Old National Business Spotlight – Kambium, Inc.

(soft music) – [Narrator] Kambium, we are
essentially a mill workshop. We are engineering, machining components for other commercial applications with some assembly capabilities. I’ve owned Kambium for
about a year and a half and I came to the U.S. in 2004 and worked in the financial services
industry for about 15 years. And I was looking to
do something of my own. I’ve probably looked at
over 200 plus businesses. So as I got serious with Kambium before I even submitted an LOI my first call was actually
to Old National Bank. – Often times we’re
gonna be financing people who have always had a dream
about purchasing a company. That’s where we can kinda come in and be able to walk them
through that process. We’ll be able to talk about
terms, talk about structure. Make sure they’re not getting themselves into trouble with any red flags. – Kalen and the team from the very get go were super supportive. They knew what kind of prices would these businesses be appraised at. What they would sell at. So they were able to guide me a little bit on that front too. And then they had very good insight into what kind of finances would it take from a day-to-day running
of those businesses. So they were able to
guide me from step one of when I was submitting the LOI to all the way to getting that financing. It was a two year process, right, and in that two year process at some point my wife got pregnant with our second kid. As a parent I started
getting doubts in my mind. I would call Kalen or
someone at Old National even on a Saturday night
I’d shoot them a text, and they almost were like my
personal therapist I would say. – We’re gonna be there
on all different fronts. So we wanna be able to be
there for that transaction, but also be able to provide them on treasury management services, all their depository stuff
and actually help them kinda walk through how
to operate a company. So it’s a lot of us working with them to determine do they need ACH, do they need other treasury
management services such as wires and stuff like that. – I think the future looks really good. So what we’ve been really, like my main emphasis over
the last year and a half has been to try and
instill the best practices in manufacturing within this facility. So we’ve been investing a
lot in lean manufacturing. We’re trying to figure out
more ways of automation and just improving the process so that we can make Kambium
the most cost effective manufacturing facility that is around. Someone asked me the other day like, what is it that drives you most now? Just being able to have
such a positive impact on the lives of so many different people. And being able to create a product from scratch and take it forward. I think that’s been the
biggest satisfying feature of being able to buy this business.

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