Revelation Online (Tian Yu) S2 – Episodes 10 to 13 English Subbed [FINAL]

Episode 10: Blood Begets Blood Transcriber: Drama Drama
Translator & Timing: 5Water
Proofreader: Emraldr The guards are in place, Your Majesty. Where is Hu Yishui? He’s… He’s gone to meet with His Highness and the priestess’ friend. The strongest exorcist in history asked us to present you our hot tub. He said, “Rest well tonight and I’ll see you under the Qinglin Tree.” Your Majesty, shall we wait for them? There’s no need. You’re the one who spiked our wine. I hope you will remember me as a devoted maid. Cong Yu, don’t be blinded by hatred. I remember this was your mother’s relic. This raccoon dog has something I want. I plan to give it to a certain beauty as a gift. So you’ve known about it for a long time. My lord, you’ve come— M-My lord— I thought that if I kept you by my side, I’d be able to protect you. Young Master. You’re always merciful and you try to protect those around you. But, Young Master, did you hear the sorrowful cries of my clansmen while they were being slaughtered? Their blood that spilled… Every night when I close my eyes… I can see that scene in my mind. Just take a look at their faces. Don’t they look the same as the clansmen back then? They’ll be killed again and again in the illusion. They will wake up and die in despair. You’ve gone insane! Hate won’t bring the dead back to life. Before my mom died, she told me not to hate Qianyang so that I wouldn’t drown in hatred and lose myself. I believe your mom would have felt the same way. You’re stalling for time. Your target isn’t Fuyun Palace. What should we do, Elder? The purification ceremony must not be interrupted. Otherwise, all our efforts will come to naught. Cong Yu, don’t go to the Qinglin Tree. It’s not too late to stop this. It’s already too late. Nobody can escape from their karma. Not even Sikong Qianyang. He will face the consequences of his past actions. I want him to see the suffering of his people with his own eyes. I want him to personally experience the power of my spell! Destroy the Qinglin Tree. Release the dark torrent. I will protect you. Please finish the purification. Open! Cong Yu, we can still make it in time. I didn’t think I’d run out of time so soon. Cong Yu! I originally wanted to destroy this, but I will return it to you. At the very least, you’ll remember me when you look at it. Cong Yu. Why did you have to do this? Despite being filled with hatred for most of my life, I was happy when I was by your side. I am… content. What have you done to Cong Yu? Calm down, Wangyue. Listen to Teacher first. This little fox has an excess of spiritual power breaking down in her body. If her power is not sealed, her life will likely be in danger. If Your Highness does not feel reassured, you can examine her. So, it’s a seal. I’m sorry for being rude. If Your Highness trusts me, then I am willing to watch over this place. Thank you. Teacher, why are you here? I have a few leads on how to find the masked man. Once the clanspeople and the little fox wake up, I will join you. When the time comes, I will give you the details. Episode 11: I Will Not Stop Transcriber: Drama Drama
Translators: 5Water & flycrane01
Timing: 5Water
Proofreader: Emraldr Green… Emperor… I am absent in body, but here in spirit. You must be a descendant of the Sikong family. I am the current Fox King, Sikong Qianyang. No one has attempted to take the Green Jade Zither since I used it to place the seal on the grand Qinglin Tree. Why do you desire it? I boldly request that you help me save the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan. If you won’t help me, then at least let me use your artifact to help my clansmen. My zither is what powers the seal, but— High Priestess! You’ve forgotten who you once were. The time has arrived. Let us go. I will introduce you to someone who can bring you to the one you loved in a former life. Your Majesty… Forgive my ineptitude. A strong charm technique. Do you blame yourself for what happened? Focus instead on the task at hand. Tong Guang! Once again, I… I was a second too late. Your Highness, you’ve returned. Where’s Sikong Qianyang? His Majesty ordered me to give this to Your Highness. Furthermore, he ordered me to assist you in becoming the next Fox King. What are you talking about? Where the hell is he? His Majesty is… Heed my order, Elder. Do your best to assist Sikong Wangyue in succeeding to the throne. Your Majesty! Your Majesty! As you command. Please believe in me. I can help him. His Majesty… His Majesty has entered the Qinglin Tree. He must be planning to following the example of former kings by becoming a vessel to absorb the dark torrent. Sikong Qianyang, you bastard. The Qinglin Tree’s interior is a sacred place. Those who are not members of the royal family are forbidden from entering. I can be of use to them. Just in case, you should stay here. Even if fate exists, I will forge it with my own hands. You bastard. You always try to carry your burdens alone. His Majesty and His Highness are fighting for our sakes in the Qinglin Tree. What should we do in such a dire situation? For the sake of every living being in this world, our king is facing the danger alone. The conclusion of this battle is imminent. Although we are weak, we must do everything in our power to assist the King. Oh Green Emperor, help us overcome this calamity! Your Majesty, please be safe. Elder… Sikong Qianyang, you must stop! He’s so fast. Episode 12: The Fox King’s Sacrifice Transcriber: Drama Drama
Translator & Timing: 5Water
Proofreader: Emraldr This is bad! Be careful. His body has absorbed the dark torrent. It’s driving him mad. Help me restrain him. For how long? I need 30 seconds…50 seconds, max. Now that I have this jade token, I’ll never lose a game of hide-and-seek. No matter where you hide, I’ll find you. I’m just joking. Stop looking so nervous. Don’t be rude. Use the jade tokens to sense each other’s presence. They will protect you from harm. If one of you is in danger, the other will sense it and come to his aid. The jade tokens are also connected through emotions. Your emotions can touch each other’s hearts and free you from any dark influences. Ah, apparently, Yang’er is more talented at this. Mom, you’re making fun of me. Rest assured, Mother. I will definitely watch over Wangyue. You’re still so ignorant. You didn’t learn anything from our fight. Is this really the time to be arguing? You should take a look at your current form. My condition doesn’t seem to be too serious. You’re always so full of yourself. And you’re always unwilling to let me take some of the responsibility. Am I really that unreliable in your eyes? He’s already acknowledged you by making you king. You’re talking a lot today. Did you plan on using the Green Emperor’s artifact? Only the Green Emperor’s artifact can save the Qinglin Tree. If this was a peaceful era, then using it wouldn’t cause any problems. Now that the seal is unstable, removing the artifact could damage the Qinglin Tree. There is a cost to everything. The tree will come to greater harm if we don’t act. If we’re going to pay the price, then we’re going to pay it together. Together? What? Is a talented nine-tailed fox like me unqualified to use the artifact? Seeing that you were able to obtain the artifact, it seems you’ve made some progress. You wanted me to understand the true meaning of protecting others. I now know that there are four aspects of protecting others: courage, responsibility, commitment, and the will to protect everyone. Since you are aware, I give you permission to use the artifact. Leave this area to me. Go purify our clansmen. What about you? I’ll be fine. Hold on, everyone. I will use the Green Emperor’s artifact to purify the Qinglin Tree. At the very least, you’ll remember me when you look at it. There are four aspects of protecting others: Courage, responsibility, commitment, and the will to protect everyone. The artifact’s effectiveness has decreased due to the sealing. It’s only at half power. Removing the artifact will greatly weaken the seal. I will take the artifact’s place. You are willing to lay down your life? Even if fate exists, I, Sikong Qianyang, will forge it with my own hands. Alright. I will lend you my remaining power. Due to your sincere feelings toward your clan and your wish to save the world from suffering, I will grant you the power you seek. Thank you, Green Emperor. Why did the seal darken? What happened? The artifact’s power decreased. Did he…? Leave this area to me. Don’t worry. You deceived me again, you… you liar! You cold-blooded asshole, hiding in your shell! Come out! Come out… You still have to lead our clan. You still have to lend Tong Guang the artifact. And… Don’t leave these things to me and disappear. I’m begging you. Please don’t go away. Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me. Crying like that is unbefitting of a fox king. Episode 13: Snowfall over Fuyun Palace Transcriber: Drama Drama
Translator & Timing: 5Water
Proofreader: Emraldr Qianyang. Qianyang! Taking care of our clansmen is our most important duty. This is how I’ve decided to protect my people. With my power, I can support the seal for ten years. In 10 years time, if you’ve managed to restore the artifact, come see me again. What did you say? Wangyue, I promise you this: We will meet again in 10 years. I’ll restore the artifact so we can see each other again. I give you my word. Little Brother, as the new Fox King of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, I will leave it to you. We pay our respects to Your Majesty. The warm, ancient jade…A trace of Qilin, the mythical beast…The beauty of the zither’s strings… This artifact is truly worthy of the Green Emperor. He came. It’s the same as last time. The enemy was completely prepared to strike. It’s just as we expected. This time, he won’t get away. Tong Guang, you just got injured. You’re not fit to fight. And you have to reserve your strength to save your sister, Tong Ming. Leave the masked man to us. We’re working together to take back our artifacts. Xiao Luo, be careful out there. My space-time teleportation malfunctioned? Is this due to the Qinglin Tree’s barrier? Interesting. How can the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan’s illusion stop me? It’s you. Don’t kill me! Senior Brother. Xiao Luo! Show me what you’ve got! Sure thing! Here it is! “Demon Tiger’s Deafening Roar!” “Fiery Prison”! “Freezing Wind, Millennial Flash!” Damn it. He got away again. He can’t escape now that we’ve got a lead on him. This is my senior brother, the boss of Wrath Scales. This is my friend, the King of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan. Oh yeah. So, Senior Brother, did you learn something? Let’s talk elsewhere. The masked man tried to hide his identity. He went all out in that battle, so I was able to figure something out. He’s as fast as a demon, and comes and goes like the wind. His movements heavily resemble those of an acquaintance of mine. Not long ago, my teacher mentioned that someone stole confidential scrolls from his academy. Fortunately, there was heavy rain that day. Outside the academy, they were able to find a shoe print in the bamboo forest with the words “Wrath Scales”. A boot belonging to a member of Wrath Scales? As fast as a demon? He’s Feng Shi! That traitor! Feng Shi? But the four divisions of Wrath Scales are Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain. Why would the leader of the Wind Division want the artifacts? It doesn’t matter why. The Wind Division gathers intelligence and they’ve been sneaking around. We have to return to headquarters and catch the culprits. This matter is very important. We have to be more cautious than that. Fox King, I will definitely give your clan a proper explanation soon. The same goes for the Black Water Clan. Tong Guang, come with us to headquarters. We can think of another way to save your sister when we get there. Xiao Luo, Mister Wangyue gave me a branch of the Qinglin Tree that contains the divine power of the Green Emperor. I have to go back and heal my sister first. Why don’t you wait for me at your headquarters? Tong Guang… Okay. I’ll investigate in the meantime so it’s safe for you — ah , for everyone — to come. From now on, you two are connected. Depend on each other as brothers, sharing the good and the bad, and never abandon one another. Wangyue. I promise you. I promise you. We will meet again in 10 years.

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  1. 5Water’s note: Thanks for patiently waiting for the last four episodes. There was the Thanksgiving holiday, which I spent a lot of time with family. And there were times I keep getting sick. But Tian Yu/Revelation Online Season 2 has finally been fully subbed! Thank you so much for watching! Special thanks to Chibi Mooncake, Drama Drama, and Emraldr for helping me with this project! I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done this without them. xD

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  3. Thanks for the sub, I really like this season more than the first. It's still not one of my fave donghua but I quite enjoyed it. It can't end like this, I really hope that Sparkly will do a third season and not stop this serie like this.

  4. Thank you so much for these episodes! You know why I have been gone for a while. I came as quick as I can to get back to the internet again and this was one of the things I watched first! I'm sad to see this end and I really really hope for season 3. I tried to search for it too and no luck. I guess this means I will have to watch from season 1 again if I cannot wait. LOL Once more, thank you for working on this Mooncakes Team!

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