 mb. What do you have for our little guests on
board? I found that, with this one, I also want one
to go home with. I want a captain’s signature. It’s a flight certificate – they give this
to their little guest and hopefully the little guest remembers their journey on board. What else have you got here? This one is also interesting. – (Mumbles) captain’s hat.
– A captain’s hat. My head’s too big, I don’t think I can fit
the captain’s hat on here. What have you got? – First, you have to do colouring for us. – Oh, the colour, you have to colour that. So you’ve got all these colouring things. Interestingly, you don’t have one bag or anything,
you have all of these little, little items that you have to entertain the guests with…
– You have to use your imagination. – Right.
– You have to use your imagination and build
(mumbles). – Alright. – Hello, we have prepared our dinner now. We have chicken jumchay and braised beef,
western style, and also we have penne pasta with cream. – Here you go, Mr Chui. This is the chicken. Chicken jumchay. – Okay. This is dinner, chicken jumchay with bread
and a brownie. When I first saw the meal, I thought: Oh,
this is small. But if you look at this, there’s a lot of
chicken, you know, and this box is actually quite deep. Al Raya Al Douwaliah, from Saudi Arabia! Performing on the Etihad A380! Let’s do it!
– [Woman] Okay! – [Woman] Wow! Wow! Wow! – Ladies and Gentlemen, from Oman, Al Raya
Al Douwaliah! Al Raya Al Douwaliah – let’s give them a big round of applause. Thank you very much for your performance on
board. This is a behind the scenes story today about
what happened. When boarding, there was a very kind, Korean
gentleman – an elderly gentleman – he actually told me that he was my follower – but he doesn’t
speak English and he doesn’t want to be on the camera, he just gave this to me and he
said: Sam, take it, take it, take it. And then I said: Okay, let’s share it with
the crew here, because all of the crew are working hard, as you can see behind me, they
are still finishing cleaning up and I want to show you; this is really nice. Look at this. This is from a Korean passenger who was very, very
kind to me. It’s actually 3 AM now so time for shut-eye. Good night. I suggest that everyone brings an eye-shade
in economy class. – Sam…
– Yes? – …This is the Airbus A380 that you ordered.
– Yeah, that’s the aeroplane. Look at this, the A380 model that I ordered
on the screen from the duty free. I hope that you have enjoyed the flight with
me at this stage and this will be a giveaway model for our viewers. The giveaway link will be in the description
of the video. Look at this. This is very cool. This is like… This is the hat. – And that’s from the butler. – Oh my God. – Since you (mumbles). – Thank you very much, thank you Pradesh, thank you so much. – With all our signatures on it. – Wow. – With their name. – That’s great. – And I was personally proud to be your butler. – Thank you so much. – Thank you very much. – A pleasure travelling with you guys – you guys
have given me a great surprise. – And see you again soon!
– Yeah, of course, see you too. – Thank you. – So, we’re just about to come and land in
Abu Dhabi. It’s the end of the 10 hour long flight. I have to be honest with you – I haven’t flown
in economy for quite some time and I think that this is the first time that I have flown
in economy for 10 hours this year. With the right seat, like this, the economy
space and with some preparation like comfortable outfits and an eye-mask, your headset, live
TV, the economy experience can be enjoyed if you prepare correctly. I hope that this video has shown you all of
the things that can help you to enjoy the economy experience more. After 60 hours, out in The Residence and back
in economy, back to the UAE, and now this journey has been accomplished. Thank you so much for watching this video.

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  1. Etihad A380 model giveaway contest link:

    I have to admit this is my first time flying in long haul economy this year. I was thinking I am a smart savvy traveler can "beat" the norm economy by choosing a good seat. Now I've came to realize that some view it as unfair representation. Without this seat, experience of course will be different. I will think of how to balance and improve this on future trips. On Etihad A380, there are over 70 space seats so there are plenty. I do realize of my "star power" on how I get treated when I am making a vlog. This has to be taken into consideration of course.

  2. I'm 11 and I'm really into planes I want to become a future pilot and if I could get this model I would really love it I have done every step I was your 5000th subscriber pls if I know you when I'm older I will allow you to record the cockpit when we're taking off

  3. Wow Sam, everyone loves you! I liked watching your fellow passengers looking to see who this person (you) was because of the special treatment you received. Especially when your personal butler from the Residence came to your seat dressed so nice in his white suit. It appears to me that Etihad is a first class airline no matter where you sit on the plane. That was so kind of the elderly Korean gentleman to give you a gift, and so kind of you to share it with the cabin crew. You are such a nice person. I love you too ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  14. I grew up in Dubai from 1987 to 1997 when my dad was a pilot for Emirates. When I first found Sam on youtube many many years ago, I loved it because it reminded me of the old days of Dubai and that part of the world. I have to admit, I've been very turned off by the content these days because it mainly focuses on a luxurious lifestyle which doesn't appeal to the fan base that made him popular. I wish you the best and more success.

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    WHY not get the extra legroom? Why suffer when you do not have to? Sam is SAVVY! Sam needs to be congratulated for SHOWING us, his fans, how to do it RIGHT! Sam showed us how to do it BETTER! Thank you Sam for your travel TIPS so that we can all have a better flight when we have to travel in Economy from time to time.

    Last time I flew economy overseas was 4 years ago on a flight to Amsterdam. I took 5 family members and so we flew on economy-SAVER miles. Included were two kids under age 10 who wouldn't understand or appreciate Business Class so no need to waste the miles on them.

    I used and the United plane had a curve in the fuselage around row 43 I think so that row had better legroom due to this fact. I learned this on and therefore I had a more enjoyable flight even though it was economy because I did my research.

    My next trip is in a month and my flights are BUSINESS SAVER on American Airlines Miles on their partner airlines.

    Through Seat Guru, and also Sam's videos, I've booked my seats and I'm very happy with my choices using a bit of ingenuity and effort to review ahead of time the best seats for me on these flights:

    1) Royal Jordanian to Amman (connect in Chicago) (70K AA miles)

    2) Etihad from Amman to Mumbai with a Layover in Abu Dhabi (30K AA miles) (note 1)

    3) Mumbai back to the States on British Airways through Heathrow. First on a 787 and then Heathrow back home on a 747 in the upper deck…..row 64 window seat I think (notes are at the office) 70K AA miles

    ALL the flights in BUSINESS Saver!

    NOTE 1: I had several choices from Gulf Air to Oman Air to others for the connecting flight to Mumbai. Most flew single Aisle Airbus or the Boeing 737 with "normal" business class seats. BUT the Etihad Flights are both widebodies so I get lie-flat Business class seats even when the flight is just approx 3 hours each. Also I get access to the Etihad Lounge in Abu Dhabi for the layover. So with a little research I get better flights, and NO extra miles!

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