International education: broadening Australia’s business horizons (Employers)

In the rush and blur of the daily
grind we don’t always see the bigger
picture. It’s not until we stop and slow down that we discover a whole new perspective right there in front of us. International students account for
around 1 in 50 people in Australia. Together they are the face of Australia’s largest services export and our third largest export
overall. What’s more, the broader
international education sector supports thousands of jobs across our economy. That’s putting a whole lot of good back into business. More and more employers are
realising the benefits of a diverse globally minded workforce. There’s a very unique value international graduates can bring. We learn from them, but they also learn from us. They bring fresh ideas, they have different experiences. Australian employers need a diverse and sustainable talent pool to drive growth and remain competitive in a global economy. It becomes a great asset to us to have this diversity of people within our organisation who not only have a language capability but also the cultural understanding of who we’re dealing with in our business operations. So let’s step back and take a look at the bigger picture. International students and graduates broaden our business horizons. Find out how you can broaden yours.

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