Professional MBA Finance

Music I feel pretty excited. I was just
thinking in the class that it’s completely different compared to
my university when I was studying because it’s really true that a
lot of people were like sitting in the back and just you know just don’t look
at the professor because I don’t want to be called and say something. Here the
surrounding is really different, like everybody came to learn something,
everybody wants to participate and everybody’s pretty active and expecting
this also from the others which keeps the standards pretty high. I come from 15 years working in banks
and managing different functions within the CFO area there. So the specialization in
finance seemed like the next logical step. I see Vienna as the main city in the
region of Central Europe and that this is the hub for all other other places.
It’s very important, for me it was very important to study here and also to
learn more about Austrian culture in order to be better in in business
because everything in Central Europe starts here.

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