Membership site with online payment integration for PayPal and Stripe

– Hey, everybody, Shiv Narayanan here, membership educator here at Wild Apricot, and today’s question is, you remember in the old days when you actually were afraid
to pull out your credit card to buy something online? Well, things have changed a lot. In the last year, about
205 million unique shoppers pull out their credit
card on Amazon, on iPhone, on all kinds of online stores to buy things they would
normally buy at retail locations. What that means for your members is that they want to pay
for your membership online, they want to register
for your events online, and if you don’t give them
a mechanism to do that, then they likely won’t
end up becoming members and event registrants. So, go register for Wild Apricot. We integrate with all
kinds of payment processes, with PayPal, with Stripe, and we don’t even charge
any payment processing fees. All you pay for is what PayPal and Stripe and any of those other
payment processors charge and everything else is free and included with your
Wild Apricot membership. So go to and start your free trial right now.

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