OTC – Identity Verification Video(Updated April 2019)

“Why am I receiving this letter?” “The letter and included instructions are required to be completed before your return can be processed” “Use your letter to determine the verification step that must be completed.” (Identity Verification Quiz letter highlight) (Income Tax Verification letter highlight – Includes personal verification code) “Click on the Income Tax Verification link and follow the link that corresponds with the letter you have received.” (Home page graphics highlighting where the link to Income Tax Verification is located) (OkTAP landing page) (Highlight link to Identity Verification Pin and Quiz) (Display page with letter samples and link to each) “For further information refer to our FAQ section.” (OkTAP page graphic highlighting location of link to FAQ section) (FAQ webpage) (Homepage graphic featuring Identity Verification graphic) “If you have not filed your return and have received a letter, please review our identity theft procedures.”

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