Qatar Airways new Economy Class Seats at ITB Berlin 2019 – Business Traveller

– Hello, this is Tom Otley
of Business Traveller, and we’re looking at the new Qatar Airways economy class seat. And we’ve got an expert guide here. Please tell me all about it. – So basically, if you can
already see, the screen is much, much bigger than in the
previous economy class. The size is 13.3 inches, it’s touchscreen. The difference also, is the table. It’s a different design,
it’s a folded table. And then we have another one, for your drink, you can put here. Also, your phone, you can
charge it at the same time. If you have a tablet or
iPad, you can put it here, and it’s gonna not fall
down because of the design. The difference also is in the seat pocket. You can see that the seat
pocket is much, much smaller. It’s just because in the future, Qatar always wants to go
very eco and the recyclable, so they don’t want to purchase
any magazines on board. The seat pocket is the size for your, you can put in your tablet,
your iPad, phone inside. On the side is the charger, so you can charge it at the same time. – Oh yeah, down here. In between the seats.
– Yes. The most important thing about the seat is that even a customer
is sitting in front of you and would like to recline the seat, if I want to recline the seat, it’s just as clean as moving, and you have still the same
amount of space, so if I– – Okay, you recline.
– Yeah – You recline and see what happens to me. – That’s it. – Yeah, yeah, it hasn’t
moved, and you’ve moved, – So it’s just–
– So how do I work that? So I press this button here?
– Yeah. – Does mine work? – Yeah, you have to go a little bit down. – Okay I’m sinking. Oh I get it, yeah, yeah. So the seat-pan moves, and
then also the lumbar cushion. – Exactly. – And it doesn’t move much does it but it’s enough to make some difference. – Goes from six degrees,
it’s already preset, it’s already six degrees,
and it goes to 19. But even if someone’s
sitting in front of you, you can still have your dinner, you can still be on your laptop, because it’s got enough leg room. – Fantastic, thank you very much! – You’re very welcome.

6 thoughts on “Qatar Airways new Economy Class Seats at ITB Berlin 2019 – Business Traveller

  1. Doesnt matter NEW LOOK,DESIGN,economy class seats ARE NOT COMFORTABLE ENOUGH AND HAVE NO LEGROOM ENOUGH.This is for ALL AIRLINES,they should PAY MORE ATTENTION because the major part of passengers flying by ECONOMY CLASS.Especially on LONG distances IT IS NOT COMFORTABLE TO SEAT LIKE SARDINES.Anyway IATA or other association SHOULD declare some rules about travel classes on board.This the only way for passengers to get better options for flying.Economy class CANT be a first class ,but should be HUMAN class.

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