100 thoughts on “Obama Econ. Advisor: President Donald Trump Is Danger To World Economy | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. They say that Epstein had a broken neck, their also saying that it could be from him hanging himself…..I don't believe it. He was plain and simply murdered. They had too shut him up. He knew far too much. Besides it was said he was found on the floor curled up, no mention of a sheet…They can't even lie good..never could….JUST HEARD HE DIDN'T COMMIT SUICIDE HE WAS STRANGLED. THEY ARE NOW CALLING IT HOMICIDE.

  2. Trump STILL doesn’t know what an inverted yield curve means. He just re-tweeted it to “pretend” he knew what it was….as he pretends with literally EVERYTHING.
    DUMB as a post!

  3. OMG out of 30 presidents, their IQ levels Russian Trump was number 30….What a genius he is. His base probably has the same IQ. and they call him a genius???? What are they doing going from bottom up?????? Too fing funny. His base should make IQ appointments too see what their level is??????? I can't stop laughing.

  4. You can not make ten trillion in Red go away you SOB Obama/Biden was also a disaster.
    Our people are easily fooled but Obama was record RED. Poor Tom

  5. Trump doesn't comprehend goodness for everyone, he is always in the competitive, war mentality. He likes to hurt people, and countries. As we already know from the beginning he thrives on chaos and drama, I hope his fans have had enough, and will help our country by getting rid of him now.

  6. I'd love to see a chart of campaign promises/platforms from all previous presidents and what they actually delivered on. I bet it's abysmal for both Republicans and Democrats. Such a silly country with so much childish infighting. At least each side is getting sufficient dopamine kicks from posting about how the other side sucks! That certainly has made an useful impact… oh wait.

  7. Need to be tougher laws on companies like Goldman Sac. and all banking systems who in the last few days dumping stocks actually caused this dip. I guess like last economy crash in 2007 these companies will be looking for another bail out while Americans lose everything and cant afford to retire then they'll raise the retirement age again too talk about a system made to squeeze the money and life out of you.

  8. If a Dumbocrat gets in and the stock market goes back to Dumbo's level is he willing to pay everyone the difference. Democrats and the media are total idiots and I just want their name on the guarantee of my investments in their worthless hands.

  9. Anybody who knew anything about Trump before he managed to get elected knew that he was a human wrecking ball. Rick Wilson's book about Trump, entitled, "Everything Trump Touches Dies," encapsulates everything anyone needs to know about Trump in that very short title. Trump's enormous ego allows him to make grandiose pronouncements about what he can do and how much he knows and that no one else can equal his solutions, but the sad reality is, and, yes, we're finally beginning to figure this out, is that Trump is simply an inept, self-serving, egomaniacal fool, a fool who duped enough gullible people and, with help from a highly corrupt political party along with Russian interference, amazingly enough got elected President. Very sad, indeed.

  10. Just remember its not his fault, its the media and clinton, trade wars are good and easy to win, he's a stable genius!

  11. I am not a fan of trump but the media needs to stop with the sky falling bit. Economies throughout the world are down. If it goes back up next week will the media Praise Him?

  12. Are we talking about, dont want to show his tax returns trump? People please we ain't seen nothing yet. Trump is just getting started. Were is the best place to work our your corruption mr president. Hes untouchable and you people prove that to him each day, because ain't none of you going to bust s grape.

  13. I wonder if this mess Trump created has been planned in order to benefit some within Trump's circle of family and friends. Short selling comes to mind.

  14. America needs to hear this loud and clear: Trump has taken a healthy, growing economy, and through the combination of tax cuts and his drunken trade policies around the world, he has driven the US into a TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL RECESSION!!!!!! For the past two quarters industrial production has declined in the US!!!!!!!!!

  15. Well you know the director of the Ford car company knew that if he payed his workers more money they could afford to bye his cars and that that was good for his wallet. That is a reverse trickle down. And that is what I mean by socialism share more of the wealth and everybody will benefit.

  16. I researched orange when he threw his hat in the ring. I watched Apprentice the first season and enjoyed the concept. What I finally got (I know, I was a bit slow) was that everything was a commercial for him and his goods (and his narcissism like when the "prize" for one of the tasks was a tour of his apartment OMG!). So after his birtherism nonsense I wanted to see just what kind of a human being he is. Without being hyperbolic, I could literally find NOTHING redeemable about him. I mean he is a trainwreck of a human being and it is AMAZING to me that so many people (the deplorable one third… Hillary was really on point even if it was politically incorrect yet orange was nothing BUT politically incorrect) voted for him. Did they not have access to a computer? Could they not watch the debates and realized he could open his mouth and speak but nothing but gibberish was coming out? Faux news thought Obama was the devil incarnate as well as Hillary. Yet the Obamas and the Clintons were married ONCE, paid their TAXES, and were transparent as glass compared to orange clown. Remember drumpf went bankrupt SIX times, got FIVE deferments, got THREE wives, and stiffed HUNDREDS of contractors. He stiffed NYC on his first deal, the Hyatt. Look it up! He was supposed to give a percent of the profit in exchange for a 40 year tax abatement but when it got profitable, he got TWO sets of accounting books! Of course NYC got the book that showed no profit. He got a $17 million insurance claim on Maralago for NON EXISTENT hurricane damage! He even got some $200,000 from a 9/11 fund (after saying how lucky he was that none of his building were damaged). And what a lot of people don't know is that this very sick puppy wrote TWO letters to the City of New York complaining about sidewalk kiosks that were being run by WOUNDED VETERANS! He thought they were tacky under his gold plated shrine to his name. Not to mention his two lawsuits by the Feds for not renting to minorities and his Central Park 5 ad he took out basically condemning the kids before they got a trial and when they were found innocent years later (by both a confession and DNA) he still thought they were guilty. A racist POS who should rot in hades.

  17. Donald Trump is doing just what Putin wanted him to do destroy the United States by putting us in a recession in giving us trillions and trillions a trillion dollars a debt and not spending one penny of the citizens government tax payers money on any citizens of the United Statesthat is how you destroyed that United States of America and we are a destroyed statenot one country want to deal with the United States anymore you can't get anybody to help fight a war with the United everything is skyrocketed under this presidentwhy him and his family take advantage of the government money and the taxpayers money of the citizens of the United States no one in the United States can name one thing 56 predator president has done for the American people holla at jobs on leaving people getting laid off by an alarming ratewell he uses our taxpayers money in the government money to build buildings in other foreign country he has not get any money for any programhe needs to be any money so he's taking money from programs that benefit the American people and making deals do the senator Mitch McConnell in the White did benefit foreign governments in not the American citizens and you wonder why he does not criticize any foreign calcium and Mitch McConnell in the Republicans are passing bills and getting paid big money to pass Bill student Senate the benefit foreign governments and dictators and not the American people

  18. surprise, surprise. a democrat hands a republican a decent economy, the republican cuts taxes, the national debt skyrockets, and the economy crashes. insanity.

  19. Trump doesn't care about the economy, health care, global warming and mass shootings. The only thing that Trump cares about is Trump. His poor supporters will find out the hard way.

  20. Trump inherited a lousy economy from B.O. and the Democrats. In 2 years it has soared. The Dow closed at 99 yesterday and it is over 200 right now. So, it has regained 40% from Wednesday's loss. Investors were just taking profits from their stocks which have been doing great under Trump. Trump wins easily next year.

  21. Trump is the dumbest guy in the room. He’s been a failure his entire life. And now he’s about to crash the world economy.

  22. how about having one Republican on the panel like fox do? talk about the echo chamber.
    let's all agree that Donald trump is evil and stupid. well he must be…no one disagreed

  23. God save the world from what we have unleashed. Oh my, I really could cry. Russia is winning and the US is helping her. Trump=suicide.

  24. How can u keep asking Trump to co-operate with the western world to isolate n fight China ?.
    How can MAGA work if USA has to share the fruits of success coming out of such an endeavor ?
    MAGA, MAGA, and no one else. MAGA, MAGA.

  25. Three laws need to be made for future presidents.
    * must show taxes
    * may not use Twitter for government or official purposes
    * Congress has the right to stop presidential pardons deemed unlawful in any way

  26. HE IS A disruptor and DEMON in charge of the world's largest economy clasp his real name IF YOU DON'T KNOW HIS REAL NAME is SATAN THE DEVIL AND the LIE is the truth if you say it wing.and HIS gargoyle Barr IS trying to get the papers FOR TRUMP

  27. Now we see how recklessly Trump ran his personal business. He was always robbing
    Paul to pay Peter. Abusing and using,not paying his workers. Hiring undocumented workers just so he won't pay them. The man is clearly sick ,for sure a LOSER.

  28. trump was a respected business in ny for decades winning awards for helping and donating to the poor and minorities

    do your research , and msnbc isnt going to talk about trump before he became president

    he has 214 successful money making business's

    he built trump tower 2 dozen trump hotels

    30 world class golf courses

    he owns 200 properties that make money in NY

    our gdp under trump=$27.4 trillion

    under obama it was $16.4

    our unemployment is the lowest in 50 years

    msnbc is spreading lies and you are buying into it

    china has been abusing trade for decades and trump is addressing this

  29. When Trump won the presidency in 2016, many news outlets in Latin American were calling him the first Latin American president of the U.S. Why you ask? Because he sounded, behaved, and acted like a DICTATOR. Latin Americans know about dictatorship.

  30. I watch a lot of news. Only way I know how to keep track of the millions of things going on everyday. One item I saw was congressional testimony that interviewed John Kerry. Kerry, mentioned the tax cuts to the wealthy. He said that he was part of the 1% and didn't need that tax break. I came away from that with the feeling, the wealthy are truly in charge of our culture and future. No wonder they can't do any thing to help the most important part of their wealth, citizens. This also should indicate what Individual No. 1 really feels. America is a target of this man. He and companies like Amazon think taking wealth out of our economy with out putting anything back without regard. I can not see a future where that will continue to work.

  31. Trump tries to act like he knows a lot about business, but he actually has a long record of failure. I think Russian money has kept him afloat.

  32. Wasn't this economist responsible for multiple years of a sub 2% GDP? Why would anyone listen to this guy? Don't know about you guys but my 401k and investments are growing fine . Sure Trump can be a jerk sometimes but as long as he keeps the insults and mind games pointed at the people who ask for it, let's see what happens in 2020.

  33. Jean Sterling can only wish he had a trump economy.. 8 years never reached above 3% GDP unemployment never less then 12% these people are a joke

  34. America elected a Fake person and you are getting what you voted for. Unfortunately, the rest of the world did not get to vote.

  35. WARNING: The CONTROL GROUP that dominates the Mainstream Media is largely related to the CONTROL GROUP that dominates the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. If it looks like Trump is going to win 2020, these two control groups could very easily CONSPIRE to crash the economy. If the economy is crashed, stupid and ignorant votors in Trump's base could defect. If, on the other hand, voters in Trump's base are well aware of this possible conspiracy, Trump's re-election will be assured. So spread this message and watch this movie: https://youtu.be/evYyDsmSzdo The Mainstream Media only "hates" conspiracy theories because it is THEY who most PROFIT from them.

  36. Stock market is not the economy, but if that's where your 401k is partly invested, those 800-point dives are not good. Unlike soybean farmers, retirees don't get billions in Trump welfare.

  37. This crook is going to destroy the country of United States of America by who, Trump the lunatic psychopath.

  38. "Economic narcissism" The man is a narcissist in every are who doesn't or can't read why is this decision any surprise. He doesn't listen to his own advisers. He thinks he knows it all so here we are once again screwed by Wall St. greed and the banking industry.

  39. How did half of the voters get bamboozled into voting for a member of the criminal class with a public record of misogyny and white supremacy?

  40. Stupidity of Trump's Economics. The first one is that Tariffs do not affect consumers and producers but China pays the Tariffs to Trump. This Trump BS. Tariffs increase prices on consumers and increase cost on producers. These costs are paid bt Americans. The second is that the US economy is excellent under Trump with high economic growth, rising wages, and the lowest unemployment rate. Given these super indicatoes the Fed based on Trump shouting has to cut the interest rate. No stupid would believe that during high growth and low unemployment the interest rate should decline. usually, the interest must increase in response to higher demand for money. But under Trump the world of Economics is up-side-down.

  41. Trump cant connect with working class because he has never had to work hard for anything . He will never do anything that will benefit the working class.

  42. Knock off the reality, this man is the biglist loser worldwide, a thief and liar who cannot stand up to Russia and especially China, the most savy and patient businessmen who have existed ..

  43. He's a danger to HUMANITY! Impeach this Moron NOW!!!
    His father gave him over 400 Million Dollars and he managed to file for bankruptcy not 1, not 2 but 6 TIMES!

  44. He promise the American People would win so much they would get tired from winning. That Mexico would pay for the wall, not to take money from the U.S. Military to pay for a wall. All DJT promises. DIDN'T HAPPEN!!
    One Nation under God!

  45. Chump inherited millions of dollars from his father. He scundered every dollar on bad investment's. Now he is going to scuander us into a recession. Impeach Chump now!

  46. Trusting anything donald "LOUIE DUMPS" trump, the biggest loser in American history, says about the economy is the financial equivalent of taking life extending medical advice from doctor Kevorkian….remember people, EVERYTHING donald trump TOUCHES DIES…

  47. However is Trump an alcoholic justNa question on curiosity? He doesn't look mentally concious for whatever words he said or twitted😯

  48. Trump doesn't have a clue about the market, economy, immigration, foreign relations…! All he knows is how to take money that is given to him, not pay people, assault women, and lie. Oh, and create a Cult following.

  49. Of course, Dumb Donald is a danger to the world economy. After all, he filled for bankruptcy 6 times! He inherited a good economy and did what he did when he came into millions from his rich father — lost a lot of money.

  50. Someone once said, Trump is not a plans guy. PUTINS DIRECTION TO TRUMP, (DESTROY AMERICAS ECONOMY). And keep them divided, their too stupid to see it coming.

  51. Good thing being found guilty of incompetence with the economy as president is followed with a swift execution of the president. Then again, trump would never, ever, ever have the balls to run for president if that were the case. And I was right, our economy would be better off if instead of trump our president was a rock.

  52. No wonder you are no 1 or 2 in fake news. Narcissistic Obama stood in a room & swore that Trump can't revive the economy unless he has a magic wand. Now you are lying to America, saying Obama had that wand but never used it effectively. You are such a liar. Obama's legacy is the only President to serve 8 years & never was able to achieve higher than a 3% GDP, plummeted America 10 trillion more in debt, even gave trillions to help bail out his friends in Wall Street, Detroit, &. Put 30 million Americans into the
    middle class, millions more of Americans into poverty, & had the most Americans on SNAP , food stamps. Meanwhile, VP Biden extorted Ukrainian Government. He promised that Ukraine will never see the BILLION dollars in loan guarentees, if they didn't fire the prosecutor who was prosecuting his son Hunter Biden(You know the Energy Executive with absolutely NO Experience). Biden is actually on tape saying this & laughed when he said he was fired in no time whatsoever. Only an ignorant out of touch POS would say that about an entire company with half it's population starving. Hunter made millions whist working with that Ukrainian Energy Company. HUNTER & his Uncle Biden also made millions working for BELIEVE IT OR NOT, A CHINA Energy Company. Open your eyes America

  53. Trump is trying to shift global supply chains from China, Companies can move to other countries in Asia and Latin America,

  54. These people are like children honestly.Its mine,no,it’s mine,nooo,it’s mine.Like badly raised little fuckwith children,with a big ego….🤮

  55. TO Trump IF everyone else is doing BAD HE IS good. That's IT IF everyone else is doing BAD HE IS good that IS IT. That's IT. That's the only way HE CAN WIN IS IF everyone else is loosing that's when HE IS weaning…he is trying to make IT IN AMERICA. AND the only way HE CAN WIN

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