Is Consulting A Business?

– I’ve mentioned that my
first high income skill is copywriting. And the second high income
skill that I’ve developed is consulting. So, when it comes to consulting, this is, this question, it tells me the sophistication of the level. You can’t even tell the difference. When you are consulting,
you are selling your time. A high income skill, the
definition of high income skill, it is a skill set that
can make you $10,000 or more per month,
basically six figure a year. You are trading your hours for dollars. You are trading your hours for high dollars. You’re exchanging your
time, your expertise, your skill set for money. As a consultant, isn’t that what you do? That’s exactly what you do. It’s not a business. It’s a skill set. Because when you don’t consult, when you’re not on the phone, when you’re not meeting with a client, you don’t get paid. You’re still selling your time, but just for a lot more money. That’s high income skill. However, if you run a consulting firm, meaning then you’ve got a team, that you’re not the one that’s
doing the consulting anymore. It’s your team that’s doing it. Then you’re turned into a business. That’s– it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. It’s not what you do, but before you even have the
business acumen, the skills, which, given the question,
I know you don’t have, if you don’t have that, the first step is you’ve got to develop your high income skill. You got to get to that six-figure first. When you get to that six-figure,
let me tell you this, your life changed because now you’re among some of the highest-paid
people in the world. You’re now at the top four, 5% of income bracket in the entire society in North America,
English-speaking country, First World country. And you don’t stop there, but
that’s a good goal to aim for. That puts you above a lot of other people in terms of income. That should give you confidence. If you can do $100K, you can generate $100K with
your high income skill, it doesn’t matter if it’s copywriting, which is what I teach. Consulting, which is what I teach. Closing, what I teach. One of these skills, once you get there, you could stack on your skill sets. As a copywriter, when you become a better
closer on the phone, you will make more money because
you’re stacking on success. If you’re a closer, one of my students, you’re learning closing, you could close on the phone. If you know how to write copy, you understand human
psychology, you know how words, how linguistics works, how to
use written words to persuade, it will make you a better closer. It will take everything you
do and take it to next level. You have to understand over the years, it doesn’t matter what I
do, what investments I make, what business I get involved with, I always go back to the basics, I always go back and work on the fundamentals. Working on my skills, investing in myself because no one can take that away. No economy. No investment, nobody can take that away. I can count on me. Could you count on you? That’s financial confidence. Forget, fuck the financial freedom! Learn financial confidence. Have the confidence, develop
the confidence that you need, knowing it doesn’t matter
what happens to the economy, what happens to business,
what happens to your job, you know you could generate
income with your skills because you could trust yourself. You know what you could do. You know the value that you could provide. When you can do that, you’ll
never have to worry about money because your security doesn’t depend on some Third World party. Your security, your independence depends on your skill set. And when you can do that, your
life is completely different. Completely different. If you want to learn closing, we’ve got a world-class program that teaches you how to do that. Click the link and find out. If you want to learn copywriting, we’ve got a world-class program that teaches
people how to do that. If you’ll learn those skill sets. You’re not gonna get those skill sets watching a five-minute video. Flat out, I can tell you that. You need to get trained. You need to practice. You need to immerse yourself. You need to join a community. You got to have a group
that holds you accountable. That’s how you get good,
not watching a video. This at best gives you
an idea, gives you some insight, makes you
can see how the pieces fit. You click, but that’s not
how you develop skill set. You get a skill set by
training, by practicing, by doing it. That’s how you get good.

56 thoughts on “Is Consulting A Business?

  1. Hey Dan
    Do you feel that buying a new brand expensive car or house is losing money rather than investing in the right way?

  2. 10 reasons why prostitution is better than consulting

    You get to choose your clients

    Hotel and other expenses are directly billed

    You actually receive that high hourly rate clients are paying for you

    No dress code

    Close client interaction at all times

    You are working nights anyway

    Finally a way to fit exercise into a tight schedule

    Continual feedback – every two hours or so

    Not tied down working with a team (unless you want to be)

    Either way you are screwing clients

  3. Love to you Dan. I’m thankful and grateful for making videos changing lives just like you man. You are amazing bro keep it up! 😁

  4. Makes perfect sense. If you can’t scale whatever service you provide by automating it or having a team that trains the other team members to serve the customer, its not a business… it’s a job.

    I call it “the business circle.”

    It’s the owners obligation to support his/her team, the team serves the customer, the customer supports the business and the business serves the owner. And around it goes.

  5. Great motivation Mr. Lok.
    As a consultant, one has to make a lot of investment in personal growth. Always improving the knowledge base and never stagnating.

  6. Learning a skill set is the best way to get started. Because if you want to open a business, you need a lot of money to do so, also you need some money to prepare for the risks.

    Thanks Sifu Dan for putting a lot of effort on HTC (Closing program). From a short period of time I did improved a lot, and I am able to make good money!

  7. I am an 14 year old boy.
    And for once in my Life I finally have an Idol. And do you know who he is?

    That's right, He his Sifu Dan Lok.

    And I Respect Dan Lok for he has reminded me to be the person that I needed to be in the first place.

  8. I love how Dan is so straightforward and no nonsense. If you don't immerse yourself, then your skill goes nowhere.

  9. I would like to have a consulting company and I have the resources, but having been a consultant for so long, I feel like you either have to screw your consultants, or you don't make a lot of money. I prefer neither.

  10. Yep, consulting is more of the self-employed category than business. Either way, both make use of motivational mindsets and abundance manifestations.

  11. Thanks so much for the awesome video Dan 🔥 This will definitely help me Grow my Business and Become Wealthy!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  12. Lok monster! We spliffed it up all night but now you ignore me. Remember we banged up the pipe all night. You had that shitty car man and lots of spots

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