100 thoughts on “Michael Cohen Documents Raise Questions About Donald Trump Financial Fraud | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  2. And if you follow the news at all: Deutsche Bank has a long history of being a criminal enterprise. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/29/business/deutsche-bank-money-laundering-raid.html

  3. Hey idiots any property has to be valued by a county property tax assessor and it is perfectly legal to request reevaluation. Secondly the value of a business is irrelevant to the value of property.
    In terms of total value, commercial businesses dominate appeals. Since 2012, commercial property owners have appealed $190 billion worth of real estate value, according to data provided by theAssessor’s Office. Collectively, the owners successfully reduced their valuations by more than $7 billion in that period, meaning they paid about $71 million less in taxes after appeals.
    Since 2012, Boeing filed appeals on 40 properties; Microsoft appealed 172 valuations; and Safeway appealed 271 times. 
    In 2018 alone, Amazon appealed the valuation on 22 of its properties — valued at a combined $1.9 billion. The company succeeded in reducing that assessment by about $42 million, saving it north of $400,000 in property taxes this year. They made $242B should they be taxed on that.

  4. So is the value reported for an OWNED ASSET, or the BUSINESS WORTH, as your own document stated the LLC was worth $25-$50m

  5. I made this video to remind us no matter what our world is so beautiful we just need to pay attention to the details

  6. What I some times think is Hillary should have easily won and just about did; and they – the bankers – wanted Donald in to do the embassy move. Now that that has happened, is time for him to go and the new president will be put in to do the next switch – a – roo thing that will be covered up by some other big event and so, there has to be some bigger thing to be able to excuse Donald on the way out of the White House, is the agreed upon plan, to get the next president in. To get the next president in Donald had to have a big issue come up to take him out of the White House. All a plan. But it becomes an overall accepted excuse same as with Hillary, ooops lot a bunch of emails came up missing, and so she seemed unworthy of the White House, and this was planned. This was planned to get Donald in. Just my suspicion. …….. hmmmm…. anyone understand what I am saying..?

  7. You all probably watch shows like Finding Bigfoot and Ghost Hunters. The previews make you think "oh man this time they have it" As you sit through another episode with nothing….

  8. Are you trying to get people to turn off!?! 5+ mins to communicate some fairly basic financial info as preamble – and the continues at the same pace / information density. Making this piece waaaay times longer than it actually needs to be undermines it's importance by making much harder work and more boring than it should be.

  9. Corruption in American politics is destroying the country trump is just a very stupid symptom. Not just politicians but the cop's who seem to be trained to be murderous lunatics especially against those who aren't white. Just look at the manafort sentence a joke. Being rich and white puts you above the law cause if the politicians can be bought then so can those below them. One half of the country hates the other half and everyone is armed. This is a situation that can end with the breakup of the USA if you can't see this and you're paying attention then you are in denial.

  10. Btw wasn't the supreme court judge that retired, and gave dump a free appointment, the father of a VP at Deutche bank??

  11. Wow. Makes me worry about what’s really going on in the government if this is what they’re spending their time on. Rich people cheat, and they often get away with it. Is this really news? Is everyone watching this born yesterday? If trump inflated the US assets to secure lesser insurance premiums on debts to China, would that be a problem?

  12. Shes bee trying to find ANYTHING on Trump for years, and this is the damning evidence of a terrible person? Get outta here

  13. Rachel Maddow [email protected]@ks and acts so happy lol. It's called inflation, who cares. How many other billionaires or millionaires haven't done the same thing? MSNBC is biased and it's funny. Your hair is hideous. Thats whats wrong with America. MEDIA!!! All of em!!! Drama drama drama.

  14. I wonder how long it will take when people around Trump want to defend him when they have to testify before Congress and take the blame and lie under oath with the risk to end up in jail

  15. Maybe we have to rethink our two party system there are more different political views than Democratic or Republican.

  16. Shut up Rachel ! God your such a freak. Trump will win again in 2020 why you so mad anyway think of a new conspiracy theory!

  17. If this is documented it is inculpatory evidence of a felony. It would be interesting to compare documented annual income and asset valuations submitted for the purposes of loan applications and tax returns; discrepancies of which are good evidence of malfeasance.

  18. Trump is not the first or only rich man try to corrupt the system and take advantage the tax loopholes, this is what AOC is trying to make them pay. And why they hate her.

  19. On April 23, 2015, CIA director Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials. He was given a two-year probationary period and a fine of $100,000. Don't you think Trump is more of a national security risk? Probably the first US president going to jail for fraud etc.
    Public knowledge

  20. Think about it libotards”””””””
    True or False
    This madow bad raps the President of the United States
    Not just once in a while”
    It’s EVERY SHOW ????
    Now I asked you to THINK ABOUT IT !
    Ok ; now once you admit the truth then you’ll understand
    WHY most Americans feel sorry for a lot of you.
    You libotards have been brainwashed for over two years.

  21. Assuming that Cohen wasn't coached into saying what Schiff-for-brains wanted him to say in order to get more consideration to keep the investigations going. Rachel Maddow, when you finish your victory lap for finding Trumps 'tax returns' let us know what new revelations you have as to you unnamed 'sources' as to muellers report. From this lifelong conserative democrat I would say to all of you 'democrats' lets have a new standard; I call it the Hillary test. If hillary was guilty of what you accusing others of would there be this rush to prosecute or persecute? How many times did she lie and you gave her an absolute unconditional pass? Is trump doing anything that hillary hasn't done? Didn't she also take moneys from Trump in the past? Didn't she also take moneys from other govts for consideration when she 'won'? Is she any less 'bent' than what your accusing Trump of?

  22. Hopefully, one of the side effects of this presidency is that we'll have less ultra-wealthy people running for high office because they're concerned about the results of public scrutiny. Even the legal loopholes would and should enrage anyone living paycheck to paycheck.

  23. Cohen was Trumps Lawyer. You hire a lawyer to get legal matters resolved. If a lawyer breaks the law, the client is not responsible.

  24. Hey all my friends of the Democratic Party, what color is russia, ok now what color is the republicans, yes your right red red red, now what’s has been the kaos in the past 2 years, your right again russia and the republicans, now of course they will call this fake news, but it does not get any
    Better than what I just showed you, now spread the word, they’re all a bunch of reds !

  25. The best part to come from all of this, is this will not sway trumpee’s and that’s a good thing, because the rest of this country finally understands
    How absolutely stupid the right cult is ! So never forget that these moronic liars come out every election, so you can’t fix stupid so never forget the
    Next time they come to the public with their lies !

  26. Isn't it okay to overvalue a property? It's the bank duty to verify the value and see what is fit. Although a mansion is harder to run comps on, if the bank was okay with Trump's valuation then I do not see a crime here.

  27. Interesting with the Gaddafi tent. He had a history for setting up tents on people's lawn when he owned them. Maybe he borrowed Trump money. I really wonder what's the story with that. Trump doing business with a dictator doesn't sound so far-fetched either…

  28. So now that the dems have struck out on mueller now this. When this doesn't work what's it's gonna be next. I know in 1987 trump acrossed a street. Special counsel time

  29. This year I pay $ 35 K back on tax to our country and people like Mr. trump get the freedom to don’t pay taxes

  30. Rachel Maddow is simply an excellent and very committed journalist. Her ability to conduct research and bring to light information that most of the other 24-hour media never seem to find is simply remarkable.
    ** She does not bring us old news issues for political reasons! Rather she brings unique and interesting facts that quite often offer a broad range of information that are linked to important issues.
    * Sometimes such information demonstrate some of the corrupt and deceptive practices being carried out by some of our elected politicians as these same politicians seek to impose the opposite practices on their oppositions and on the American people.
    ** From watching her program, the American people will learn a great deal of FACTUAL information that often directly or indirectly affects this country in various negative ways and might also affect the financial/economic life of many of the American people.

  31. Oh Rachel you are amazing 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  32. Point of correction Gaddafi is not a dictator you people painted him as such cos he won't bow down for you. Stupid Obama killed him and now Libya will never ever be the same you've been killing Africa visionaries and now that lunatic want to build a border wall God is watching we shall all one day account for our deeds.

  33. I feel sorry for him. Most of lawyers break the law. Just Ike cops do and mangers do. Yes he should get his day in court and do time but not without Trump getting the same treatment. His the slave that followed his master's order.

  34. Yeah, we're here from the City of Bedford to inspect your Quddaffi tent poles. Hmmm, not liken what I'm seeing here…Shut it down!

  35. you know how disappointed ive been over this entire three years ive been dealing with the media directly. its making me imagine many bad things happening as a result of the worst theft in history. I told them the answer because it was the answer. if they don't pay me. ???? then chaos and devastation across the board is acceptable and not one bit of credibility remains. the truth isn't in the media and d.c.'s favor . its they that threaten themselves when they steal so much from their biggest donator ever.

  36. you realize you all obstructed justice in a first degree homicide of the largest donator to charity in human history. I was literally murdered. I felt each of my organs turn back on one by one after I came back from full paralization and cardiac arrest, kidney arrest, liver arrest, lung arrest, you know ive wished you could prove I wasn't dead. but you've refused. you know why. because I was dead. unfortunately.

  37. I’ve been saying this for years. This isn’t the first person to reports on Trump running these schemes. But it is the first time they could have the evidence they need to prove it.

  38. Fun Fact many Billionaires do not have insurance as they dont need it they have the money to cover most losses upfront unlike us!

  39. Hey Rachel… it's funny that at 3:00 you cite the " MAYBE CRIME"……This whole story is one big Maybe… Just like the entire Trump Witch Hunt investigation. Just another fake lame CNN story. Nice try Rachel

  40. Freaking funny, lock em up & have him share a jail cell with El Chapo & Bill Cosby for the next 20 years. "Now that prison reform"

  41. I predict that Trump will claim that the first comma in that number is a typo and should be a period. Not that HE will come up with it. I'm sure one of his 'close advisers' will mention it as a plausible excuse, and he will jump on it.

  42. I notice, there are no comments since The Mueller Report came out. Talk about a HUGE waste of taxpayer dollars. You guys know who is winning again in 2020, right? Just wanted to remind you. There isn’t one democratic presidential hopeful that can touch Trump. Let the meltdowns begin. Have a swell day.

  43. Here comes the next delusional rant. Don't get your hopes up! This constant barrage of foolishness will only guarantee Trump a victory in 2020

  44. Just think if he didnt run in 2016 he would have lived a life bassed on fraud an lies never to be confronted now TRUMP will meet all of his demons it's coming to an end for him

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