Sufficient Economy

I am a Thai child who’s interested in the projects of His Majesty King Rama IX, each of the projects have given many benefits, so I wanted to tell foreigners about these projects. Sufficient Economy is the philosophy of life that allows the Thais and civilians to live a safe, stable and sound life by being able to rely on themselves, being determined, having humility, perseverance and intelligence, having thinking and thought out your decisions thoroughly before making it. This philosophy applies to everyone, every Thai, every civilian on every level. We can all benefit from the philosophy of Sufficient Economy. We can use it to improve our quality of life, wealth wise and socially, you can also use it to improve the environment that we’re living in, allowing Thais to be able to rely on themselves with intelligence and with a sound mind. If you look closely you can see that it’s like planting the foundation and plans of living so that when you go on in the future you will have a sound and grounded plan. This allows the Thais and civilians to live in the community, both present and in the future. For the Thais that His Majesty the King Rama IX cared so, so much for.

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