4 thoughts on “Many Adult Children Leaning On Parents For Financial Support

  1. Lazy ass millennials, they look like they've never worked a hard day in their lives, there are a lot of jobs out there, some people just dont have the will to work hard, Public schooling needs a complete overhaul. It's at Fault.

  2. I guess the economy isn't as great as we thought.

    Although they tell you to go to college, college is no guarantee to a successful future—if you're not in a STEM field

    And if all you have are college and no real skill that society needs you may find yourself struggling to make ends meet and moving back in with your parents.

    I guess it really is important to think about your major before enrolling in college. You may end up with a low-wage job and high student debt.

  3. Basically America doesn't give a fuck, how does this go from a financial issue, to chastising them? Setting a move out date? I can't move out bitch if I don't have a steady job, enough saved, and the credentials to be accepted by a property. America doesn't give a fuck about, MEN that can't support themselves, that republican lady offered nothing but what the world already does, who gives a fuck, because she gave no solid input into the situation. What a stupid fuckin piece. TRASH REPORT!!!

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