Learn English – How to Say ‘No’ in English (Pt 2) – Language, speaking and conversation practice.

We will fight them on the beaches. We
will fight them in the kebab shop. Hell no. Hello yeah. If you grew up watching trashy
American television like I did, you will have heard this many times. ‘Hell no’. Usually it is a different word beginning with ‘F’. ‘F*** no! But in less vulgar expressions we substitute offensive words, or swearwords, for words like ‘hell’
or ‘the devil’ .Hell obviously is the place where all you people will be going for
watching videos like this… but as a ACDC once said, ‘all my friends will be there too’. You will be a very good company. Many times we like to use substitute words. ‘Up to a point.’ If somebody says ‘up to a point’ to you,
almost certainly they are trying to tell you ‘no’ in a diplomatic fashion. Which brings me to a point: Please subscribe. No way. No way. If you want to say ‘no’ in a very strong emphatic way, you obviously can shout, but you’re probably shouting
already because you’re foreign and people don’t understand you. ‘No way Jose’ is a very silly expression, but quite good fun. No way José. ‘Not on your Nellie.’ ‘Not on your Nellie.’ ‘Not on your Nellie’ is a very silly phrase that we used to use when we were children a lot. This is the kind of thing my grandmother
used to say. Who Nelly was, I do not know, …but it was probably some very old lady as I think it used to be a lady’s name. So that’s ‘Not on your Nellie. One final one would be ‘Certainly not!’ ‘Do you wanna go out tonight?’
‘Certainly not!’ Would you like to go out with my sister?’ The one with the
moustache, that acne and the verrucas…

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