Outpace Change with Future Ready Finance

[? SPEAKER: ?] Embedding
artificial intelligence, machine learning,
and smart chat bots into your financial
solution does not change the fundamental
science of finance, but it does change the
fundamental art of finance. Time is given back. Business gets done better. Risk is removed. And more decisions are
made with confidence. How many new strategic
opportunities will you unearth by leveraging
artificial intelligence and machine learning
across all enterprise data to inform on insights that
would otherwise remain buried? What would you do with
the time gained back from automating your common
end-to-end finance processes, like source to pay
and record to report. Routine tasks give way to
automation and precision, freeing time and
minds to explore and more strategic goals. The anxiety from managing global
compliance laws and the worry from security threats invading
your systems of record fade into proactive
insights from your systems of intelligence,
working in unison to protect your
company’s reputation. Now technology adapts to people. Join the growing
number of organizations that have discovered the
art of future-ready finance with Oracle. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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