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Hi.Hi. How are you? I am fine, thanks What’s your
name? My name is Duong, but I know it can be a little bit difficult to pronounce
so yeah you just call me anything you want.
Okay how do you people call you? You now because I don’t have an English name yet,
so yes normally people just call me Duong because I have no nickname. Duong okay good
I have a similar story like I have a name that is very hard for some people
to pronounce, so I have a family nickname so everybody called me Iris. So iris is
my name is my second name or middle name but it’s not in my documents. So I have a
similar story I understand that very well.
Where are you from? I’m from Vietnam, Hanoi to be exact.
Yeah I’m living here in a very beautiful city with many people with my family.
Okay what was the city called? uh Hanoi.
I’m sorry, continue no no no no I was to say that I’ve never I’ve never been
there but it’s in my plans to come visit for sure. So I’ll be your examiner for
today’s speaking test and have you ever taken an IELTS speaking test before? Yes
I have. Actually it happened around 2 months ago if I’m not mistaken. I have
the test with a male examiner. Ok ok good. So you know how it works
already. Yes. All right so um you said you live in Hanoi right? Yes
how long have you lived there? Okay let see I was born in 1998, but my family
moved here since 2000, so maybe in the next year I’ll have been live here for
twenty years. Yeah okay okay and do you
live in a flat or in the house? I lived in the house and yeah I had mentioned to
people I live with my parents and my brother. Okay so it’s a single house
not a flat. I see good nice. What accommodation would you like would you
like to live in a different accommodation and then in a different
place or do you like where you are? uh okay friendly speaking I have a
dream since I was a little girl that I have I want to have a big house with a
large garden. I always wanted to adopt a pet you
know like a dog because look in my house now it’s too small, so I unfortunately I
can’t have any dog but hopefully I will set up for the future, and by 2030 maybe
I would have a big hair which large garden. Nice nice.
All right so moving forward how well do you know the people who live next door
to you, your neighbors? Well I have to say that it’s comfy to live here you know
because the people around me they’re really approachable. It’s like when I
have to go away my family has to go away for a holiday for all for a few
days I can always ask my neighbor to keep an eye on my house, and yeah and
my family would do the same thing for they too.
Excellent beautiful. What kind of problem do you or do people sometimes have with
their neighbors so not necessarily you but
in general what kind of problem do people sometimes have? Well I suppose
that maybe maybe not my family, but I heard that sometimes neighbors had
problems because they have different ideas or they have different things to
with the environment that we live in you know. For instance that we have a place
that we used to put the trash in and we had bin a big bin but sometimes there
are new people moved in and they didn’t know where to put the trash
so they put it in wrong places and yeah just that tiny teeny action that can
create a controversy and they had a big fight,
but eventually they find a way to bury the hatchet. Great great great okay good,
and how do you think neighbors can help each other? Oh well in my opinion, I think
that we all the human right? Of course we have we have difficult time, and we have
our own problems but when you have opinion with your neighbors you should
talk to them and find a way to to tackle it, not you keep it then you talk
behind the back. I don’t think that’s a good way to there was a problem you know.
Absolutely thank you very much for your answer, so let’s move forward to part two,
so I’m gonna send you a card well you have a topic, and the topic will be
describing a time where you were ask to give your opinion in a questionnaire or
survey,so I’m gonna send it to you right now. You’ll let me know if you get it. You
get it? Yes. You got it right? Yes it is. Okay good so now you have one minute to
prep you can take notes if you want and just take a minute to
prep yourself and then I’ll let you talk and I won’t interfere. Okay You ready? Okay yes. All right. Okay today
I will tell you about intent that yeah I was giving a questionnaire of surveys.
okay those the story start at if I am not mistake it may be around
two years ago, my family decided to go on a trip but not by flight. We’re not flight
there we drove there you know because my father thought that we had oh and experience if we drove by car so yeah we give it a go.
so my family decided to go to hm a very beautiful city in Nha Trang which is a very beautiful city in Vietnam you
know because my family now they my father, my mom and I have a really
hectic schedule that we had to work and study, so yeah we think that may be a
good opportunity to let up to blow off some steam.
So we stopped at this restaurant, and we call some dish to eat, and yeah I have to
say that the service is lovable and the people it’s very accommodating. And after
we eat, they asked about how the food has a service, and we had them the opinion that
they should have more like detail detail about they should have more detail about
the dish so people can understand how that cooked and what in it
yeah. So that so now when I think about that I really missed it you know because
I want to I always I’m always have
interesting I’m also interested in food, and yeah I want to open a restaurant and
as we got deeply our opinion definitely improve their service. Cool okay.
Okay so why you were asked to give your opinion?
Oh yeah I think that if I didn’t go if I am asked to give opinion there were two
main reasons, but I think the most important that they want to know our
thought, our experience in what they served you. For instance if you eat in a
restaurant, you they would want to know that if you satisfy with their dish, or
if you go to a bookshop, they would like to know that how you feel about the organize in
the bookstore. Okay all right. so mm-hmm excuse me. Let’s move forward to
the last part. So let’s take this topic a little bit more in general, and let’s
talk about opinions so what kinds of organizations want to find out about
people’s opinions? That’s my first question for you.I think that there are many organization that as they want to collect
the information of the customer such as restaurant as I had mentioned
before, all the clothes the shopping center, but yeah but I think mostly in
the entertainment or in the service industry that they would love to hear
your your opinion about about the service yeah. Okay
all right and what do you think the question is or surveys are do you think
they’re a good way of finding out people’s opinion? Oh actually I I don’t
think so really because I now know that sometimes people yes they love to do the
surveys, but I have met some other person that they shown that they don’t
want to talk to the employee maybe they’re busy, or they do not give the
information because in the survey you would have to give your name,
your address, your phone number and your email. Maybe they do not want to expose
that to stranger that they do not know yeah, so they ungo in to do that.
Thank you saying I see yeah for sure. And so what reason might people have for not
wanting to give their opinion? Do you think it’s just because they don’t want
to expose their personal informations to an unknown organization or or or just a
stranger so do you think there might be more reasons why people don’t want to do
take a survey or questionnaire? Yeah I don’t think that imagine if I’m a
restaurant owner, and I go into it at another restaurant, so of course I don’t
want to leave the rest on my idea because I am their rival you know, so I’m
gonna keep the best thing for myself, and I’m not spirit out, so I’m gonna I’m
gonna keep it to improve my restaurant. right okay but if you are a regular
customer. Sometimes sometimes just people normal people don’t feel
like giving their opinion on surveys or questionnaires do you think it’s just
because they don’t want to expose their information their personal like me or
lack in contacts and stuff like that? Well if in terms of customer
yeah I think that maybe they sometimes they don’t know how to how to express
the idea of what they want to tell you know because they are no expert. They are
not a chef, or they are or they just simply go with these easy dish. They do
not have any talk oh yeah of course. Good point yeah good point
all right so um do you think it would be a good idea for schools to ask students
their opinion about their opinions about lessons? Yes I do think it’s necessary
and important you know. Yes um I’m once study in high school, so I know it but
the I think I think that’s the important things that a school should take into in
collect consideration that when they want the students opinion, they should keep
they should put peanuts ham you know. For example at the end of the semester or if
you have a new students that we that have to have a lesson at that caste, you
should ask the opinion of the student right away because I know that students might not pay so much attention in the class in the lesson. So if you wait one or
two years to ask them. You ask them they might not remember about the lesson
anymore, so I think it’s important to ask ask them in time.
Good and what do you think would be the advantages for schools if they asked
students their opinions? Do you think there would be any disadvantages or
disadvantages and what would you think they were they could be? Oh well you know
I cannot think of any disadvantages. I can only talk about the good you know. No
one you can improve the service the teacher await
in teaching student because when still didn’t feel unclear about the
lesson, so they should talk that they should show that to the teacher, so they
can have better lessons. And number two if students are asking about surveys it
can actually incentivize a student to have better academic performance you
know because if the schools they can’t figure it out what’s wrong with
the student, so the results could not be good.
Absolutely okay very good. Thank you very much for taking the test, and good luck
with any future tests you’ll be taken. This is the end of the test. Good job.
Thank you. Thank you Iris for spending time with me. I hope I can see you later. well I’ll send you a feedback in a second.
Thank you very much and have a wonderful day. Okay, you too. Bye bye. Bye bye.

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