Michigan’s Economy is on the Upswing

Seven years ago it was abysmal. I mean we
as a Chamber were dropping members daily, and the mood and the fear that was
out there within the business community was
tangible. We went from a very low number and just kinda grew the chamber and I — It’s indicative of the economy on the
upswing. You see more people calling us to
join the Chamber. You see people opening up their pockets a little
bit more and not being so conservative with their money. I mean they’re starting to give back to
the communities a little bit more than they historically have since I’ve seen the decline of seven years
ago. I think when you’re at rock bottom and your
unemployment rate, you know. is at the lowest, there’s no
place to go but up. And so I think that with some of the
political decisions that were made within our state there’s been — it’s
opened up doors for business owners so you see a lot more of our businesses is
not just doing business like they’ve done for twenty, thirty years — they’re having to really dig deep and figure out a new way to do business
and so you see a little bit more on exporting part. Here in Michigan you see a lot of
entrepreneurs coming up and saying, “I’m gonna try this.” I think that you see a lot of people
really taking that plunge, that challenge. There’s more of a
consensus-builder mentality in Lansing that has
not always been. In the past it’s been very contentious
and now you see the legislators rolling up their sleeves
and really working on issues and that are real dollars in real
changes for businesses in with MBT you know you see that the business
climate is actually being heard a little bit better, I believe, in Lansing. I’ve experienced
that when you know we were able to defeat some
other like the service taxes that would impact a lot of businesses. I’ve definitely
seeing where businesses are are starting to feel a bit more like their
voice is being heard and not everything is coming on their
shoulders to take care of.

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