M1 Finance 3 Stocks I Bought Wednesday, 4 Dec 2019 – Extended A Bit.

hello everyone and welcome back to the
channel my name is Brent and today we’re gonna be covering the m1 finance Roth
IRA taking me a look at two to three stocks that we’re gonna be buying here
on the 4th of December 2019 I do have a few positions that I’m wanting to buy
into I also have some cash on hand of two hundred and fifty three dollars and
fifty four cents we’ve had two days in the negative here these past few days so
I kind of want to look at what’s out there and available that I can begin to
invest and make my money work for me so with that said if you are tuning in to
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account in general or broker drop it in the comment section below as you read
and apply to all your comments and let’s go ahead and get into it so we are going
to be covering the m1 finance Roth IRA taking a look at the performance here
over the past week we can see we are in the negative we did finish last week in
the positive but just these last two days here in December with the trade
market kind of being put on hold and have been constantly pushed down the
investors throats that it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen but it’s not happening
it’s kind of weighing now on the market the market has moved as high as it can
with the rate cuts that have been pushed out the media and in the president also
pushing for a a trade deal that is not taking place so over the past quarter
let’s go look at the quarter real quick we have seen companies that are in the
industrials and a few others that are just in health care make a break back
towards you know some recovery so a V pharmaceutical health care and such and
the other ones here caterpillar 3m which I can’t find at the moment there it is
3m I guess hasn’t recovered too much but you know it was off it was pretty bad
lately so it went down roughly 30 percent it’s
it’s recovery back so that’s all due to the trade war kind of getting pushed
down everyone’s throat these last few months or so
so with that investors and businesses out there of the shareholders are kind
of looking at it what is going to be pushing the market higher at this point
are we are we do to go higher here towards the end in in the end of 2019
and December probably not I don’t expect it to happen
having seen the market around November December timeframe the last few years
and the sir just take a step back there’s no new cash kind of going into
the market everyone’s basically maxed out their Roth IRAs they’re kind of
waiting for January February to do a lump sum investment into their Roth’s
or maybe they’re gonna do the cash the dollar cost average but I don’t think
big money is going to be moving into the markets and saving a lot of its
companies tell they readjusted portfolios they sell out at some
positions they kind of clean it up forget it sorry balancing their
portfolios right here to kind of help you know but I don’t see a lot of that
taking place here in December it’ll be at least January February before we see
a little bit of different movements in the market I do believe December’s gonna
be a bit of a negative month here but that’s fine I think it’s going to give
you that Christmas shopping ability here so looking at the activity we did
actually go and post over on Instagram all the dividends that we’ve been paid
out here in December no in November I will be making a one-month recap video
for November I just haven’t had a whole lot of information to do that we did
actually get quite a bit I did post over a hundred bucks on in dividends over on
Instagram so check Instagram out if you haven’t done that links down in the
description below for Instagram now I don’t want to make this video too long
so what kind of cover what stocks I’m looking at currently to invest in
capital towards our two hundred and fifty three dollars and fifty four cents
so Altria has been on my mind lately it is going ex-dividend here in December it
has been negative for quite a while but has made a big recovery it was down
roughly thirty percent these last few months
has made a slow recovery as lawsuits and allegations against you know their
partner company or the company that they kind of bought a little bit into jewel
has been it’s it’s not then specifically with the cartridges that was doing the
harm it was the black market these third-party cartridges that were being
made incorrectly or having weird asbestos and other stuff inside of them
I think all that that’s been kind of pushed ultra it’ll begin to kind of
slide away and we shall see Altria they’re gonna kind of move back into
some all-time highs or you know kind of just trend sideways and that’s
completely fine now one of the reasons I’m kind of looking at ultra is again
I’ve been kind of pushing it off these last few months because it wasn’t going
to be going ex-dividend until December roughly around December 24th now they
just did increase their dividend from 80 cents to 84 cents that puts them at
three it’s sixty sixty three that’s three dollars and 20 cents to now eighty
four which is 336 so a nice sixteenth cent increase their per share per here
so really nice to see that they’re continuing to grow their dividend they
split off from Philip Morris Emily ten years ago they’re going to be doing
another merger with them to kind of fight off allegations and lawsuits
against them as one big entity versus two and they have a really good payout
ratio for being ass in stock they have to have a high payout ratio because if
they have too much cash from their earnings kind of held on the books
they’re gonna just get hit with lawsuit after lawsuit and it’s better just kind
of pay that out to the shareholders shareholders will be happy and they will
have to pay out so much money I guess opposed I’m not sure they’re on the
whole thing but the fact that this company is going to be going X debiting
here and December is one of the main factors I’m trying to kind of just buy
this one again plus it is still negative in my portfolio it has been showing some
signs of recovery now back in October no what was it six months ago that’s look
at six months so back in September and early October this company was trading
at $40 and some change with a starting yield of 8% that is amazing I feel so if
I look at the one-year look back around September timeframe you
could get this one for $40 and 81 cents but we don’t stop there he goes all the
way to 40 dollars and 13 cents seed that was that low 52 week low 40 dollars and
12 cents with a starting yield of 8% right now while it’s great to be buying
this company you’re getting a starting yield up six point four six that is not
8% and still if we look at the five-year look at how high this price was and it
wasn’t until recently when you know Jule I gotta get into the mix and this
company kind of went sideways and as you know media and I wouldn’t say
Millennials are kind of against it because that’s one of their jewels
focused target was you know getting people off from cigarettes and kind of
moving over to the e-cigarettes I don’t smoke myself but I don’t see this
company going away or their products kind of going away in the next five or
ten years so if I look at this company and just kind of give it a you know
which do I believe is gonna go higher percent 51% chance that this company
will kind of go out of business and continue to decline or fifty one chance
that this company will recover and move higher I would say that there’s a higher
chance that this company will recover everything that’s taking place here just
within the last few years and then over the next five or ten years this company
will recover the dividends will continue to get paid out to my count and I’ll
just buy back more shares during this timeframe and I’ll be better off having
stayed invested and average down on this position versus selling out of it and
move it into another position it’s a nice company provides a very nice payout
for industrious and just kind of long-term buy and hold so I don’t think
it’s gonna go anywhere especially with the merger with Philip Morris that’s
just going to be making this company a lot safer in the long run so if we look
here at the 52 200-day moving average and look at the past six months it’s
kind of give it a little bit nicer this is gonna give you a support level you
can see the the symbol is hear the bottoming out period here hit some
resist hit some support here at $40 trended there on sideways $40 never
broke below $40 and 12 cents and then showed signs of
coveri well guess what now we have the company has broke past the 50-day broke
past the 200-day simple moving average it is now trading above that to get a
200 a 50-day moving average and has now three levels of support and has the
200-day moving average and support and has the 50-day moving average of support
and it has that $40 moving average as support so you know we have three
different levels of support and at this point I do believe that the market is
going to continue to push this one higher you might say this one kind of
lose a little bit of steam here now that it’s trended so high over October I
think it’s up me before the 10% somewhere within that range that if it
does fall back and retest that $49 range or even fold back into the $45 range I
think this will still be really good as it’ll kind of move higher here in the
next five or ten years and that that’s I’m not you know I’m not looking forward
to shoot up 30% over the next three months so that’s just not what I’m
looking to see what the Altria so jumping back over to m1 finance the
other one that I want to kind of buy into was Tengger factory outlet this one
doesn’t go Xzibit in here again until I believe maybe in November again or not
November February again so I do have a few months I could kind of let this one
kind of sit and marinate a little bit but it is providing a little bit of a
discount I do want to get it over that 300 or the 800 dollar cost basis I’ve
had a couple comments going over you know why how are you doing your $800 on
different companies that’s just I’m talking about my cost basis
I want my cost basis on all these companies to be roughly about 800 bucks
now obviously I haven’t got the best opportunity on many of these are the
companies that are down here my cost basis goal on many of these other ones
about $600 but I recently you know a lot of these were already at $600 so I
increase my goal of a huntress now I’m in kind of increasing my cost
basis gold to about a thousand but I don’t have the opportunity and a few of
these right now but you know it kind of comes and goes with time such as Johnson
& Johnson sometimes it’s up to % sometimes it’s down to 10% obvious you
saw was down 30% now it’s only down 1.36 but it’s up 30% in the other account so
you get some you take some so it’s kind of interesting so tanker Factory Ella is
another one I plan on adding a hundred bucks to so I’ll probably add about a
hundred and fifty to Altria to get that to a thousand I’ll add a hundred bucks
to tanker factory outlet in anything remaining so I’d 148 to this one get
four thousand a hundred bucks a tanker factory outlet to get that to 800 and
then anything remaining I’ll add it towards Chevron Corporation now Chevron
and tanker factory outlet don’t go Xzibit in here until February again so
I’m just kind of buying these because they’re already in the accounts I did
kind of post over on my youtube channel a couple companies that I do want to do
more research on but I just haven’t had the time to really dive in and kind of
break these companies down and do more research on them to really add into my
portfolio I do want to add another one to three companies into my portfolio
that I believe are trading with some value in them or you know trading below
the value line I think I posted it over somewhere here okay kind of found it now
so back about four weeks ago I posted here a list of companies that I quickly
took a glance at so Exxon Chevron Waco Group Clorox Colgate Johnson & Johnson
McDonald’s telephone and data systems National Fuel Gas Co UGI Corp 3m
hormones just looking at this list real quick I would want to do a little bit
more research really quickly on Colgate on Clorox so here I’m not gonna be added
into my portfolio right now it’s kind of like an extended part of the video now
not something I had really planned on doing and if you guys want to stick
around we’ll kind of just really quickly look at these and hormones so the reason
I put these on my list to check out is because over the past one year if we
look at Clark’s for example we can see that Clorox has had a big decline
let’s go ahead and push in the 50-day 200-day moving average and we’re looking
at the one year currently clocks is trading below the 50-day 200-day moving
average if we look at the bar here as far as yield is the bar now I’ll have to
take we’ll take out these for now but we can see here that if you’re looking at
it over the year and you’re just looking at it right now the way it is are you
getting a higher yield starting right now for the past year then you have had
in you know the last year looking at it yes if you buy Clorox right now your
lock-in any 2.73 percent starting yield you’re buying at two hundred and forty
seven dollars and ninety three cents that’s basically at 52 week low almost
probably there’s probably a little bit lower maybe one forty four looks like it
for the past year but you’re looking at that two seven three percent yield over
the past five years there’s been opportunities out there of a little over
probably about three percent starting yield so you’re not too far off that
high starting yield for Clorox so you know three percent but there’s also been
opportunities here for that price you know the price was down at 120 so you’re
just kind of looking at risk reward clark’s is a good company I believe this
is a dividend aristocrat so if you look at the dividend here it’s been paying
out dividends for the past you know 90 so ten twenty thirty almost thirty years
of growing and paying out dividends and Clorox there now the other one Colgate
again kind of looking at it over the past year not sure why I thought maybe
it’s the two hundred eight 50-day maybe I was looking at that okay so that’s
what it was so Colgate here it’s trading below the
50-day 200-day moving average I kind of post this about four weeks ago so it may
have been right at this bottoming out point let’s look at it it was one month
ago so we’ll look at the one month let’s look at three month so back about a
month ago we’re starting December so this is back here in November when I
kind of posted this information over on my youtube discussion our community tab
so right here I kind of posted about whole game I also posted about Clorox
right here it’s beginning the November so kind of gives you an idea
that this company was trading below 50-day 200-day moving average it is
giving you a starting yield of 2.5 for it’s gonna be buying you about 67
dollars and 45 cents I didn’t I didn’t go too much more into that just because
it’s you know I only looked at it at a glance I’m just kind of glancing at
these and seeing okay there’s some potential here that these companies have
pulled back and their training below 50-day their training below 200-day
moving average why do they have this sharp decline say for example McDonald’s
why did it go from 215 dollars to a hundred and ninety dollars you know what
was the reason behind this now it shown some support and this 193 dollar it’s
trading below 200 a trading below 50-day it’s it’s got some support from back in
the 180 dollar area you can see this trend right here it was some resistance
right here back in the past where it was training Saito is for quite a while
before I had that umph to kind of get into those highs but now it’s using this
past history as some support so what’s gonna happen with McDonald’s is it gonna
go higher they’re gonna go lower you’re getting any starting yield for the past
year you know almost a high of two point four or five which is pretty high for
the past year is a high for the past five years no you know if you had bought
this back in 2017 you would have got over a three percent starting yield but
we’re just looking at 2019 because you can’t go backwards in time so this is
why I kind of posted about McDonald’s and then if we’re looking at Hormel
Foods okay so I posted this button see three months posted this at the early
early November I posted about hormones possibly being a buying opportunity
trading below that 50-day 200-day moving average it also gives us starting yield
over 2% which is really good for home real foods well guess what now we’re in
December it’s shot up from $40 now 45 dollars and 54 cents you missed that on
the 2% you know two percent starting yield it’s now offering a one point
eight four percent Sternin yield I wouldn’t say hormone foods is the is a
bad opportunity now I would say it’s a bad opportunity now to buy into this
company because you missed out you can see here that the yield was treating way
above that price if you look at the five-year you’re basically you know
Hormel Foods you’re not going to get a whole lot of return on this company I’m
just kind of looking at the five-year ground
it hasn’t really gone anywhere in five years but if you’re buying this company
and you’re buying those dips where it bought it dips to say $30 anywhere
between 30 and 40 or you’re true you’re buying it below the yield price line
then you just keep doing that keep doing it you’re averaging down averaging em
and you’ll be be a pretty good company to kind of buy and hold I believe
hormone Foods has about 40 60 46 year history on him so just kind of looking
at these if I just want to show you the price now just price and percent change
over the past 10 years I think this factors in dividends I’m not a hundred
percent sure and this has recessions and let’s just look at the recessions so
this is the max history of Hormel Foods how much how much percent return has it
had since inception all the recessions that are out there has this company made
it through every recession out there has it always recovered you know there’s
always been a hit here you can see a recession here in 2000 got hit a little
bit recovered that next recession didn’t even faze it just kind of chug right
through it 2008 it got affected a little bit but quickly recovered and has shot
to some new all-time highs with that price McDonald’s another good one to
kind of look at long term again recessions kind of hit it a little bit
very minimal here in 2008 shot to some new all-time highs Colgate just kind of
chugging along this one does get you know it did again it got affected by the
recession just slightly but quickly recovered did that little V dipping and
just moved to all-time highs it’s been kind of training sideways here
consolidating here towards the top kind of waiting you know consolidation right
here prior to the recession consolidation you know that’s a big
increase there I don’t know I wouldn’t call that consolidation here because
this is trying it higher and then kind of broke down in the recession and then
Colgate traded sideways fell moved higher and now it’s kind of trending
here sideways for a few months here and ultra so a lot of investors and I see a
lot of the media already saying that we’re in a recession
now by looking at earnings you know don’t let the media fool you don’t let
what’s going out there in the market kind of fool you it’s all sort of a you
know we’re already in a recession and investors kind of waiting for the we’re
waiting on the market to kind of catch up with what we’re seeing out there so
that is that let’s go ahead and make our buys I’m sorry for the the long video I
you know I started this video off with the you know the the thought that I
would make a very quick video and now kind of looking at the time we’re at 20
minutes so they change us a little bit I’m gonna go ahead and put in 148 bucks
towards Altria and confirm that and then we’re gonna go ahead and done we’re
gonna go ahead and go back to our portfolio we’re gonna go ahead and
target 10 your factory islet hit that bime and we’re gonna go ahead and put in
a hundred bucks here it’s going to put that one to roughly eight hundred
dollars confirmed I’m and done and then our last one here we’re gonna be buying
some Chevron that oil we’re gonna go ahead and buy we have how much cash we
have about five dollars and six cents we’re gonna go ahead and punch in seven
bucks okay we’re gonna punch in ten dollars can’t do that huh okay okay 140
so I saw some investors kind of type in in the Facebook’s and such that m1 find
its kind of patched that you can’t make by orders of $10 if you don’t have the
cash anymore so I’m gonna go ahead and cancel this one and redo it for 140
continue and continue and this is gonna allow me to now go back into my
portfolio it’s like Chevron buy and I have over 10
bucks now in cash at 13 so I’m gonna go ahead and just put in 15 who they don’t
even let you go over your cash now huh 13:55 nice okay so they they can they
have like a little rule in there so if anything’s over your
amount you won’t be able to do that so interesting now that they kind of
patched that so that is basically going to be competing in completing this video
we’ve put in three buy orders that are gonna be coming up on tomorrow we’re
gonna go ahead and buy Altria about a hundred and forty bucks a paltry we’re
gonna buy a hundred dollars of tanker factory outlet and roughly thirteen
dollars and fifty four cents of Chevron if you guys did enjoy some of this
information on these other companies or have other companies that you’re looking
into drop them into the comment section below again I posted this over on my
channel in the community tab it feels like if you select the community tab
you’ll see some of the companies here that I kind of posted about four weeks
ago take a look what’s out there and available there’s a lot of companies out
there that I’ve actually pulled that trading below the two hundred a trading
below the 50-day have really good starting yield for the past year in you
know timeframe so just take a look at what’s out there and available and that
is it thank you all for this video if you haven’t subscribed to the channel
would really appreciate it if you do subscribe if you have any comments or
questions drop them into the comment section below and hit that thumbs up
before you get off this video so thank you all for tuning in I will see you
next time have a great day bye you

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  2. It would be interesting to see you rank those other dividend stocks you are looking at if price weren't a factor… Thanks for the transparency!

  3. I just bought some CLX last week. Seems to be fairly priced. A few of the others I'm looking at as well but need them to sell off a bit more before I bite. I enjoyed your thought process behind your decisions. Not many do that.

  4. Thanks for sharing your buys & your thinking on the new candidates. Good companies in consumer staples still look overvalued as more money goes defensive. Of the two, CL looks closer to average value.

  5. Added MCD this week to my portfolio and added more shares CSCO & RDSB! Thanks for update love seeing what you buy and how your portfolio preforming

  6. Great video, you mentioned that every1 is waiting for jan to fund again their roth, do you invest a huge amount if the market goes down due to trade deal going wrong or would you keep 115 even if it dips like on Oct 2018, also 1 more thing, gonna open my first 401k next week, If it was you would you open a roth 401k or regular having in mind that you already have a roth ira just like me, regards.

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