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China’s economy produced $23.12 trillion in 2017, based on purchasing power parity. It’s the world’s largest economy. he European Union is second, at $19.9 trillion. The United States fell to third place, producing $19.3 trillion. China has 1.38 billion people, more than any other country in the world. China is still a relatively poor country in terms of
its standard of living. Its economy only produces $16,600 per person, compared to the U.S. gross domestic product per capita of $59,500. The low standard of living allows companies in
China to pay their workers less than American workers. That makes products cheaper, which lures overseas manufacturers to
outsource jobs to China. They then ship the finished goods to the United States, China’s largest trading partner. China built its economic growth on low-cost
exports of machinery and equipment. Massive government spending went into
state-owned companies to fuel those exports. These state-owned companies are less
profitable than private firms. They return only 4.9 percent on assets
compared to 13.2 percent for private companies. These companies dominate their industries. They include the big three energy companies: PetroChina, Sinopec, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. China developed cities around these factories to attract workers. As a result, one-fourth of China’s economy is in real estate. The government also funded construction
of railways and other infrastructure to support growth. As a result, it imported massive amounts of
commodities, like aluminum and copper. By 2013, the 10 percent annual growth threatened to become a bubble. That’s when China looked toward economic reform. China spends 9 percent of GDP on infrastructure. In 2013, it launched the One Belt, One Road Initiative, the largest global infrastructure project in history. China will spend $150 billion a year to link
68 countries along the old Silk Road with Europe. it will build ports, railways, and pipelines. It plans to make a China-dominated Eurasia
an economic rival to the American-dominated transatlantic trading area. China is the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasurys. In September 2018, China owned $1.15 trillion in Treasurys. That’s 18 percent of the public debt held by foreign countries. The U.S. debt to China is lower than the record high
of $1.3 trillion held in November 2013. China buys U.S. debt to support the value of the dollar. This is because China pegs its currency, the yuan, to the U.S. dollar. It devalues the currency when needed to keep
its export prices competitive. China’s role as America’s largest banker gives it leverage. For example, China threatens to sell part of its holdings whenever the United States pressures it to raise the yuan’s value. Since 2005, China raised the yuan’s value by 33 percent
against the dollar. Between 2014 and 2016, he dollar’s strength increased by 25 percent. The rise forced China to devalue the yuan. This ensured its exports would remain
competitively priced with those from Asian countries that hadn’t tied
their currency to the dollar. On January 22, 2018, President Trump imposed tariffs and quotas on
imported Chinese solar panels and washing machines. China is a world leader in solar equipment manufacturing. The World Trade Organization ruled that the
United States didn’t have a case in levying the tariff. On March 8, 2018, Trump announced a 25 percent tariff on steel
imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum. On July 6, Trump’s tariffs went into effect for $34 billion
of Chinese imports. In return, China levied a 40 percent tariff on U.S. autos
and agricultural exports. On August 2, 2018, the administration announced a 25 percent
tariff on $16 billion worth of Chinese goods. In response, China announced a 25 percent tariff on $16 billion worth of U.S. goods. These accusations are nothing new. China’s unfair trade practices were also a hot
topic during the 2012 presidential debate. During that debate, President Obama recounted how the U.S.
Department of Commerce successfully brought many disputes to the World Trade Organization
over unfair practices involving tires, steel, and other materials. The WTO has a specific process to resolve trade disputes. In 2006, President Bush appointed Henry Paulson as U.S.
Treasury Secretary to lower the trade deficit with China. He initiated the “Strategic Economic Dialogue” to open China’s market, especially its banking industry. He had several successes. He persuaded Chinese leaders to raise the yuan’s value when compared to the dollar 20 percent between 2005 and 2008. They also eliminated a 17 percent tax rebate for exporters. They increased the reserve requirement for
central banks to 12 percent. They also invested $3 billion in the U.S. Blackstone Group. In 2007, the Commerce Department threatened to
apply penalty tariffs to Chinese products. For example, it accused China of dumping its paper exports into the United States. The Commerce Department claimed that China
unfairly provided subsidies of 10-20 percent to its manufacturers of glossy paper used in books and magazines. Trade volume had grown 177 percent in one year. The U.S.-based New Page Corporation brought
the anti-dumping case to the Commerce Department. It said it could not compete against subsidized prices. In August 2018, China’s spending on fixed assets such as factory machinery
and public works slowed to its lowest point in 20 years In 2017, China’s economic growth rate slowed to 6.8 percent. Part of that was a deliberate strategy to
head off an economic bubble before it burst. Before 2013, China enjoyed 30 years of double-digit growth. But government spending was the driving force that fueled it. The government also mandated its banks provide low
interest rates in return for protection of the strategic industry. It created business investment in capital goods. It also led to inflation, a real estate asset bubble, growth
in public debt, and severe pollution. The government’s emphasis on job creation left little
funding for social welfare programs. As a result, the Chinese population was forced to save for retirement. They didn’t spend, strangling domestic demand. Without robust consumer spending, China was forced to rely on exports to fuel growth. Most of the growth occurred in the cities along
China’s east coast. These urban areas attracted 250 million migrant
workers from the countryside. Chinese leaders must continue to create
jobs for all these workers or face unrest. They remember Mao’s Revolution all too well. The government must provide more social services, allowing workers to save less and spend more. Only an increase in domestic demand will
enable China to become less reliant on exports. In addition, leaders must crack down on local corruption. They must find ways to improve the
environmental impact of industrialization. Leaders have embarked on an ambitious nuclear
and alternative energy program to reduce reliance on dirty coal and imported oil. China signed the Paris Climate Accord. All of these measures are part of China’s economic reform. Trump’s trade war interferes with China’s plan to slow down. To keep the economy strong, China’s leaders have had to lower interest
rates and fund infrastructure projects. In October 2018, China’s central bank pumped $175 billion
into the economy to keep it from stalling. Today. China primarily exports electrical equipment
and other types of machinery. This includes computers and data processing
equipment as well as optical and medical equipment. It also exports apparel, fabric, and textiles.

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  1. A lots of countries have surplus to China, like Germany, Australia, Korea, Japan etc, China never complains for that. Because it's based on free trade.
    China's total import & exports in 2018 are 4 trillions, China's surplus in 2018 is 30 billions, as you can see, it's only count for 0.75% of the total trade. Some people may think it's a bit surplus, but China as a huge country, 0.75% surplus of total trade is a much, much, much smaller percent then a lots of countries.
    The only reason US has a trade war is because US is nervous about China's rise. When China rise, US will no longer be able to sheer wool from other country. US has misused the dollar dominance to shift it's crisis & sheer wool from other countries for so long. US can buy goods from other countries by printing dollars, that's robbery! And when these us dollars flow to other countries, it actually drives other countries' inflation!

  2. The US always say Chinese Yuen is under valued but the truth is the US dollars are over valued by manipulation by FED. China's real GDP has already surpassed the US. Once the USD return to its true value, China's nominal GDP will become world's number one.

  3. Both China and USA are doing great but I see better future in China and I believe it.
    Thank you pocket TV.
    And one thing for your channel, I think you can improve voice quality and background music. Thank you.

  4. bullshit.. US infrastructure is rusty old and collapsing.. china is no longer poor.. the US is deluded this includes your misleading video.. go and get your self a passport and travel..

  5. When China gets it right, China gets it right. The stupendous economic growth is an example.
    When China gets it wrong, China gets it wrong " The great leap forward" "Cultural Revolution"

  6. China's Economy has surpassed the Economy of the United States, a long time ago! Let’s wake up, my sleepy fellow Americans!

  7. America is shit, so blunt, so naive, so easy to be cheated by Communist China Chinese leaders n regime. Please communists China Chinese leaders n regime send this deputy pm is an insult to America. This shit got no real education, can't pass even primary two school. And this shit always come and talk cock. No value, no weight, cannot confirm n cannot guarantee any deal. Even the shit Xi Zing Ping signed with Obama during 2015 that he won't built South China sea island with weapons. But today this shit build missile on these South China sea island with weapons. Stop wasting your time to talk with these evil communists China Chinese leaders n regimes. They are scumbags n evils devils. Just do what you have to do to bring America first n strong.

  8. It’s depending on trade and it’s environment is dying which means animals and plants will have a hard time growing, it’s basically dependent on crops. USA gives China crops. USA is independent on relying completely on trade, while china is not.


    Who is competing? I
    can't figure out why this is the major cause of humanity's rush to its

    What is all that
    talk about rises of superpowers?  It's
    more like how these risen powers have relied on opium to suppress China, and have
    bought out so many Chinese domestic traitors to sell China out. In the end,
    they simply used the standard genocide of Christian crusades.

    They almost knocked
    out China, then went on to Japan, and almost exterminate the Japanese race, had
    not for the samurais’ switching to plan B, the Goujian's Revenge. But the
    Christian ghosts and God are still hanging around everywhere in Asia.

    China is a land of
    no-god people, who even feel they are more superior than the God of their
    invading rising powers from the West. There were also the most uncannily
    capable Chinese leaders, who managed to free the people from the forced opium
    addiction. The current leaders have also used the Asian tradition of the
    peasants' belief in communism, and a centralized management system to chase the
    highest rising powers out of the country.

    So, who are
    competing?  Nobody!

    All we have is that
    many a rising powers did have tried to chase up with China for more than three
    centuries, but failed to catch up!

    China will soon
    return to its peace and prosperity that had lasted for thousands of years. If
    the rising powers cannot see this, China would again have to move all their
    national treasury vaults to China, just like what happened before the Opium
    War. In this way, the Earth this time might not be able to escape the fate of
    being blown up.

    So don't be sour
    losers anymore.  America, especially,
    needs to admit that it cannot catch up with China.  In that way, China this time around could make
    some special arrangement to take care of these rising powers.

    What they want is
    money. China has plenty of that.  And
    China is never a stingy country. 

    What China wants is
    culture, and China should upgrade its culture a bit from last time, so it would
    be a bid nicer to the rising powers this time.

                    SOFTWARE VS 5G

    America might think the current
    contest on domination of the rollout of the 5G network is the final great
    battle in tech supremacy.  That’s wrong,
    since it’s wont matter to the consumers who dominates and provides the service.

    However, the next and final tech
    rollout will matter.  It’s the software
    operating system, an automated software environment that interfaces the users
    with a universal native language.  Now,
    here humanity needs to choose between English and Chinese.

    It should be English, as there is no
    problem for Chinese to learn English, but not vis versa.  But would the Chinese make this
    concession?  Tough! Maybe if America
    gives up the current bullying techniques in stopping China’s 5G, China may
    seriously consider.


    5G and speed trains are only possible under
    communism and centralized planning dictatorship.  both technologies thrived when everything
    capitalistic were ignored.  huawei
    operated like the beggar’s guild and china's central government is in the
    business of fast trains.

    In fact, my own company, EECCL, energy
    engineering computer lab, practiced what huawei did, and much more.  We just put all the employees’ name in the
    company bank accounts.  Aisans liked it,
    but americans kept on emptying the accounts. 
    And cia/fbi/livermore lab investigation completely got lost tracking in
    their money trail, open the way for us to break 2 of the america’s disastrous

    for all doubters of the above view, they ll be
    hit harder soon with the coming age of automation.  here communists and dictatorship of the
    public will be the only option to sustain our civilization.

    it's a pity that all these future developments
    are sure give all the faithfuls of capitalism, democracy and god unbearable
    amounts of insecurity.

    If trump doesn’t like socialism, he should try
    communism – the only way to catch up with china’s fast trains and huawei’s 5G,
    soon to be 6G.

  11. Technology Trade War is started by USA because USA cannot cope up with China talent. USA will still lose out. No one can go against evolution of technology.

  12. Excuse me according to Dr.Parag Khanna US is not China largest trading partners ,Asian region is no.1 China trading partners follow by EU then US ranks third , so US need China more than China need US, Donald Trump say China need US is just his own illusion,hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. If China were to follow the western pathway, she would never have lifted half of her population out of poverty. Is there anything wrong that China decided to use SOEs to organize her main industries? She may need more time to steadily pass on these organizations to be public owned, not by anyone individual who could amass too much influence on their national economies. Up-to-date, most economies outside the West had not performed that well maybe with the exception of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. If indeed, this approach could fail in the future, I am sure she would adjust her approach to meet the new scenario~

  14. I put my money on China for sure. US economy is a facade . I have learnt how they have collaborated with other allies and countries in creating an impression that their dollar domination and manipulation of the financial mkts, paying huge bonus for CEO for raising their stock prices at all cost, making their debts into assets instead of paying them off and many devious methods.It is not healthy phenomena. It will collapse someday. I hope China will not learn the dirty tricks, unscrupulous method of US, but rely on real economic growth through nation building or its OBOR initiative and tech innovation.

  15. If the world stops importing Saudis oil the US dollars will collapse. Start buying Iran's oil and Venezuela.

  16. When usa companies cannot compete with China companies,
    the usa companies falsely claim that the China companies are selling items BELOW cost price (dumping ) ,
    which is ridiculous since no company will want to make losses by selling items below cost price.

  17. One country produce house hold goods another country produce weapons. Which country do you go to during good economic times? 😀👍

  18. Not game changer but liar. China never kept its promise with WTO by stealing, cheating every countries it has business weath. The CCP is a criminal organization in trade war with the word since decades but they are hypocritical and never announced it. It is the most evil and arrogant nation in the world. Doing business with China is always a loose deal for foreign companies although they pretend to seek a win win collaboration. Never ever trust China. Chinese don't even trust each other.

  19. America die on high taxation , high labor cost , everything are GST , America too greedy and spend trillion dollar's on war around the world , that's why America fail , America with it bullshit lies around the world by destruction on war's , evil America nation will fail .

  20. Chinese people very good at doing Business and Technology but two things I don't like about Chinese. First most of the Chinese people are smoker 80% to 90%, Second if more than three chinese people together they talk very loud like they own the whole world. no manner, not polite……………………….

  21. China’s growth were coming from controlling people, dictatorship and leveraging on the hard works of 1.3B people. In recent years, the growth were coming from money printing and bubbles creation. This will come to an end very soon.

  22. Typical US spin … trying to make out Chian is doing wrong by improving it's own domestic situation by playing 'The World Game' well !
    Chinese approach 'You like join us in Silk Road project – all get rich, live in peace yes ?'
    USA approach " You got stuff we want, you give it to us, do stuff our way or we create a civil war, feed both sides with ewapons, then when your country is pulverised we'll take all the stuff we wanted in the first case as 'repayment' for the war ?

    Ladeez n chennulmen … cast your votes , purleeeeeez !

  23. China supports terrorism…. recently they saved Jaish chief terrorist Masood Azhar by using VETO power in UNSC….they use terrorism to create obstruction in development of other countries

  24. Practically everything is made in China.The game changer is that China sells these manufacture goods for money and resources.

  25. Outsourcing to China, or to wherever, is less and less a problem, as the Chinese have been raising their own standards of living. China has been deeply engaged in economic reform since 1978, and the current "trade war" with USA (launched by Trump), has been unnecessary. As for subsidized industries, both China and the USA engage in this practice. In USA, this happens by tax policies, and by various inducements for corporations that local jurisdictions (cities and/or states), provide companies to encourage them to operate within those same jurisdictions. Current traditional thinking, in USA, regarding China, is not accurate.

  26. US Military has the biggest budget in the world, 3 times more than that of China’s. USA is the biggest war mongor. USA started close to 30 wars against small and weak countries ever since WW2. USA bought millions and millions of refugees and deaths to these countries. Recently USA also illegally kidnapped a young lady from Huawei as a hostage in order to obtain money and 5G technology. How could kind Americans of democracy allowed their government to behave like gangsters?

  27. America is the greatest game-changer.
    China is a threat to all seafaring nations and their trading partners. It might be necessary for the United States and its allies, terrestrial and otherwise, to destroy the Chinese navy, including its bases and ships under construction. America should construct a canal twice or more the size of Panama's between Brownsville and San Diego. In addition to many other benefits, it would be of enormous strategic value in facilitating deployment and redeployment of American and allied naval forces between the major oceans. It would also act as bait for would-be naval powers, much as Pearl Harbor did.

  28. Just wondering why people always think that China is taking jobs from America, but actually replacing the high tech jobs with Indian resources. Did any one know that Indian developers(yes…only developers!) already have more population than the whole population of United States? If these work can be done in America, then there won't be any unemployment issue in United States. Why China have more money? And why China becomes so strong? Because China always build tech systems(not those cheap products) by themselves —– And does not out source the jobs to India!

  29. China has a real economy backed up by physical manufacturing and being the world's largest trading nation. The USA's economy is based on FIAT Currency printing…with nothing to back it up except their military and that's why they spending so much on their military. To force the world to continue this World Order of enslavement,

  30. Why do you have many clips from Hong Kong? HKG is now not counted as China mainland even though it is belong to China.

  31. India has 1.4 billions people
    competition change the game …
    the USA is the last country on the planet to acuse others of being unfair … one example : petrodollar

  32. Such stupid comments on here by people who are ignorant about true facts America is STILL the Richest country on this Earth the most powerful. This video will not tell you that China has a $34 TRILLION Public Debt,,,much more debt then America's. They also won't tell you that 700 MILLION People in China lives on only $30 Dollars a day if that. At the current time they cannot CHEAT on their TRADE anymore thanks to the American President Donald Trump who is making them play fair…just look what happened to China's GDP and how much it dropped since TRUMP gave them a good trade war. And last…China should stop stealing American technology…which is one of the reasons they can build space ships and Military hardware. And last…Nobody wants to live in a country where democracy is a joke, that is what China is.

  33. Over a hundred years ago Napoleon Bonaparte said let China sleep, it’s a sleeping lion when it wakes it will shake the world. China has awaken and yes the world will be move accordingly. 😊

  34. All those here loving China must go and live there. China is the biggest criminal country in the world. It has no human rights and treat it's own Muslim population very inhumane. This dog eater nation will eat you alive. There's no country like America in the whole World

  35. Is it not good that the United States destroys and China builds, and that Americans should continue to make refugees? The world economy counts on American war criminals.

  36. the greedy evil empire usa will implode on its own warmongering ways. the world can't wait for china and russia to usher in a new era of harmony, prosperity, mutual respect and understanding. viva venezuela! viva palestine! zionist yanks go play in the corner! alone!

  37. The statment at :10 is incorrect. China's GDP in 2017 was not even close to $23.12 trillion.China's GDP for 2017 was $12.24 trillion and the US' was $19.39 trillion. Very bad research.

  38. In the beginning, China is stated as the worlds biggest economy now, although if you google the GDPs, USA is still larger. Can anyone pls explain?

  39. I don’t like USA they steal shit and say it theirs lol how sad that it lol , it like coming to my house and act like it urs

  40. In 2017, China’s real estate accounted for only 6.5% of gdp’s public data. If it was revised back in 1/4 of the video, then China’s nominal gdp in 2018 is not $13.6 trillion, but about $18 trillion. . The United States is still 20 trillion, and the United States will be even more unhappy.

  41. Good to see the wu mau dang is out in force LOL. Like this video isn't just blatant propaganda, along with all the fake bot comments here. The voice over is a freaking artificial one… none of this, including the comments is fooling anyone Chinese Communist Party. I know you're watching and reading this somewhere. Eat a d!ck CCP.

    Trump has boxed you in now – it's June 2019 and he's about to put 25% on ALL goods you guys export to us (an additional $300 billion). Huawei's CFO is about to go on trial in the US for several felonies, and the company itself can no longer do business with any US company. As a result Huawei has seen it's software and chip/processor supply chain be cut off. They're in deep doo doo now it seems and it's all your fault CCP. You're not going to beat Trump, he's the greatest master of game theory ever. I wish no ill will toward China or its people, but America is not going to just sit by and be taken advantage of any longer. The gloves are off, it's a street fight now.

  42. So true, hard working people and they reclaim Chinese history of super power, global player in the 21st century. It took them only 30 years of development which in the west the same progress build in 150 years.

  43. China have existed for thousands of years and will be around for thousands more! Deal with it america!

  44. China have lifted the whole world. Cheap air con ,ovens ,fridges etc have lifted lives everywhere. Why are they evi as claimed by Trump?

  45. China is a giant police state that operates concentration camps, raped Tibet, steal islands, steal ocean fish etc..

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