My Girl Made Me Ruin My Dad’s Business

Hello, everybody. My name is Mark, and… My dad just lost a fortune because of me. I can explain everything, okay? I didn’t do it on purpose, I was just blindly
in love and I didn’t think it would turn out the way it did. Ok, let’s start from the very beginning. I had a classmate in college. Her name was Janice, and she’s incredibly
smart. Janice was the best student in the whole program. Moreover, she even found the time to work
as an Intern at some cool company. Oh, I also forgot to say that she doesn’t
look like a nerd at all. She was extremely beautiful! Of course, all the boys in our class were
totally crushing on her. And I was no exception. It was sad because I just didn’t stand a chance
with a girl like that. I’m not one of those “cool” dudes, you know. A girl like that would never look at me from
a romantic point of view. I was just the classic sweet guy, so I got
stuck in her friend zone, and I had no idea how to get out of it. But one day I had a chance, and I took it. I was at my dad’s office. He’s the head of a law firm downtown. I had to bring some documents for him and
I was in a hurry. Dad didn’t like it when I was late, so I was
literally running down the hallways. I ran up to the door of my dad’s office, but
suddenly a girl appeared out of nowhere, and I knocked her down. A pile of papers flew into the air, and we
both landed on the floor. In the next second I realized it was Janice! I helped her up and apologized for being in
such a hurry. Telling her my dad just doesn’t like to wait. I quickly gave dad the folder and went back
to Janice. We chatted a little bit. It turned out that she was interning at my
dad’s firm! What a small world! You know, I think that’s the day we had the
spark that helped me get out of the friend zone. Soon I worked up the courage and finally asked
her out. Imagine how happy I was when she said yes! Oh, and how all the guys in my class envied
me! Everything was great. Once I got to know her, I realized she was
a better person than I thought. She seemed to like me a lot, too, because
our relationship was developing pretty rapidly. And soon it was time for me to introduce her
to my parents. I was really worried because my father is
a very strict man. He built his firm from the ground up, and
achieved great success, so he was tough on everyone, even on me and my mom. I tried to get Janice ready for the meeting,
like before an interview. I tried to be tough like my dad, and Janice
fought back. I guess we did it more for fun, because I
couldn’t predict what my dad would do. He could be quiet and calm, or he could be
like thunder and lightning. But there was nothing else to do, it was time. So one day, I brought Janice to our house
for dinner. It was going to be a difficult evening. As soon as my parents opened the door for
us, my dad was very surprised. He didn’t expect to see his Intern here. But I told him that we were studying together,
and we’ve known each other for a while. Then, at dinner, my dad started testing my
girlfriend. He asked some very provocative questions and
even tried to stump her. But Janice was cool. She skillfully answered literally every question
he posed to her. Then my dad pushed even more and moved on
to more personal questions. He asked what she saw in me and why she was
dating me, as if he suspected her of something. You know, it was pretty unpleasant to hear
that from my own father. Then they started talking about work. They got into a tough argument about some
law, and I thought that now my father was going to go get his giant encyclopedia, and
put my girlfriend in an awkward position. But it turned out that Janice was right. I’ve never seen my father lose an argument
before. He always either proved himself right or drove
his opponent to such a degree of anger that they simply gave up. But my girlfriend won, and I was incredibly
proud of her. At some point I watched my mom elbow my dad,
to hint to him that it was time to finish the interrogation. But overall, everything went well. I took Janice home, and I came back to talk
to my parents. I said hopefully, “Well, dad, what do you
think?” and he just said “She’s OK, she’s a smart girl.” Smart girl? That’s it? Yeah, of course. It was my dad after all. It’s not his thing to show emotions, you know. So it was fine. Meeting my father was good for Janice. Dad saw that she was very smart, and he began
to trust her with more important work. But our relationship had gotten a little worse. No, we still loved each other, it’s just that
Janice spent too much time at work, and I missed hanging out with her. So I started a conversation, and told her
that she should spend less time working and more time with me. She replied that, because of her internship,
she was loaded with tons of unnecessary work. But everything would change if I could talk
to my dad and ask him to promote her, then she’d have more free time right away. Oh, it’s always been hard for me to talk to
my dad about work, but I couldn’t say no to Janice because I loved her, and I wanted to
make her happy. So that same evening, I went to my father,
and gently hinted to him that maybe Janice deserved a promotion. But dad’s reaction was unexpected. He knew this moment would come. He said that Janice was only dating me to
get close to him, and if she wanted a higher position, she had to earn it with her mind
and hard work, not her connections. I started to argue with him and I told him
that our relationship wasn’t like that. Then my father thought for a moment and told
me to bring Janice home tomorrow and they would talk about a promotion. We went to my father as enthusiastically as
we could. But as soon as I started saying that Janice
was a great student, and that maybe she deserved more than to just be an intern with his company,
my dad interrupted me. This talk had made him really angry. He kicked me out of the room and stayed there
with Janice alone. I tried to eavesdrop on their conversation,
but it was just them screaming. It looked like he specifically invited her
over to make her understand that she was entitled to nothing. After a couple of minutes Janice ran out in
tears. I wanted to talk to her, but she was so upset
that she asked me to just leave her alone. I was so angry at my father! He just destroyed my girlfriend and my relationship. I started arguing with him, trying to prove
that he was wrong. But all he said was “If she really loves you,
you’re still going to keep dating, even if she`s lost her job, right?” When I finally got in touch with her, I told
her I felt guilty for what my father had done to her and I asked how I could make it up
to her. She was so angry with me. She said she thought I would’ve at least stayed
and supported her, instead of just leaving her alone with that monster. She would forgive me if we went to my father’s
office right now, and I fought back against him to prove to him that he was wrong. And I was determined to do just that. We went to his office where I became angry
and I took charge of the conversation. But it seemed like my words had no effect
on my father at all. He quietly listened to me, then he said he
had a meeting and left the office. I stood in complete confusion. Then Janice said “What, you’re not even going
to go after him?” So I ran after my father and tried to continue
the conversation, but he was as cold as ice. When I got back to Janice, she said I was
weak and that she was disappointed. It was then that I realized what my father
had been trying to tell me, the only reason she really dated me was to get a promotion. Of course. She would never have agreed to date me if
we hadn’t bumped into each other right outside dad’s office that day. Like my dad said, she’s a smart girl, and
she quickly realized that I could help her get closer to him. I felt overwhelmed. My father was right, and I should have listened
to him. But the real trouble happened after a couple
of days. My dad came home early and he was devastated. He was in such a sorry mood that my mom and
I started to worry, and then he told us what happened. He had had a trial that day, and his opponents
somehow knew my father’s entire strategy. They knew all of his arguments, and they were
able to prepare their rebuttals beforehand. My father lost a very important case, and
suffered huge financial losses because of it, not to mention that this very badly tarnished
his reputation. He asked me if I’d left Janice alone in his
office. And the thing is… I did. While I was running after my father, she was
able to take pictures of the documents on my dad’s desk, and she took them to his competitors. That way she could get her revenge on me and
my father and get herself another job. And we couldn’t do anything about it. Even if we could prove that Janice stole that
information. She was just an intern, and all her actions
were the responsibility of her superiors. Now I don’t know whether my father’s firm
will stay afloat, or if he’ll have to go bankrupt. His life’s work is now at stake. And it all happened because of me. He’s a smart man, and I should have listened
to him. But none of this would have happened if I’d
just been able to figure out from the start that my girlfriend was just using me. So be careful, guys! Thanks for watching! Do you know how to tell the difference between
sincere feelings and someone who just wants to use you? Tell me in the comment section below! And be sure to subscribe to the channel so
you don’t miss more cool stories!

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  1. Thanks for watching! Do you know how to tell the difference between sincere feelings and someone who just wants to use you? Tell in the comment section below! And be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss more cool stories!

  2. That’s proved that girls are: gold diggers cheaters and racking annoying it’s better to have a sex with her and not a relationship

  3. Some ppl like this boy annoys me soo much, how dumb can a human be? Im sry to say that but when i was his dad i would have be soooooo angry for being so blind

  4. I don't get this dude. His father looks like a straightforward man who believe in self-made success and hard work. The fact that he doubts his girlfriend intentions is pretty reasonable. Sometimes parents do know best! You could use some sagacity Mark.

  5. haiz… you need to watch out all the beutiful girls because they are always cheet on you or
    taking from you. and i was very disapointed because you are wild of a girl.

  6. as a girl, im just gonna say there is no way to know, wether your dad owns sth or not. in addition this is typically why, i avoid telling people, or having them find out especially crushes, that my dad owns a hospital lmao

  7. The photos are opposite at 4:53 like XD guy should kiss the girl guys should put their elbows on the shoulder of the girl( but girls can too) but the titanic pose XDXD

  8. i literally wanna slap you in the face💀 . you’re dad was right THE WHOLE TIME😤 . next time TRY LISTENING TO YOU’RE FATHER, THAN SOME THIRSTY ASS GOLDIGGER🤬 . you’re father didn’t deserve that, now, help him out, that’s the least you could do, since you started all of this in the first place🙄 .

  9. doesnt any realise that when the the video ends the pinned coment is copied that has the same words from the story i just noticed that why cant they make there own comments instead of copying from the video

  10. Honestly i think if youre in the position of being in a rich family there are 2 only things you should listen to 1 . your mom/dad nd 2 . your gut feeling . About an year ago i started dating this girl ( im bisexual ) from the US ( i live in Spain ) , nd everything seemed to be going great at first ( believe me when i tell you this , dont get fooled by the "honeymoon phase" it only lasts for the first couple of months of the relationship ) , then when we met about a couple months later nd she saw the big nice house we have , nd all the other things my dad was able to afford because of his 2 real-estate agencies , she started acting strange . Whenever we had an argument or was having a bad time because of bills/work she would always say i dont understand her and that im a spoiled bitch who had her dad pay for everything even tho that was not the case , yes my dad did have money , but i never bragged about it let alone try to ever make my partner feel bad about it . Every little fight was basically her claiming i had to send her money because thats wht a "good partner" would do . Everyone including my family nd 2 of my friends told me she was only using me for money but i just didnt want to believe it untill one day i caught her cheating on me with this rich older woman for money , so she just confessed it to me . No guilt , no sincere apologies , just her bringing up all of my insecurities and even admitting she only used me for money . She didnt about care all the things i gave up for her , or all the people i pushed away in my life in order to please her , she only cared about the money . If youre reading this nd went through a similar situation , just know youre not alone so please do not consume yourself with anger over that one bitch . Karma is real and she'll eventually get whats coming for her so stay strong nd keep going boo!

  11. How's this guy that dense? He honestly thought it was a coincidence that after she found out that his father was her boss that's when she coincidentally decided that she actually wanted to date him after all? How do you miss a red flag like that? 🤨

  12. It's really hard when we are young to realise that our parents are often right about many many situations and people and I am so sorry that this young lad found out the hard way that some people in life are just out for their own benefit and they don't care who gets hurt along the way as long as it's not them. But if he is reading this then please realise if your dad is as clever and as good at his job as you believe (which I'm sure he is) then you should find, that although it may be hard for him for a short while, I'm sure he will bounce back especially seen as that profession is all about winning and loosing cases and I'm sure this isn't the first case he has lost (although it may be the most difficult) and yet he is still running his own successful business. None of this is your fault at all, but it is just a steep learning curve.
    I think the main thing to learn from this story is to realise that most of us parents only ever want what's best for our kids and sometimes instead of listening to others it may be worth talking to them to see why they have said or done something (although this is extremely hard when it is them against someone we feel we love).

    As for the girl, the stupid thing is if she had accepted his father's wishes and had left the company but still stayed with the son and proved that it was him and not his father she was interested in then she would of probably got the promotion. Also she has learnt that it's really not nice at all to use someone just to get what you want in life. She has now lost her job in a successful business and also if she wishes to go into this profession then she has also just tainted herself as not only did she stab her employer in the back she then sold him out to a rival and as much as not all lawyers are friends they do talk and her name if ever it comes up with either of these people will now be tainted as noone like it when trust and loyalty is broken like she did.

  13. Okay, I'm getting VERY VERY annoyed. So ik that ACTUALLY HAPPENED voices over the stories however THIS IS THE 4 FUCKING VIDEO THAT I'VE SEEN WITH THIS VOICE!

  14. The differences between sincere and not is if they’re using you try to look at it from a different angle and if they ask you the same stuff over and over again then you’re NOT sincere at all

  15. Don't feel so bad even though it's half your fault that your dad lost that huge case 😒 😕 😡 😠 girls are way smarter than boys it's just that you were just blinded🙈 by 💔love💔 hopefully you learned something from this whole situation & learned to listen to your parents cuz they're not out to get you they only want the best for you so with that being said I hope that you learned your lesson & learned to pay attention to the red flags when it comes to females and relationships.

  16. I actually hate watching this kind of they will lose money because of blah blah blah!
    Boy it's your freaking fault I'm sad because you didn't listen to your father. Just because of that brat girl now you are mad at yourself sucks to be you

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