Student Testimonial – MSc Health Policy Planning & Financing

I chose to study Health Policy, Planning
& Financing at the London School because I was interested in health
policy since my undergraduate degree and I thought that being in London itself
was a great opportunity and this course is a joint course with the LSE as well so
having a degree from two institutions was a big seller. What I enjoy about the
teaching here is you take a specific module you have many different topics
and different professors come and teach you about those topics mainly because
they are the experts in that field for that specific topic, so that has been
very exciting. The students and the Health Policy, Planning and Financing
programme come from many different disciplines such as economics,
international relations, political science, medical doctors, dentists
individuals who’ve worked in international development, individuals who have
worked in professional services such as consulting… So my advice for someone who is
looking to study this specific course at the School would be that definitely
apply, because this programme’s been around for more than 30 years, the alumni and
the feel are very well distinguished it is an amazing programme giving you –
offering you the skills to attend two different institutions not just one, and
also for those individuals who don’t necessarily have a medical background or
a health-related background, having different disciplines is very valuable
so please apply to the programme even if you think that your discipline is
probably not relevant to the programme.

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