Meet ASAPmaps, a Google My Business Optimization Software

There’s no big secret to ranking on Google Maps. Google Business listings improve with constant attention. What does constant attention mean? New photos every seven days. Responding to all the Google reviews. Getting the new Q and A’s answered right away. Making Google Posts every week, and checking your suggested updates. Google listing optimization takes experience and time. In fact, 18 hours for a single location per month. There is, however, an easier and less expensive solution. And that’s ASAPmaps. ASAPMaps intelligently connects to Google My Business, identifies missing data points, and systematically improves them. Every single week. First, we locate, verify and launch your business listings. Next, we set benchmarks to prove ROI. After that, we pack your listing full of details, because Google loves details. We generate a custom five-star review URL, post lots of highly optimized and geotagged photos, get your listings ready for customer engagement, and start measuring improvements. Finally, we send reports focused on your ROI. So what can ASAPmaps do for your business? It’s more phone calls, more website visits, more customers, and more revenue. Give us a try today at

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  1. I'm a photographer in Nova Scotia. I have a question regarding Geotagging. I have been Geotagging for a while now and am wondering – I have some incredible shots of Peoples homes. Drone stills etc. Would you Geotag these with actual data showing where they are specifically or show my coordinates of where my business is? It makes sort of sense because I want the business from other people. And the more photos Geotagged to my coordinates the better? Right? Will google get confused because of all the different locations in the photos and only one Location in the tags? Can't seem to find this info anywhere. Any would-be Appreciated!

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