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With Credit Union 1’s Online Access, making sure your bills get paid is
fast and simple. “Favorite” payees so they show up in your Quick Pay and Multi Pay tabs. On the Quick Pay tab, click which bill you’d like to pay. The dollar amount and account the funds
will come from default to the amount you last paid on
that bill and the account it was paid from. You can always update this information. Pick when you’d like the bill to be sent, and click “Submit Payment.” On the Schedule Payments tab, you can see all the bills you have scheduled. You can edit or update your payments, and skip the next payment in a series of
recurring payments. You can also delete an entire series of recurring payments. In the Classic Pay tab, you can make a payment to any one one of your payees, even if they aren’t marked as a favorite. This is also where you can set up recurring payments and expedite delivery. Setup new payees in the Payees tab. Setup a bill to a business by entering the business’ name, your account number with them, as well as their address and phone number. Payments to a person can be sent via
check or electronically. To set up an electronic payment to a person, you’ll need their name, their account
number and routing number, as well as their address and phone number. To setup a check payment, all you need
is their name, address and phone number. New payees are automatically marked as a favorite. To quickly send multiple payments, use Multi Pay. Select the account you want the funds to come out of, the amount to pay and the date you want
to send the payments. Then click “Submit Payments.” To see all your previously paid bills, as well as their confirmation numbers,
click on the History tab. To see more Online Access tutorials,
visit Credit Union 1, One for All!

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