Playconomics: Game for teaching economics

Text books are not really as exciting as they
could be especially for students raised in an online world. Experiential learning on
the other hand because what you learn from experience tends to stay with you. But how
can you offer such an experience to a large class? Well we’ve come up with a solution.
It’s called Playconomics and it’s learning by playing. Think of it as an ebook only ramified.
Playconomics essentially plays like a video game but it also teaches like a normal economics
text book. It puts the student into a vibrant simulated world, it’s a vibrant world but
also academically accurate. I find the game easy to connect with real-life situations,
the topics you’re learning in the lectures, as opposed to just learning the ideas from
the book. So to test the game we first ran a lab experiment on one fully developed level
of Playconomics with amazing results. We then presented Playconomics in class and after
only four weeks we had more 1300 games played for a total of roughly 2000 hours of game
play which is something very special for content like Playconomics that was not compulsory
at all. It’s perfect for self education and we really think it could change the way we
teach economics. As far as we know there is nothing else like it on the market resembling
Playconomics and we’re very proud of it.

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