29 thoughts on “Pursuing Truth in the Global Economy

  1. I am the student that asked Ray Dalio the recession likelihood question @1:10:00. I'm a writer at a news website called Quibbl, where we ask for your predictions about current events. http://www.quibbl.me/category/politics/1519397551354-v2-qty4wlku5
    Ray obviously thinks we're headed for a recession. Do you agree or disagree?

  2. he means it’s an oddity to pursue truth when the amygdala prefers satisfaction based on organism predictive ability
    yet truth itself is just a deeper more complex sense of predictive ability that engages the amygdala and the neocortex

    odd no

    why significant similar question

    artifactual yes possible


    yet our pursuit of truth of this sort
    tends to correlate well with survival of the type ,the amygdala functions on the basis of
    so perhaps this is a selected development in neuropsychological function between the primitive and neocortex .
    like the wheel or prewheel ingenuity

    space travel and the wheel may be just on the same continuum of our ability

    and yet who says the limits of our own human intellectual development will reveal truth of Mr Dalios comment ,beyond relative truth

    ask your dog

    really have been enjoying Mr Dalios cross over to neuroscience in his book
    and sharing his work

  3. Checked out Quibbl.me and by voting on the same thread I felt like I was interacting with Ray. Hope I'm right and get some points!

  4. All these elite types just want to predict the economy's collapse because they're desperate to hurt Trump. Definitely going to win on Quibbl when this pans out to be false.

  5. lotta tall talk in these comments but I'd like to see y'ns prove it on Quibbl
    go for it nerds

  6. Ray Dalio is a super interesting character. He often goes against the herd. Great to see a news platform like quibbl.me that is offering a credible data-driven way to see who in the crowd knows what they are talking about vs. a bunch of random people like us debating on YouTube. For what it’s worth, i agree with rays take (as I understood it). A recession could come sooner than people realize. Placed my bet on quibbl

  7. Based off of my assumptions and Dalio's insight, I predicted that if the recession were to happen, it would be during 2019. It'll be interesting to see this topic develop on Quibbl's site.

  8. Wow, this is really interesting. Dalio's opinion is super interesting, and Bridgewater is usually ahead of the curve. quibbl.me some fascinating opinions on this and the other current hot trends.

  9. Really interesting conversation! Checked out quibbl.me and I think it could be a new media outlet where I can stay updated and compete with the experts!

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  11. In Larry's second concluding observation, he mentioned that bridgewater.com has many commentaries of Ray. But I couldn't find any articles on www.bridgewater.com, where are those commentaries?

  12. Summers is a globalist that want to destroy American and set up a one world government. Then enslave all people in a cashless society were you cant escape. All Facts

  13. Why does he always start off with he bought low and sold high then said this was dumb. This is literally all you are really doing in the market……… buy low sell high. If you buy high then sell low that is dumb.

  14. The global economy has been changing at an accelerating rate since the mid-1970s. Stagflation in many countries brought on a resurgence of the politics of the right and the beginning of global deregulation of the world's financial system. This unleashed massive speculation in the world's stock markets, in land markets, in real estate generally, and in financial markets. An already powerful rentier elite gained even more power, which they have utilized to achieve a dramatic reduction in the marginal tax rates on rent-derived income flows and the so-called "capital gains" experienced on the sale of land and financial instruments.

    An excellent primer on the history of these changes was provided by British economist Fred Harrison in his 2005 book: "Boom Bust: House Prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010." Harrison is forecasting that the next major economic collapse is due no later than 2018. All one needs to do is look at land prices around the world, which are already stressing the affordability of individuals to afford a residential property and are claiming a huge share of profit margins of businesses. When property appraisals reveal a land-to-total value ratio above 30-35 percent, it is clear that land prices have risen to a level that threatens the production of goods and delivery of services.

    The solution is actually straightforward. Stop taxing earned income flows. Stop taxing commerce. Stop taxing actual capital goods (i.e., buildings, machinery and technologies). Shift to rents from land and land-like assets (e.g., the broadcast spectrum and other assets with an inelastic supply) as the source of revenue to pay for public goods and services. The economics is clear. The politics that dictate economic outcomes will stand firm in defense of the status quo (or even worse).

  15. That Harvard guy is so typically arrogant — unable to conceive of the world in front of his nose unless it represents conformity to projections on his poor students & their likeminded club.

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