SpaceX vs Boeing for ISS Budget, Starlink Financing Starship, Martian Life for Real?

so today we want to talk about an
interesting story that just broke light showing how deep the corruption in
the space industry with NASA Boeing and other usual suspects goes in more
positive news of course we want to analyze last week’s StarLink launch it
was a full success but when can we finally see the first Starlink Internet
coverage and then of course we also have to take a look at the status of both
starships I mean that is kind of compulsory right and on Mars some
strange stuff is happening the methane mystery gets even more
mysterious as now an additional oxygen mystery is discovered what the hell’s
going on there so stay tuned for these highly interesting developments so let’s start with a brutal revelation
that just recently surfaced in a NASA report by the inspector general from the
office of audits and what they’ve found basically hundred percent confirms what
everyone watching this channel already knew there’s a brutal amount of
corruption going on with NASA especially in how they give out their contracts and
to whom they give out their contracts as we all know NASA has given contracts to
Boeing and SpaceX within the Commercial Crew transportation program with the
goal of launching astronauts to the ISS from American soil again
so SpaceX would of course do this with their almost ready crew Dragon capsule
which would be launched on a falcon 9 rocket
whereas Boeing would do this with their Starliner CST-100 capsule launched by
an Atlas V rocket since the Falcon 9 is almost fully reusable spaceX’s
solution is much cheaper and more efficient costing only 55 million versus
the 90 million per seat from Boeing so one would of course assume since NASA is a
scientific organization that money would be much more wisely spent on SpaceX
right nope instead Boeing received a quite nice 4.2 billion dollars compared
to SpaceX which received only 2.6 billion dollars for the Commercial Crew
transportation program so Boeing received 61.5% more money for delivering the
exact same goals the same goals 61.5% more but this goes even further because
the report shows that boeing was overpaid overpaid 287 million u.s.
dollars on top of the fixed contract price why because Boeing probably
threatened to leave the crew commercial transportation program so NASA was
basically forced to pay more so NASA was probably afraid that SpaceX wouldn’t
make it in time after the explosions they suffered back in 2015 and 2016 as
we remember NASA probably thought hmm let’s pay
Boeing a brutal amount to ensure that they won’t leave us hanging but don’t
worry because NASA defended the move saying the final price increase was
agreed to by NASA and Boeing and was reviewed and approved by numerous NASA
officials at the Kennedy Space Center and headquarters
ah then of course everything is fine thanks for clarifying that
if officials from NASA and Boeing approved that process then and then
everything is fine of course right so in other words don’t worry guys because
this corrupt process was 100% approved by corrupt people over at NASA and
Boeing so nothing to worry about everything is fine so yeah this story is
a hundred percent confirmation of the ranting we regularly do on this channel
here on how much money is wasted on * companies like Lockheed Boeing or
Northrop these companies are far more inefficient than SpaceX offer worse
products need at least as long most of the time however longer than SpaceX for
achieving less but get paid much more nice no wonder ladies and gentlemen that
we haven’t managed to get back to the moon yet no wonder that NASA’s crewed
spaceflight program didn’t go anywhere in the last few decades with such a
level of corruption it would be a miracle if we would have had a moon
base by now okay let’s calm ourselves again and try to talk about the more
positive developments in order not to transform into Hulk here and that is of course the successful launch of 60 new Starlink satellites which launched
last week on Monday the 11th of November from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape
Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida of course with a trusted Falcon 9 which
had already launched three times before making it now the fourth reuse of this
rocket and the first time a payload fairing was
also reused so rocket history was again being written here by SpaceX and now we
could already witness this new train of 60 Starlink satellites move along across
the sky again so then of course the question when will we finally have the first
Starlink service well spaceX plans another incredible six Starlink launches
until mid 2020 so that this would allow Starlink coverage by that time but first
only to North American customers full worldwide coverage would be available
after 24 launches so sometime by 2020 by the way as for the concerns of the
Astronomy community SpaceX is working hard on reducing the visibility of their
satellites and making them as unreflective as possible even now the
satellites are mostly only visible at dawn or dusk and decreasing reflectivity
would probably reduce the issues caused by Starlink for optical ground based astronomy to a tolerable amount and StarLink as we always like to remind our
audience is absolutely pivotal for our future in space
keep in mind please without Starlink no moon base no Mars base now the starlink revenue is estimated to be at least 40 billion dollars by the mid-2020s 40
billion that is twice NASA’s annual budget and this money will be absolutely
needed if we want to become a multi planetary civilization we should always
keep that in mind what do you think is better having perfect astrophotos of
nebulas and galaxies and galaxy clusters every time but being stuck on earth like
idiots or is it better to sometimes redo an astro photo or have it to do it
multiple times until no Starlink satellite passes in front of it but be a
multiplanetary species with colonies on the moon on Mars even on the moons of
Jupiter on the moons of Saturn above the clouds of Venus and one day maybe even
send interstellar missions to other star systems what do you think is better
and now of course we have to take a look at the current status of starship as we
know at Boca Chica the mark 1 prototype has been partially
reassembled being divided into two halves getting new flaps and landing legs a hexagonal launch pad had been constructed where the lower part is
erected and the preparations for fueling tests have already begun we might
receive a really nice Christmas present of this year with starship launching
around that time would be really awesome over at Cocoa not much has happened
since our last week’s news update as we can see in these latest shots by John Winkopp but at the Kennedy Space Center we can see the rectangular launch mount
for starship being continued the real action for the upcoming weeks will be at
Boca Chica and we will keep a close eye on the
developments as always and meanwhile on Mars some very mysterious stuff keeps
happening we all by now at least heard about the methane mystery where the
Curiosity rover on multiple occasions picked up seasonal methane variations
where during the summer months the methane ratio spikes and during the
winter months is much much lower now this process can be explained by
non-biological processes however there is really the distinct possibility that
these seasonal methane fluctuations arise due to biological processes namely
by some form of subsurface bacteria present on Mars and now this theory gets
more likely because on top of the methane variations now also seasonal
oxygen variations have been discovered now these newly reported results were
measured with curiosity sample analysis at Mars the so-called SAM instrument a
small chemistry lab that the rover carries with it
so as it turns out now oxygen also shows very strong seasonal variations very
similar to the methane now of course this phenomenon probably still can be
explained with non-biological processes however the idea that Mars bacteria are
some simple Mars organisms hidden within the surface of Mars are responsible for
these seasonal variations did increase in likelihood
this is another strong reason why humanity has to go to Mars and
investigate further it wouldn’t surprise us if we found primitive probably
single celled organisms deep down in the Martian lava tubes and caves remnants of
the once very life friendly conditions that were prevalent on Mars billions of
years ago it would have a huge impact on our understanding of the likelihood of
life and would give a strong boost to the theory that the universe is full of
life like really full of it which we think by the way is extremely likely so
we hope you enjoyed this episode even though it started with a quite brutal
amount of corruption so what do you think can be done against this and do you
think that bacteria are responsible for the seasonal fluctuations of oxygen and
methane on Mars I think yes I mean I hope so so as always be sure to
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disruptive technologies so then see you next time More weird HULK imitations

18 thoughts on “SpaceX vs Boeing for ISS Budget, Starlink Financing Starship, Martian Life for Real?

  1. So this episode was again a bit more on the ranting-side, but at least we got to see a really weird Hulk impersonation 😂 Sooo….life on mars? The likelihood increased even more now, but even if not, it's a fascinating planet with complex processes. And don't even get us started on the whole Boeing topic. It's sad to see, but we are sure SpaceX will win in the end due to superior technology and business model. Thanks again for watching our weird stuff here, you people are the best 🙂❤

  2. These companies like Bowing, Lockheed, and others have been around for a long time. They have development or the people in charge have such a close relationship with the gov that there is allot of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch your's". Gov money that goes to these companies ends up going back as "contributions" and other kickbacks. It's only through Space X's own hard work and determination that they can even compete. It's not hard to be more efficient than these companies their main job is to make money from the tax payers. But I could see gov officials putting up road blocks to help protect their favorite children. Space X is coming in and showing everyone that more can be done at a tiny fraction of what NASA and these companies can do. NASA has to pass out huge contracts to every company instead of doing anything cheaply. This is why they spent 10 million on a pen that works in space rather than just using a pencil.

  3. I thought i was the only one who saw all this wrong about the distributions of the money …its like me going to buy a Coke to a fancy restaurant for an overpriced money when i can have it for cheap in the store around the corner .

  4. Nasa is not only corrupt, they re faking moonlanding, iss and space itself. there is no sky vaccum next to a pressurised atmosphere, you CANNOT have air pressure without its anticedent,a CONTAINER. Space is a fake medium, it violates the second law of thermodynamics and boyles gas law. Gravity, the alleged bending of a conceptual medium, ie space-time, cannot hold gas to a marble hurtling at 5 different speeds through a infinte vaccum. Now thats a rant, and i challange ANYONE to demonstrate air pressure in a vaccum without a container. But you have all been sold on the globe and space your whole lives that the indoctrination runs deep. Research flat earth and you will see that SPACE IS FAKE.

  5. We could build far better observatories on the moon than we could ever hope to build here on Earth. We have basically hit the limits to our ability to build bigger scopes due to material fatigue, weather factors and gravity. If we mess up our night sky but gain the ability to build observatories on the moon or in space then that's a fair trade.

  6. The sass when your roasting Boeing for its inferior performance is hilarious (and well deserved).
    Also, Starlink is the priority even if it does ruin ground-based astronomy. Elon has brought down launch costs far enough that we can affordably move our telescopes to space anyways.

  7. It's not NASA corruption. NASA is a buyer in a market. They can only buy from those selling and by funding only the cheaper option they guarantee themselves a future monopoly to deal with and when it comes to reliability and redundancy, a monopoly isn't a good thing even if that monopoly is SpaceX. NASA needs to fund the alternatives they just don't have any good ones. Technically we can't give Boeing shit for it's built in bloat of operations because NASA has managed to stay in existence simply because of their own built in bloat. Defunding and closing down NASA would affect so many jobs now that no politician dares to do so or it would be political suicide. Boeing is a private company using the same means of governing to keep itself relevant across a wide range of sectors. This is the literal definition of bloat if you're not a vertically integrated company like SpaceX or Tesla and even they experience frequently unacceptable levels of bloat that need to be mitigated by mass layoffs which always leads to negative PR with respect to SpaceX or Tesla. So tell me how they win?

  8. Funny how I had consciously tried to see the companies as valid competition for SpaceX instead of idolizing Elon Musk or something, yet the antagonist nature of the said companies just hands itself on a silver platter. Even if the two authors above were cosplaying Dr. Watson and an anime catgirl maid, it would STILL be less ridiculous, for some reason.

  9. This example is from a few years ago: Boeing and Northrop Grumman were competing for a contract to build a fighter jet for the Air Force. Boeing’s fighter jet was both cheaper and more capable than the Northrop Grumman fighter jet. However, the contract was awarded to Northrop Grumman because the company was in danger of going bankrupt at the time.

    I suspect something similar is going on here and now. With both commercial crew and SLS being used to funnel money into Boeing to help them out as the company is struggling to survive. The US government values the existence of these aerospace corporations, and not without reason, however I do agree that pouring funds into these corporations at this extreme rate seems like a waste of taxpayer money.

    I can get over the cost difference between Starliner and Dragon, but the sunk cost fallacy that is SLS on the other hand, is what I find to be disgustingly wasteful. Current estimates are $2 billion for each rocket, and a maximum production rate of one SLS rocket per year. That’s more expensive than the Saturn V was, even adjusted for inflation, and they’ll be reusing engines from the space shuttles. I want to know where the SLS money is actually going.

  10. Boeing – ULA – Lockheed are just corporate assholes that have put the brakes on Space development for the last 40 years. If it was wartime it would be called profiteering! I hope SpaceX flush them down the Toilet where are the other turds are and belong!!

  11. 1:53 fictitious worst case cost comparisons, LOL .. Boeing Starliner is designed to launch on Falcon 9, and several other launch vehicles.

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