Technology and Information Management – UCSC Majors

welcome to UC Santa Cruz in the Baskin
school of engineering I’m Tracy Larrabee I’m a professor of computer science and
engineering and I’m also the associate dean of undergraduate affairs in the
School of Engineering the technology information management or Tim
undergraduate degree program provides two important core areas of
concentration the technology of management and the management of
technology the technology of management core area
teaches students how to design and develop information technology to
address all aspects of managing a business such as finance marketing and
product development the management of technology core area teaches students
how to design develop and manage new technologies products and services in
high-tech companies technology of management and management of technology
are both built upon the three foundational areas of information
technology economics and mathematics the Tim major prepares its students for a
wide variety of entry-level engineering and management positions in the
information technology and the management of technology areas
entry-level positions in the information technology area include information
systems and technology engineer business systems developer enterprise software
developer data engineer and data scientist entry-level positions in the
management of technology area include business analyst supply chain analyst
product development engineer supply chain engineer project manager product
manager and supply chain manager the Tim program also prepares students for
graduate degrees in engineering and in business students are encouraged to
engage in internships with Silicon Valley companies such as Plantronics
Cisco and Seagate as part of their Tim Bachelor of Science degree program our
school has resources for your many interests in engineering with over 20
student organizations speaker series hackathons and research talks we have an
office of undergraduate affairs with peer and professional advisors to help
you with your path we’re looking forward to your joining the Baskin school of Engineering

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