It’s All About Inflation Data

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, good morning. It’s Thursday, September 14. This is Newswire. I’m John Gillin. I kind of never
thought that everybody would be so excited about the
CPI that’s due out at 8:30. That will give me
an inflation gauge. You’ve seen inflation out of
China, UK, India, and Sweden of late, and this is going
to be a binary event. We get an uptick
inflation, it’s going to be very good
thing for the market. We miss the pot, look
for a little sell-off. Also going to get
jobless claims, 300,000 is going
to be the number. And that’s a lot to
do with the storms. I did want to mention
Bitcoin is off about 20% since last Friday. So Jamie Dimon was right. Yours truly, not so much. In Asia, China industrial
production, they missed. And retail sales were the
weakest so far this year. So those markets are
soft this morning. Miners, in particular,
are down, and copper. In Europe, the only thing I
saw was luxury maker, Hermes. They missed, and that
stock’s off about 7%. European markets are
soft as we come in. Again, they’re waiting for
the inflation data here. In Korea, tech is
actually rallying. Samsung, Hynix, LG
Display, they’re all up. And a retailer over there,
Next PLC, had good numbers. And little Kim had his
usual temper tantrum, but no one seems to be paying
a whole lot of attention. In DC, it’s taxes and Dems
and still pretty calm. So we certainly
like to see that. The White House did
block the LSCC deal. It’s a semiconductor
deal with the Chinese PE firm, private equity firm,
that was to be expected. In individual
stocks this morning, looks like Tenet
Healthcare, a real dog, has put itself up for sale. Tiffany’s did a block of stock. Qatar sold 4.4 million shares. That is the sovereign
fund out of Qatar. There have been a
lot of secondaries over the last few days. Stay away from those. These things are dogs. There are so many stocks
I’ve never been heard of. Equifax, the CEO apologized. What the– 200 million
accounts were hacked. Don’t go anywhere
near this stock. There’s a lot more
to play out here. Tonight, you’ve got Oracle. They’re going to report. Last quarter was
just outstanding. They blew it away. So look for another good quarter
in that software, that cyber security. You’ve got 17 conferences and
analyst, days today, play days. So everyone is still
flapping their gums about their individual stocks. In the did you know
category, the Cassini probe– been on the move
for 20 years now, a space probe– is going
to crash into Saturn. They did discover water on
one of the Saturn moons. I think it’s pretty cool. So keep an eye out. So what do you do here? We talked about the binary
event with the CPI data. Retails had a reprieve, a lot
of department-based stores have rallied, as have
big box retailers. They’re going to continue. Buy the Home Depots,
look at Lowe’s. Floor & Decor is
one we like, FND, as they’re going to do
a lot of the renovations for folks in
Houston and Florida. Pharmaceuticals are still fine. I’m warming up to Pfizer. Take a look at that. Still going to be
involved in the hack stocks, these
cybersecurity names. And I still think rails and
airlines are on the move. Sorry for the pun. The Gold Star this morning,
just bipartisan work in DC. Let’s keep that up. And I just read an
interesting idea from a special ops forces guy. He said, what if we
dropped 10 million iPhones into North Korea. It’d seem to solve
a lot of problems. Anyway, have a great day
and here’s to a decent CPI. If you like what you heard
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