Student finance for studying abroad 2019/20

Students who are studying at a uni or college in the UK and want to study abroad as part of their course can apply for full student finance. Students studying abroad could get a higher amount of Maintenance Loan, plus a Travel Grant to help with travel costs. These are both based on household income. As well as travel, the grant can help with the cost of things such as vaccinations, visas and medical insurance. Students will have to pay the first three hundred and three pounds of their travel costs themselves. If students are studying or on a work placement abroad as part of the Erasmus Plus scheme, they’ll normally get a grant from the European Commission to help with extra costs. Students can get more information by contacting the Erasmus+ coordinator at their uni or college. If students choose to study a full degree at a university outside the UK, they won’t be able to get any support from Student Finance England.

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